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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

~New Bathroom~

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, I know by reading some of your blogs that you had warmer and dryer weather then we did here in PA. I did manage, Sunday, to plant some flowers between rains and the windy weather, this weekend is supposed to be warmer and sunny. So guess what it is doing right now? Your right raining:(

I thought I'd show you some pics of the bath since it is going to take longer to get some prim things to decorate with than I thought. This is my light fixture, we saved a few dollars by purchasing the back of it and the globes seperately, I wanted clear glass so it would shed more light in there because we don't have a window in the bathroom.
This is the medicine cabinet, I just love the doors.....one wide and one skinny!
I just love my sink, it is called a European sink....this is the best shot I could get with the camara but I think by looking on the right you can see how the bottom of the sink shows above the doors. I think I could have got a better pic if I would have laid on the floor but with this knee who knows if I would have got back up again.LOL Also new faucet and toilet paper holder...just slides right on! This is the cupboard that I found at the fleamarket for $5.00 and painted black. I've decorated it with what I have around here, can you see the grungy jars? The one behind the glass doors says Cotton and the one on the shelf says Pins, they are an Ebay find and so very well done. Also on the bottom shelf are soaps in a wood bowel...one has a log cabin on it and the others I won and smell like pumkin!!!
I'll be showing more, I'm thinking on a black checked shower curtain and I also didn't get a pic of the new flooring so when I finally get the curtain I'll take more pics to show. Well, I want to check out some posts before I have to pick up Samantha at pre school, I hope the sun is out where ever you are because it sure isn't here...it's still raining!!!!


  1. Hey Mandie,
    So glad you dropped by! Love your clipart you are so talented.

    blessings Rondell

  2. Rondell,

    (I'm so used to calling you Samantha)....I'm still amazed at how well your $5 cupboard find looks! You know you're making me love black furniture more and more!

    I know what you mean about taking longer than you thought to acquire your prim goods for your bathroom. That's one thing...I've been holding off on posting pictures too. I guess I'll have to do the same! But then if we could get it all now, what would we have to look forward to?

    I also can't wait to see what shower curtain you go with! I know it will look good!

    Have a great Tuesday!

  3. Tammy,
    I'm slowly replacing the navey with the black but I have to be careful and not over due it.:) thanks for your comments...I always check in at your blog!

    Blessings Rondell

  4. We've been having great weather but the rain is coming or at least that's what the weather network says. Starting Thurs. we're supposed to get five days straight. That's okay, forces me to get stuff done inside and we definitely need it.

    The bathroom looks great, glad you got some pics posted. I really like the new sink and mirror. And the cabinet you re-did fits in perfectly.

    Hope you're able to get outside soon and enjoy some sunshine. :)

  5. I love all the black in your bathroom. I am a fan of that color. Your $5 cupboard looks great! I love those kinds of deals! Can't wait to see more pics!! Have a great day!

  6. Hi Rondell,

    It looks great so far. The black check will go a long way to making it look prim and the shelf you painted is perfect in there! Can't wait to see it all together.

    Have a great day! hugs, Linda

  7. What a great bathroom- Love the sink & faucet and the $5 cupboard is amazing!

  8. Your bathroom looks wonderful...can't wait to see more!
    I just love the look of black paint and now really beginning to like the color mustard with stain rubbed over it.

    I love the way the Gazebo looks, once I get my new furniture to put under it I will post some pics. We both feel the Gazebo at this point was our best decision.

    Yes I do sell everything I make. Where I live, people respect and jump at handmade items. When I see something that I feel is to expensive or I can not justify spending that kind of money I try to make it at home. Then I end up with people asking for one for them. So I plan on having a very successful sale. I actually can not wait to have it and I am already having people asking if they can have first dibs the night before I open...lol

    Thanks for always stopping by...


  9. Thanks Shirlee, seems like we are going to trade weather weekends.:)

    Thanks for stopping by Kindra, glad you like the black.

    Linda, I think the black check curtain will really bring out the whole look of the bathroom. I'll be posting a pic of something I won on ebay to put in there whenever I get it.

    Thanks Debra, can't believe the $5.00 cupboard either.

    Thanks Sandy wish I lived closer I'd be there first thing

  10. Oh, it looks amazing! I LOVE it all! Great re-do :)


  11. Thanks Leslie....I'm tossing that quilt idea around and trying to gather up enough courage to try it.:)

    Blessings Rondell

  12. Rondell,
    You asked about the bowl filler pattern that Linda shared on her blog....you go to this site http://www.patternmart.com/pattern/2074/Free+Primitive+Spring+Bowl+Fillers+Ornies Scroll down towards the bottom where it says DOWNLOAD THIS E-PATTERN FOR FREE...it's written in blue. Click on that and Save it to your computer. It opens with Adobe :)

  13. Thanks Leslie I just printed them off.....now to do them:(

    Blessings Rondell

  14. Hi Rondell,

    Thanks for stoping by! I have been to Bennington in Vermont a few times. I love Vermont in the fall! We got some dishes each time we went. It took awhile but I have a nice full set now. I treasure them so when I saw Cathy's challenge, I knew I had to take part!

    Have a great evening! hugs, Linda

  15. Hi Rondell thanks for coming by!I love your bathroom you did a great job!!! I can't believe that is a 5 dollar find it looks fantastic!!! Have a great holiday weekend!!!~Wendy


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