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Thursday, December 31, 2009

~Happy New Year’s Blogging Friends~

TThis picture doesn’t have anything to do with the New Year but I like the simplicity of it and the blues of course!


  • I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year with family and friends or just sweet hubby and you:)
  • We will be going to a house party that we went to last year and had alot of fun at…some school classmates will be there and it’s always a good time welcoming in the new year with friends that we have known for a long time.

The year 2009 was a year of unemployment for us but we made it! I think this year I will spend time looking for a job with health benefits as Stush’s is up June 1st but that’s okay we will make it like we always do and I’ve been thinking of getting back into cosmetics at Macy’s if I can, I sort of miss it:) Not the retail hours but the selling I really like to do and I feel that I’m good at it:) So we will see what the new year brings.

Happy New Year to all my prim friends and the prim friends that read my blog you have made it a wonderful year for me in the blogging world…it sure is addicting isn’t it? Love each and everyone of You♥


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

~Snowy Last Night~

Last night I put on my hat (which I never wear) coat…buttoned way up to the top, and “pretend” Ugg boots and went out into the cold, snowy weather to take some pictures of the outside of our home. Let me tell you my hands were froze by the time I was done, I couldn't’t wait to get back inside, it was that cold here in Western PA! It was supposed to get down to 18*but I think it was a lot colder than that!

This is our light at the end of our driveway…With a big, red bow and white lights.

001I (

I love the white lights on our home since it is a dark brown brick it shows up really well and I like seeing the inside of the windows too:)


Our front porch…sorry it’s not clearer but it was just to cold to fool with the settings on the camera. The next pictures will define it better.

I went for a different look this year… bought the two evergreen trees at Rite Aide on sale, the wood angel at The Country Store and the wooden ice skates at Altimeter's, as you can see it was snowing:)


I wish I hadn’t cut off some parts of her head.LOL She gave a festive air to the porch and this year that’s what I wanted!


And here are the skates… when I saw them but didn’t know what to do with them if I had bought them… well when I got home I figured I’d hang them on the front door wreath love it!


I hope everyone having a safe warm day there are snow flurries coming down and I haven’t been out of the house since Sunday!!!

Have a wonderful Christmas week and to the lady who asked about the borders around the pictures…I get that from live writer…fun but can be frustrating:)


Sunday, December 27, 2009

~Christmas Day & Bathroom Pics~

We are expecting some snow here in W.Pa. and low of 18 tomorrow night, I guess winter is here whether we like it or not! The weatherman also said to expect even more snow on New Years Day!!!

I’m so behind on showing you pictures with working and all…I had to work Christmas Eve so I didn't feel like taking pictures but Christmas Day I took this picture of my 3 sons I made them sit in a row from oldest to youngest so they could unwrap these gifts.

210r They are Steeler shirts with players names on the back but one one shirt has my son’s name on it…the boys liked them and I thought they were pretty neat!

211 etHere are some pics of my bathroom I had a snowman theme in there this year, I didn’t put out alot this year and now I’m really glad I didn’t because it will soon be time to put them away!!!


hHere is the very top of the cupboard that shows in the mirror…I won the primitive snowman last yeat:)


You can see a snowman peeking out of the glass door!


Well, I’m still learning on the lap top but I’m bound and determined to do it even with live writer added it.LOL

I’ve been visiting other blogs and all of you sound like you and you families had a wonderful Chrisstmas, I’m so glad for each and every one of you!

A special hello to my newest friends too♥ Rondell

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Peace and Plenty

Hello Prim friends…I’m posting from my new lap top so bear with me:) It’s a little different than a desk top just a lot of getting used to plus I’m using live writer!

I wanted to show you a picture frame that, Julie made for me from our Christmas swap and instead of a putting a photo in it I stitched the words peace and plenty! Julie used the cutest fabric on the frame and added a rusty, tin star.


II have it on my dry sink, thanks Julie I love it:)


Here is a picture of a battery candle that Michael a Corrie bought at Annapolis Country Store, MD for me for Christmas. Love it!


Also this BeSinkle he is so neat a dark blue coat with a white fur trim carrying a patriotic banner and chenile candy canes in his satchel.


I’ll post more tomorrow, had enough learning for one night.LOL

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends we sure had one here!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

~Living Room Pictures for Christmas~

Hello Prim friends.
I'm having so much trouble with posting from Live Writer and I have to get Chris here to help but that will be a while because he works retail, need I say more! So I'm posting from blogger and I almost forgot how.LOL I wanted to show you some pictures of my living room and also a couple from the keeping room...so here goes:) They also aren't in order:
This is in the keeping room on the crock bench. I saw this on a blog or picture trail although I can't remember whose, I took my cutlery tote and turned it on end and put some Santa's in it.
I thought you would like to see my prairie curtains in the keeping room, the rod they are on was white but I got out my black paint and did it in black...fast and cheap!

Opps, this is in the corner of my dining room:)

My snow angel sitting in my little black chair, her wings are made of greenery and the skirt under the tree is a blue homespun.

Sorry this is blurry but in a smaller picture size it isn't.

I did my decorations very simple this year so for the step back cupboard I added a holly garland and faux string of cranberries.

Here is a closer picture and you can see one of my bottle brush trees that I've had for years.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! Christmas is almost here, this year just flew by! We also did get about 8" of snow, it started Friday night and ended last night, Michael called and said that they had 24" and it was still snowing, I hope it's gone some for him because he will come home on Christmas Eve!
Well, it's late and I should get to bed...I have a few things to pick up for gifts tomorrow then I will be done! I've kept up with the wrapping though so I've accomplished that at least:)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

~My Old Fashioned Giveaway from Julie~

Seems like I’m posting a lot these days and that’s because I’m working a lot.LOL I know if I don’t post before I go to work I’ll never post, anyway I’m off tomorrow and the vacuuming can wait till then!


I recently received my Old Fashioned giveaway from Julie from Country Girl at Heart such a sweetheart she is! Look how Christmasy her wrapping was! Her sewing is superb and I’m always amazed at all you prim girls that can do it, such talent out there. Now here are pictures of what she sent me all the way from Utah!

I love this Christmas table runner, Julie picked such neat fabric to use on the gifts that she sent, I really enjoyed this:)



Look at the pointed edge of the runner…just love it and the Utah Truffle mint candy bar she also sent me, can’t wait to get into that!


I wish this picture would have turned out better…it’s a wall hanging that Julie made and on it the wording is so cute, Welcome… Inside Cozy… Outside Frozy isn’t it the sweetest saying? The border around it is of course snowmen!!!


This is the back side, I just love all the tiny mittens~


Julie also included some great smelling tarts the box smelled heavenly when I opened it I can’t wait to use them:)


Okay...I forgot to add this sweet pillow that Julie also made me and I had to go into blogger and mess with Html, now I know why I love live writer so much:) Anyway the fabric is the cutest snowmen with a black backing. I don't know if I'll keep it here on this old, wooden box I may move it around some:)

Love the electric candle that Julie did in Christmas fabric with the rusty jingle bell at the bottom!


Isn’t this the sweetest little stocking? I love the cuff on it, I have it on my little tree in the keeping room:)


This ornament is so special to me…a wood donkey with a wonderful saying printed on the card!


I hope you can enlarge the picture so that you can read it, it puts things in perspective, I’ll see if it does enlarge after I publish this post:)


Julie sent me one other thing but I have an idea for it and when I get it done I’ll post it…Thanks so much Julie, I love everything♥



I had to show you my winning from eBay it’s the second prairie bonnet from the left. It is a black and crème check and 26” long… also coffee dyed with tiny little holes in it…I just love it! I hope to fill in the rest of the pegs with them, only three more to go!!!


I’d also like to welcome some new friends and wish you all a Merry Christmas, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and visit♥


Monday, December 14, 2009

~My Entryway for Christmas~

Hi Prim friends,

I bet you are all so busy and going here and there and wrapping this and that! Sort of like that here.LOL No rest for the weary but what a great season it is, my granddaughters are so excited every time I pick up Samantha she tells me “Santa is closer and closer”:)

Here are pictures of my entryway, it is so cut up in doorways 4 counting the main door and so very hard to decorate but I did manage to do some Christmas decorating with out getting it to cluttered up.

This is the main door, I found the holly wreath at a yard sale for two dollars this past summer and the snowman in the quilt stocking I got a year ago at the yard sale that we have every year at my sisters for three dollars, I scored on that one:)


This picture is of the sampler that I made using Samantha’s name, they will each have two of them a big and small one:)


Don’t you just love George? This is on the left side of the main door…on the other side are the closet doors.

I had the stocking stretcher for years!


This is right below the peg rack:) Not a big room to decorate.LOL


I’d also like to show you the butter paddles I bought from sweet Carolyn from Primitive Devotions, I just love them and I was telling her in all my years of flea marketing and yard sales I had never bought any so when she had these up for sale I jumped on them and now they are on my Hoosier in a crock with some berries and a homespun tie:)


I hope you enjoyed my entryway for Christmas, I’ll be back tomorrow to post about my Old Fashioned Christmas Swap that I received from Julie♥

Have a wonderful Monday!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

~Look at This Giveaway~

Isn’t this a beautiful arrangement? I just found Karen’s blog The Barely There Primitive Bear so go check it out…you have to hurry though:) Karen includes a Santa egg too, love the Cardinal reminds me of my mom she liked them!

I’ll be posting tomorrow just wanted to get this on before it was to late!



Thursday, December 10, 2009

~My Keeping Room for Christmas~

Well, hello everyone! I hope you are just so toasty warm and watching a Christmas movie… that’s not happening here, we are toasty warm, in fact tonight is the first time of the year for the wood stove. No Christmas movie…but we are watching and sobbing as the Steelers get whopped by the Browns, oh well, we will be at the Super Bowl next year they always do that win a Super Bowl then the next year play lousy. So enough about them!

Here are some pictures of my keeping room very simple this year! You can see my new prairie curtains, love them against the blue trim! For the first time I hung a wreath in the window:) I usually put a tree there but this year I wanted to be a little different!


The corner cabinet is in the left corner of the room and this is to the right in another corner, there is a little story to this tree…in 2001 I left someone and moved in with my sister, I had one room, all of my furniture and belongings was put in a storage unit, I must say beside my divorce that I went thur I think this was one of the lowest points in my life. It was November and Sydney was born on the 10th a couple weeks later my best friend, my mom passed away. I was on an emotional roller coaster…up because my first grandchild had just been born and down because mom died. I think Sydney saved me from losing it completely He gave me her to help me get thur my mother’s death. All my Christmas things were in storage, so I bought this little tree in the mall where I worked to put in my bedroom, I bought the angel to put on the top and didn’t realize until I took it out of the package that part of the wing was broke off. Well, I thought that’s my mom…and every year since I put this little tree up with the angel on top with the broken wing to remind me that our lowest times in life are just a prelude to what’s beyond the door that he opens for us. I met Stush the following May and I’ve never been happier. I like to think that mom sent him to me knowing he would be a new best friend:)


This picture is by my hoosier, the garland you see there I found at GW the other day and cut it in half to use else where! Just put some berries in with the doll and used a jingle bell garland tucked in the long John basket:)


Remember the washstand I found at GW for I think $15.00, I have it in my keeping room under my clock. The tree has the cinnamon pineapples and tiny kitchen utencils that Linda from Behind My Red Door sent to me in a Christmas swap last year!


Below is my hoosier…it’s been tweaked though, I’ll take another picture of it and show the next time:)


Well, I better get off of here it’s late and since I was off today I slept this morning till 9:30 AM…I never do that but I guess I was tired from working till 9:30 last night it was really busy just one after another!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Believe it or not we are having beautiful weather for December 9th…sunny and will be in the 40’s today! BUT tonight the temp falls to 23!!!

What with Christmas coming and working I haven’t done anything as far as crafts go but I have been trying to finish with my decorating!

I wanted to show my kitchen today for you, hope you enjoy:)

This year I added greenery and lights to the top of my cabinets, this is above my frig! Looks really neat I think! The lights and greenery go all the way around the kitchen.

001 001

My stove top... but I’ve already tweaked it again.LOL And the candle is called Log Cabin and it smells so good…found it at The Country Store!


This is the top of my frig…added the snowmen pillow, rag garland and the berry ring I found at GW Monday, it had a tag on it from Target and it’s a nice full one!


My new Prairie curtains!!! I just love them but I will admit that they were a little hard to get just right, I ordered them from Irvin’s and they are of good quality plus lined!


Door to the garage…same curtains just different lighting!


My new microwave, finally…the one we had was 15years old and it finally went in a “puff”.LOL Stush was using it at the time and when he told me I had a big smile on my face, I had wanted a new one since I moved here:) This one looks so much better!


I added a wooden gingerbread man to the old drawer that I have some of my breadboards in plus tucked in a real feather tree, I found this at The Country Store a couple years ago in the 50% off room…it is so soft and only about 8 inches high.

Well, that’s about all prim friends, I’m off tomorrow so I’ll be back to show more pics:)

Have a great Christmasey day!


P.S. I don’t know how the kitchen door picture got that way, wish I knew because I like it but as you can see I’m still plugging away with live writer.

P.S.S. I found out how:)