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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

~Snowy Last Night~

Last night I put on my hat (which I never wear) coat…buttoned way up to the top, and “pretend” Ugg boots and went out into the cold, snowy weather to take some pictures of the outside of our home. Let me tell you my hands were froze by the time I was done, I couldn't’t wait to get back inside, it was that cold here in Western PA! It was supposed to get down to 18*but I think it was a lot colder than that!

This is our light at the end of our driveway…With a big, red bow and white lights.

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I love the white lights on our home since it is a dark brown brick it shows up really well and I like seeing the inside of the windows too:)


Our front porch…sorry it’s not clearer but it was just to cold to fool with the settings on the camera. The next pictures will define it better.

I went for a different look this year… bought the two evergreen trees at Rite Aide on sale, the wood angel at The Country Store and the wooden ice skates at Altimeter's, as you can see it was snowing:)


I wish I hadn’t cut off some parts of her head.LOL She gave a festive air to the porch and this year that’s what I wanted!


And here are the skates… when I saw them but didn’t know what to do with them if I had bought them… well when I got home I figured I’d hang them on the front door wreath love it!


I hope everyone having a safe warm day there are snow flurries coming down and I haven’t been out of the house since Sunday!!!

Have a wonderful Christmas week and to the lady who asked about the borders around the pictures…I get that from live writer…fun but can be frustrating:)



  1. Rondell I hope you are working on your blog as I'm visitng because I can't read the words the color is too light.


  2. We're cold and snowy here, too! I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. How festive! I love the skates on the wreath! It's about 16 degrees here today - yikes - but I guess that's winter in Michigan! Have a fun week, Dawn

  4. Your home looks great outside! The skate looks good on the wreath! Was -3 at our house when I took my sons friend home at 6:00 last night. Probably got 15 or 20 below last night. That's what happens when we don't get snow! Stay warm, and thanks for sharing your beautiful home! Jayne

  5. Rondell, what great pictures you shared. I live the red door and all the decorations. Good job on the Live Writer...It is easy but takes time. Stay warm and cozy. Sherie

  6. How beautiful! It's 16 right now here in norhtwest Pa...YUK and we got about 9" of snow between yesterday and today! The seed catalogs have started arriving tho:)

  7. I love the white lights and especially the red door!! It's pretty cold here too. I think Winter is here to stay for awhile!!

  8. Rondell,
    Third times a charm, right? I keep trying to comment and it is so slow and keeps kicking me off...

    I haven't been around the blogs since before Christmas...I hope you had a great one and that you have a very Happy New Year, too!

    I was out in that cold, windy weather last night returning some "pretend" Ugg boots. I have been trying to convince myself that I like them and I have realized something, I do not! lol Today it's still very cold and windy...it's about 14° here in central PA with the windchill they say but I think it's worse...thank goodness for the sun! lol

    Have a great day! Stay warm!


  9. I love the angel and your house looks so nice from the outside like that. I too have white lights and really like them.

  10. Thanks for braving the cold for us!! It looks just wonderful outside. That may be the only snow I see this year. Cold as a witches ***** here in South Carolina but not a cloud in the sky.



  12. Rondell,
    Just catchin up on blog readin' and wanted to wish you a very blessed and Happy New Year!
    Love all your Christmas decorations. And thanks for the brrrrrr tour =)
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  13. Hey Rondell, love the photos and love your little lamp post...I too love the white lights..hey still wondering what color your bathroom is and where you got your shower curtain..:)

  14. Hi Rondell!
    Your home pics are so lovely!
    I do wish it would snow here....especially this Thursday evening....we are having friends over for New Year's....not like snow that would be hazardous...but yes, accumulating would be nice...

    Have a happy New Year!

  15. lol, your description of you had me laughing! lol

    Thanks for all the torture you went through to get these wonderful photos! Hope you had a cup of hot cocoa when you got back in!

    Hugs, Karen

  16. I was cracking up too with the description outside taking pictures!
    I love your angel, and oh, that wreath is awesome with the skates.
    It's bitter cold here too, and I really dislike this kind of weather!
    Try to stay warm!

  17. Hi Rondell!

    I too went out in the cold yesterday to get some pictures of our home, only to end oup really taking most of the pictures of our 4 legged baby girl in the snow. The next round of snow coming in is tonight. So, maybe I might brave the cold one more time and take some pictures of the outside of my home all decorated for Christmas. I try to do this each year so that I can have the memories of how I have changed things from year to year.

    Hope you have finally gotten warm! It takes me so long to get warm after I get cold from being outside. Feels like my bones are froze some times.

    My favorite kind of light are the clear ones. That is what I use year round in my windows and on my grapevine tree. During the special holidays, I change them a little, but still keep the clear ones out too. Your outdoor decorations are really cute. I love the angel.

    Blessings and perfect prims,

  18. Beautiful home & pictures! Snow is on it's way here in the Ohio Valley. It has been cold & I don't blame you for not going out.

  19. Oh Rondell, your home is just beautiful. I love twinkle lights in the dark. It looks like your Christmas was filled with many special memories too. I love that you got your three boys football jerseys from their favorite team. My son is a big sports fan as well and loves all that kind of stuff.
    Hugs & blessings to you for 2010!

  20. Rondell...
    Wishing you ALL the Delights a New Year can bring...
    Happy New Year to You & Yours...

  21. Happy New Year, Rondell!
    Here's to 2010 being a great year, filled with lots of happy times for you and your family!

  22. Hi Rondell, Love love the front door of your house. Something about a red door that just says Prim...

  23. Rondell, Your home is beautiful and the red door is to die for,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it!!!

    I want to wish you and your whole family a Happy New Year from my family to yours!!

    Having blogging friends like you only makes it better!!!

    Blessings friend,
    Hillcrest Home Prims

  24. Rondell,
    Thanks so much for visiting my Blog. How pleasantly surprised I was when I returned the favor...especially love the wreath with the ice skate...it is so welcoming.
    Anyways, want to wish you and yours a Very Happy New Year,chock full of Peace & Blessings,

    Barb Shores
    VFA = Village Folk Art

  25. I guess that's winter in Michigan! Have a fun week,

    Work from home India


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