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Monday, December 14, 2009

~My Entryway for Christmas~

Hi Prim friends,

I bet you are all so busy and going here and there and wrapping this and that! Sort of like that here.LOL No rest for the weary but what a great season it is, my granddaughters are so excited every time I pick up Samantha she tells me “Santa is closer and closer”:)

Here are pictures of my entryway, it is so cut up in doorways 4 counting the main door and so very hard to decorate but I did manage to do some Christmas decorating with out getting it to cluttered up.

This is the main door, I found the holly wreath at a yard sale for two dollars this past summer and the snowman in the quilt stocking I got a year ago at the yard sale that we have every year at my sisters for three dollars, I scored on that one:)


This picture is of the sampler that I made using Samantha’s name, they will each have two of them a big and small one:)


Don’t you just love George? This is on the left side of the main door…on the other side are the closet doors.

I had the stocking stretcher for years!


This is right below the peg rack:) Not a big room to decorate.LOL


I’d also like to show you the butter paddles I bought from sweet Carolyn from Primitive Devotions, I just love them and I was telling her in all my years of flea marketing and yard sales I had never bought any so when she had these up for sale I jumped on them and now they are on my Hoosier in a crock with some berries and a homespun tie:)


I hope you enjoyed my entryway for Christmas, I’ll be back tomorrow to post about my Old Fashioned Christmas Swap that I received from Julie♥

Have a wonderful Monday!



  1. Rondell, what a great job. Love the stocking with the snowman, the paddles, the greenery..I could go on and on. Thanks for sharing. Sherie

  2. Rondell,
    Love the way your decorating is looking, how fun to share the excitement with your granddaughter.
    Enjoy your butter paddles, they are cool.

  3. Everything looks wonderful Rondell!!
    Luv those fly screen covers!!

  4. Hi Rondell! Hey I love this. Everything looks great and so festive. I just love coming to your blog and seeing what you have been up to...it is always wonderful. I was so excited to see your screened thinga mabobs...don't know what to call them...over food or the goodies you have...but I got one in Kansas this summer and can't wait to use it. Maybe I'll hide my hubby's keys under them! Hahaha...

  5. Butter paddles! Those would make fine flails, m'dear...ha ha I can actually remember my granny whomping the salt into the butter with those, and the water coming out of the butter as she hit it...

  6. I love everything Rondell! And that stocking by the wraeth is awesome! I love the other one too and the sampler!

    And the butter paddles look great in your display! I knew they would! I used to pick them up everytime I ran across them. But my old spoon collection was getting out of hand, so I decided to part with the paddles. I love that they are all different.

    Thank you so much for buying from me. I think they are in the right home. Enjoy them, my sweet friend! :)

  7. Beautifully done as always, Rondell.

    I hope you're finding time to enjoy it all amid the hustle and bustle. I'm sure trying!

    The kids are so sweetly excited and we are gearing up for school Christmas parties on Friday. Somehow Connor sweet talked me into making 21 ornaments to add to everyone's gift bags and Michaela just chose her book for the Friends Book Exchange/Kindergarten Pajama Party. Friday is going to be quite something over at school!

    And then everyone is on vacation for two weeks! Oh my!

  8. Everything looks so festive and I LOVE the butter paddles. Can't wait to see more, Dawn

  9. Everything looks so welcoming Rondell, great job!

  10. I enjoyed your pics Rondell! Thank you for sharing them!

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Everything looks wonderful and cosey. My entryway is too small to do much with, but thinking of ideas I can do to make it more inviting.


  12. You did a wonderful job on the hall way Rondell....it's so homey.

  13. Rondell, I love looking at your beautiful home and the holly wreath for $2.oo,is a bargin from heaven!!
    Merry Christmas my Prim friend,
    God Bless

  14. Everything looks wonderful and "Christmassy". Great Job.


  15. Rondell,
    Love your entryway!! It is so cozy and Christmassy!!


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