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Sunday, December 27, 2009

~Christmas Day & Bathroom Pics~

We are expecting some snow here in W.Pa. and low of 18 tomorrow night, I guess winter is here whether we like it or not! The weatherman also said to expect even more snow on New Years Day!!!

I’m so behind on showing you pictures with working and all…I had to work Christmas Eve so I didn't feel like taking pictures but Christmas Day I took this picture of my 3 sons I made them sit in a row from oldest to youngest so they could unwrap these gifts.

210r They are Steeler shirts with players names on the back but one one shirt has my son’s name on it…the boys liked them and I thought they were pretty neat!

211 etHere are some pics of my bathroom I had a snowman theme in there this year, I didn’t put out alot this year and now I’m really glad I didn’t because it will soon be time to put them away!!!


hHere is the very top of the cupboard that shows in the mirror…I won the primitive snowman last yeat:)


You can see a snowman peeking out of the glass door!


Well, I’m still learning on the lap top but I’m bound and determined to do it even with live writer added it.LOL

I’ve been visiting other blogs and all of you sound like you and you families had a wonderful Chrisstmas, I’m so glad for each and every one of you!

A special hello to my newest friends too♥ Rondell


  1. Looks like your boys had a great Christmas and I LOVE your bathroom:) It sure is alot of work putting out the holiday stuff just to turn around and put it all away, I think next year i'm cutting way back!!!!

  2. I love the pictures! The bathroom is especially cute!
    Stay warm in all the snow you are getting and send some my way!
    Happy Holidays,

  3. Love how you did your bathroom and in less space than mine. My problem is good wall space, not enough of it.


  4. I love your shower curtain. Where'd u get it?

  5. Hi Rondell...I love the pictures you got for your boys...neat!!

    Your bathroom pics are awesome...simple yet still going for some winter.


  6. Great photo of your boys Rondell..and GREAT gifts..
    Love your 'snowman' bathroom..very nice.
    luv Annie.xx

  7. really enjoy seeing pictures of your home and your decorating
    love the snowman in the cabinet, a cute idea!

  8. Rondell, love your bathroom with all the black and snowmen...It sounds like your boys liked their gifts. You are doing a great job with Live Writer; your blog looks great...Sherie

  9. Hi Rondell.........I just know the guys loved their shirts.
    How are you posting your photos? The border on them is so nice. Is that from Live Writer?
    Have a good week.

  10. Very cute pics of your boys and I really do love your bathroom...looks sooo nice! Glad your Christmas was merry....ours was too excecpt for the SNOW....changed our plans a bit. Stop over and check out our 2 feet of snow! :)

  11. Love your bathroom!... I also like snowmen. Blessings,Leah

  12. What good looking boys you have! I am so ashamed of myself this year. I didn't do near the baking and cooking that I usually would. I just couldn't get myself motivated.

    I love the pictures of the bathroom. Better put a close watch on your towel with the crow... Holli at 'Where the Rooster Crows' may sneak over for it. She loves crows! lol

    The little snowman in the cupboard looks like he is trying to break out!

    Take Care Rondell & Happy Holidays!

  13. Glad you had a great holiday! Love your bathroom! That snowman is too cute. What a great cupboard with the glass doors. Got my bowl rack from BIL but tweaking is in order. Thanks for your help with it. Have a great new year! Jayne

  14. Great Christmas you had Rondell - and I love your Snowman theme in the bathroom.


  15. love Love your bathroom..what color is it and where did you get your shower curtain..I am wanting to go those colors..love your cabinet and love your snowman sitting on top..very prim..have a wonderful rest of your week and happy new year.:)

  16. Hi Rondell,
    Love your pics! I'm in the process of learning how to use LiveWriter also. You're doing great!

  17. Wonderful photos as always, Rondell. I'm so glad you had a lovely Christmas.

    We did too! Though we've still got some visiting, hosting, and celebrating to do now that my brother and his fiancee will be in Maine (from NC) for a few days as of Tuesday afternoon.

    It's all been such fun, but I am so looking forward to a little down time and maybe a long winter's nap.

    Take care, my friend...

  18. Love the bathroom! And what a great idea for your sons Christmas presents. Such cute snowmen too.

  19. I thought about putting some holiday stuff in our hall bathroom, but didn't. I love your bathroom!! and how you put snowmen in it...so I'm thinking that I sure do that next year for sure.

  20. Good to know you had a great family Christmas, Rondell.
    You bathroom is decorated so prim nicely! Luv it!
    Best wishes

  21. Oh, it looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Loved the pictures! There's something very special about grown sons, isn't there? Have a very happy new year, Dawn


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