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Thursday, December 10, 2009

~My Keeping Room for Christmas~

Well, hello everyone! I hope you are just so toasty warm and watching a Christmas movie… that’s not happening here, we are toasty warm, in fact tonight is the first time of the year for the wood stove. No Christmas movie…but we are watching and sobbing as the Steelers get whopped by the Browns, oh well, we will be at the Super Bowl next year they always do that win a Super Bowl then the next year play lousy. So enough about them!

Here are some pictures of my keeping room very simple this year! You can see my new prairie curtains, love them against the blue trim! For the first time I hung a wreath in the window:) I usually put a tree there but this year I wanted to be a little different!


The corner cabinet is in the left corner of the room and this is to the right in another corner, there is a little story to this tree…in 2001 I left someone and moved in with my sister, I had one room, all of my furniture and belongings was put in a storage unit, I must say beside my divorce that I went thur I think this was one of the lowest points in my life. It was November and Sydney was born on the 10th a couple weeks later my best friend, my mom passed away. I was on an emotional roller coaster…up because my first grandchild had just been born and down because mom died. I think Sydney saved me from losing it completely He gave me her to help me get thur my mother’s death. All my Christmas things were in storage, so I bought this little tree in the mall where I worked to put in my bedroom, I bought the angel to put on the top and didn’t realize until I took it out of the package that part of the wing was broke off. Well, I thought that’s my mom…and every year since I put this little tree up with the angel on top with the broken wing to remind me that our lowest times in life are just a prelude to what’s beyond the door that he opens for us. I met Stush the following May and I’ve never been happier. I like to think that mom sent him to me knowing he would be a new best friend:)


This picture is by my hoosier, the garland you see there I found at GW the other day and cut it in half to use else where! Just put some berries in with the doll and used a jingle bell garland tucked in the long John basket:)


Remember the washstand I found at GW for I think $15.00, I have it in my keeping room under my clock. The tree has the cinnamon pineapples and tiny kitchen utencils that Linda from Behind My Red Door sent to me in a Christmas swap last year!


Below is my hoosier…it’s been tweaked though, I’ll take another picture of it and show the next time:)


Well, I better get off of here it’s late and since I was off today I slept this morning till 9:30 AM…I never do that but I guess I was tired from working till 9:30 last night it was really busy just one after another!



  1. Oh Rondell sweetie...
    What a beautiful post. I so love this story that you shared.

    Isn't that angel the most precious thing you have ever seen. Your little Moma all wrapped up in the holidays even so far away. She came back to you, to remind you Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season. She gave you hope when you were at your lowest, and sent you the most wonderful friend in this world that she could find for you. She knew what she was doing, did't she?

    I love your decorations sweetie. I so love to come and visit and see what you are up to.

    Please stop by and say hi. I would so love to have you visit.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  2. Hi Rondell--Long time--no see! ;)

    What a sweet story about your Mom....I loved looking at you pictures...everything looks great! Stop by for a visit soon! :)

  3. What a sweet post this is Rondell....your home is looking so nice and Christmasy!

    Have a joyous weekend!

  4. Hi Rondell! What a story, brings a tear to the eye. Thanks for sharing it and your lovely pics.
    Have a great weekend, Christine x

  5. Rondell,
    What a lovely post. And your home is beautiful.

    We do go through times that we feel we just wont make it, but I truly believe there is a greater power at work. I see it everyday. I myself am dealing with a low right now. Going through a separation, just starting a new job, which certainly was a blessing. But so much more is going on as well. Thank You for this post, I know in my heart that things Will get better here.
    Merry Christmas to you. Prim Hugs, Tammy

  6. Rondell I loved reading the story behind your angel.It gave me the good goosebumps and misty eyes. Your home looks sooooo cozy and inviting.
    Have a blessed weekend
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  7. Your home looks beautiful Rondell. Some warm and cozy. Love all of your decorations!!


  8. Rondell - I believe your mom is certainly watching over you! Everything is so beautiful in your home - I just love that corner cupboard!

  9. Rondell, oh my goodness! I am sitting here with tears pouring down my face! What a sweet, precious story! I hope you write that down for your family to have for always. I do believe that God sent you Sam to help you get through the loss of your Mom. God is so good!

    Your pics are fabulous! Everything always looks just right at your place. And I think the wreath in the window looks great too!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Oh Rondell love the pics, but love the story behind the angel.

    I can't pick what I like the best so here goes... the curtains really do look great with the woodwork. Of course I'm impartial to linens so I LOVE the ladder in the first picture and the rack with the fabric on in the second picture. The jingle bell garland is so awesome. I've always wanted a Hooser cabinet, but at the moment I have no more room. LOL.


  11. What a beautiful story. My friend in TN has a similar one, but one lone cardinal comes to visit her every day and she associates it with her dad. Your curtains are just perfect, I just love that style. Don't work too hard this weekend and stay warm! Dawn

  12. Love your home and the story about the Angel. My Mom, Dad, and Sister are gone, but I found an Angel holding three stars, one for each of them. Angel do watch over us all the time!


  13. Hi Rondell....everything looks wonderful in your cozy home. I love the fact that you left the broken wing..........what a touching story that goes with it. Sorry about those Steelers.......lots of unhappy people around here too!

  14. Hi Rondell!!
    Everything looks wonderful!!
    Im so loving your Christmas decorations!

  15. What a wonderful story, memories are so precious.
    Beautiful prim decorating. I went to the prim store yesterday and wish I had tons of money, would buy half the store;)


  16. Beautiful story. And beautiful primness, as usual. :)

  17. Oh that game was embarrassing and painful to watch, wasn't it? Your home is lovely. Stay warm!

  18. Rondell,
    What a lovely story about your angel. Your home looks wonderful for the holidays ~ they are coming up fast.

  19. Love the story about the tree, how touching!
    I am having a give away, come by to sign

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  20. Great story. I believe too that when someone passes they let you know they are still with you. Your decorating is beautiful.
    As for the Steelers game...four words, I just don't know. It's to bad. If they are going to go down then they have nowhere to go but up. Let's hope.
    Take care


  21. It all lokks wonderful Rondell!

  22. Everything is so pretty and you have made it look so homey. I need your talents. There are so many talented people in blogland.

    Christmas does bring us many memories. I hope you have only good memories from this Christmas forward.


  23. Oh Rondell - what a wonderfully heartwarming story about your tree! Isn't it wonderful knowing your mom was looking out for you? I am so happy you met Stush when you did so we all could meet you in blogland later!!

    Sorry about the Steelers... I feel the same way about the Patriots this year. Maybe next year we can meet up at the Super Bowl!!

  24. Loved that you shared the story...
    Everything happens for a reason I believe...
    I find so many of us have been on the same path...We'll survive!!! Strong Women do with help...

    Love your holiday touches through your home and as always Thanks for sharing...

    My Best to You And Yours This Season...

  25. Sorry about your mom..I know how hard that can be during the holidays, but glad you now have your sweetie!! Everything looks great, love it all.

  26. What a wonderful story about your angel and tree, Rondell. Enjoy all of your lovely Christmastime decor...

  27. What a beautiful angel story Rondell! I love your little prim tree. All of your decorations look great!
    Not much of a football fan, but our area is pretty wild this year cause the Bengals are going so good. They usually stink! haha!

    Take care,

  28. Thanks for coming by, did you want to
    enter, you didn't say and don't forget
    rule # 3...
    I have been reading your blog for months
    and I signed on recently...I had been
    reading them for about a year before I
    started mine.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  29. What a great story! I, too have been at those low points. They make the good times all the more appreciated.
    To rub salt in the wound, I spent Friday at a hospital in Youngstown surrounded by cheering Browns fans, high fiving and yelling. Even the nurse that took my Mom back to surgery had a Browns skull cap on and was making fun of me and laughing. What a place to be the "day after"!!!


  30. What a beautiful angel story Rondell! I love your little prim tree. All of your decorations look great!

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