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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

~My Old Fashioned Giveaway from Julie~

Seems like I’m posting a lot these days and that’s because I’m working a lot.LOL I know if I don’t post before I go to work I’ll never post, anyway I’m off tomorrow and the vacuuming can wait till then!


I recently received my Old Fashioned giveaway from Julie from Country Girl at Heart such a sweetheart she is! Look how Christmasy her wrapping was! Her sewing is superb and I’m always amazed at all you prim girls that can do it, such talent out there. Now here are pictures of what she sent me all the way from Utah!

I love this Christmas table runner, Julie picked such neat fabric to use on the gifts that she sent, I really enjoyed this:)



Look at the pointed edge of the runner…just love it and the Utah Truffle mint candy bar she also sent me, can’t wait to get into that!


I wish this picture would have turned out better…it’s a wall hanging that Julie made and on it the wording is so cute, Welcome… Inside Cozy… Outside Frozy isn’t it the sweetest saying? The border around it is of course snowmen!!!


This is the back side, I just love all the tiny mittens~


Julie also included some great smelling tarts the box smelled heavenly when I opened it I can’t wait to use them:)


Okay...I forgot to add this sweet pillow that Julie also made me and I had to go into blogger and mess with Html, now I know why I love live writer so much:) Anyway the fabric is the cutest snowmen with a black backing. I don't know if I'll keep it here on this old, wooden box I may move it around some:)

Love the electric candle that Julie did in Christmas fabric with the rusty jingle bell at the bottom!


Isn’t this the sweetest little stocking? I love the cuff on it, I have it on my little tree in the keeping room:)


This ornament is so special to me…a wood donkey with a wonderful saying printed on the card!


I hope you can enlarge the picture so that you can read it, it puts things in perspective, I’ll see if it does enlarge after I publish this post:)


Julie sent me one other thing but I have an idea for it and when I get it done I’ll post it…Thanks so much Julie, I love everything♥



I had to show you my winning from eBay it’s the second prairie bonnet from the left. It is a black and crème check and 26” long… also coffee dyed with tiny little holes in it…I just love it! I hope to fill in the rest of the pegs with them, only three more to go!!!


I’d also like to welcome some new friends and wish you all a Merry Christmas, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and visit♥



  1. Hi Rondell:) What a lot of cute and special gifts. I love the little card. It is packed full of warm wonderful sentiment. One to be read again from time to time. Have a blessed Merry Christmas! Carol

  2. Hi Rondell,
    What wonderful goodies you won!!
    And I love your shelf with the bonnets.
    Everything looks fabulous sweetheart!!

  3. What a wonderful box of goodies you received Rondell. I love them all, also love your new bonnett.

  4. Rondell, I love how you decorated your Prarrie hat on the header...well actually..., I love everything you do! Merry christmas! cindy Il.

  5. Oh you got some great goodies. Like the bonnet, actually like all of them!

  6. Julie is a sweetheart and so talented! She sent you some amazing goodies!!

  7. You are welcome, Rondell. It is fun to see the things I sent you on display in your home. I hope you are having a fabulous day. Julie

  8. What cute things! Love that table runner too! Merry Christmas Rondell!

  9. You've won some great goodies there Rondell! I love that table runner - great design!

  10. Hi Rondell,
    You won some wonderful things and I enjoyed your pictures. Your new bonnet looks wonderful on your shelf. Enjoy your day off tomorrow!

  11. What a great box of goodies, I especially like the snowman pillow. Your pegs are going to look so great with all the prairie bonnets! Have fun tweeking! Dawn

  12. What a nice swap to receive ! I love your shelf with the bonnets and all of your decor :) Happy Holidays! Blessings, Leah

  13. Hi Rondell...wow, you really mopped up! What wonderful goodies! Sounds like a fun swap! Love the pillow with snowmen! Hurry and show us what you do with the other item! ~~Annie

  14. What a great giveaway. Everythng is so cute. Luv your shelf too.

  15. Wonderful goodies Rondell - thanks for sharing with us.

  16. Lucky you to win all of those wonderful things.
    I have to thank you ... because of you, I've figured out how to use Livewriter and I didn't even have to buy your son to teach me how to do it! It really is so much easier to use than the one that the blogger gives us. Thanks Rondell!

  17. Oh you got some really nice goodies for your swap. It was my first time participating this year and I had a blast making mine and receiving. It's always so nice to see how others can be creative :)

    Your bonnet looks like one I have :) And I love mine!

  18. What wonderful swap goodies! And the donkey ornament is awesome! So very sweet and very true.
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Looking at all you won, I imagine it was like opening a treasure chest of goodies! Everything was so nice. Julie did a wonderful job on everything. It all inspires me to dig out my sewing machine and fabric from storage!

    Stay warm & Merry Christmas!

  20. I love your shelf with the bonnets.
    Everything looks fabulous sweetheart!!

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