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Friday, May 9, 2008

~Like Mother Like Daughter~

Hi everyone,
I promised to take some pics of my daughters (Michele) home and this is all I had time to do. Do you think we decorate alike?:) We do go to craft shows together and yes we take the two girls with us sometimes that's hard to do. I think the last one we went to was in December. Anyway this is her diningroom, the hutch she bought at a craft show and I just love it, so neat!! The dishes in it she got a yard sale for $5.00. Oh, and Michele used to collect black and white cows but has weeded them out and only kept the ones she still likes. The light over her table she also got at a craft show and they are tealights so pretty when they are lit. The patriotic picture is quilted and I soooo love it too, love the black frame. There is also a shelf she also has some favorites on. The picture of her table I did, Michele didn't have anything on it so I took a berry wreath and added some rag balls onto a wood bowl and plate that her husband had made in highschool in shop class. Little did he know that one day they would be on his wife's table. LOL
I hope you enjoyed seeing some pics of her place, she is an assistant manager at a bank and drives an hour to work and back, then when she comes home she has two little ones waiting on her ages six and two. I honestly don't know how she does it....so I try to help out as much as I can.
Well, my DH and I are going out to eat.....it's Friday...have a great one!


  1. Very nice!

    It must be great having a daughter that loves the same thing as you! My Mom and I decorate nothing alike. In fact, I don't know too many people that decorate like me around here! LOL MIL loves Prims but as in the antique stuff, not the new and she also has a lot of newer, modern stuff mixed in. Maybe Aften will grow up and like Prims? I can only hope!

  2. Aften will...she will remember you sewing and painting. I remember my mom painting and sewing and I think I got my decorating addiction from her:) Sydney, my oldest grandaughter I think will take after me someday.

  3. Oh how much fun is it sharing your love of prim with your daughter. My daughter and daughter in law don't decorate prim at all. None of my local friends do either so it is fun meeting so many sweet gals online.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day and keep the pictures coming! hugs, Linda

  4. Oh my ~ what a lovely home! So many wonderful ideas! I've got to get busy.


  5. My Mom and I don't have the same "decor" tastes at all. However we do have similar interests like gardening centers, craft shows etc.
    It's nice that you and your daughter have the same taste and that you take the time to help her out.
    I also used to collect the black and white cows, there's just something about them. I've weeded out all of mine except for a folk art print I thrifted.

  6. I share the love of prims with my mom too. It's funny we'll go after the same stuff at craft fairs/stores. Kind of freaky.

    I love your daughter's home. What a beautiful display of prims she has. And yes, keep the pictures coming!!


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