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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~Friday’s Find~

Friday I take Sam to preschool then pick her up, drop her off at the babysitter’s then on to get my hair done…well the weather was iffy and wasn’t sure I’d keep the appt. but I really needed my roots done so I decided to chance it. Turns out the roads were fine but later on that night they were just terrible anyway, there is a consignment shop across the road from the shop and I always try to arrive at least a half hour before my appt. so that I can browse her store to see if I can find anything prim, she really has nice stuff but not prim although she does have crock jugs and railroad lanterns.:) I told her what I was interested in so maybe since I visit her once a month she will think of me when she gets something prim in:)

I was wandering around the store when I spied these two chairs, I stood there looking at them afraid to look at the tags to see how much they wanted for them…ladies and guys, I almost fell over when I finally looked, 10.00 for the plainer one and 12.00 for the other…22.00 for both!!! I couldn’t believe my luck;0

Here is the plainer one, I just love this style!


 Now the other one…they both have a nice patina to them, I won’t be painting either one of them that’s how nice they are.


On the way home I couldn’t decide where I was going to put them believe me I thought of a few million places but when I got them out of the car they just fit so good here with the wood table that I’ve left them I also put two rag stuffed, ticking, pillows on the seats (one has a patch on it) and they just made the chairs look more prim.

I’m really thrilled with them and what a price on them…priceless!!!

100_2477 so

Well, guess what? I just got called out to work for the 3 to 8:30 shift, I’m going makes payday alot sweeter:) So I’ll leave you with two pics of one of my favorite guys my Honey Bunny Buster, that’s what I call him, such a big scardy cat:)


Always hard to get a good picture of him because he will turn his head when he sees the camera:)


He is the best dog we have ever had…he loves kids and we have also found that he is a good watch dog…loud barking if he doesn’t know you and that’s just what I wanted living in the woods like we do…and when he does manage to get away from us in the warmer weather we always head to the playground because there he will be playing with the neighborhood kids, stealing their footballs and whiffle balls.LOL Everyone knows Buster around here:)

Isn’t it just wonderful that it’s now the month of March? I for one am so happy now maybe this white stuff will go away, the weekend here is going to be in the high 40’s YEH!!!

Have a good one wherever you are!





  1. Great chair finds, Rondell! I would get my hair done more often if there was a thrift store across the street. :)

  2. Oh I love those chairs Rondell! What a terrific bargain to boot...they look wonderful at your table!

  3. Love your chairs and what an unbelievable price.They do look great with the table just like they were meant to be there.

  4. Awwwwww....just look at that precious face! you got a GREAT price on those chairs, those are awesome!!!!!

  5. Oh Rondell~I just love your new chairs! Don't you just love finding a great treasure and
    a great deal too?! Have a lovely day~

  6. I like your thinking about arriving half an hour before your hair appointment! :) Those chairs are fab and the price too! Buster is a cutie!

  7. Oh, great deal Rondell!!..I love chairs and never can pass them by!!..They look perfect at your primitive table!!....Have a good week!!~~hugs,Jen

  8. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those chairs!! They are perfect where you have them. I can't believe the price either.

  9. Great find on your chairs and they look great where you have them. So glad you found such a good deal.....now they have a good home. Hope you enjoy your nice week-end coming up. We are suppose to have a nice one too here in S.C. but today is a wintery,wet day.
    Stay warm! Hugs, Sherrie

  10. Love the chairs...and the pics of your *babies*!!

  11. love those chairs and love where you put them..:)

  12. What a find! I love your chairs, especially the first one. Is there anything sweeter than the face of a loving dog? Adorable! Have a good week and I hope we get those 40's here too, Dawn

  13. Love the chairs, love the price!
    ...and that Buster is a handsome fella......he's not a scaredy cat...he's just camera shy! :)

  14. Love the chairs, Rondell! What a great find! They look great with your wood table.
    Buster looks like such a sweetie! Our dalmatian, Sam, doesn't like having his picture taken either. He acts like he's in trouble and won't look at the camera. lol
    I love your header, too!!

    Take care,

  15. Rondell, You hit the jackpot! Lucky you. I thought for sure that you were going to show pictures of a ton of Folk Art that you found! One day I'm going to run across some Folk Art and be happy! ~Ann

  16. Wow..what a great find. They don't have any good resale shops here. Went to the one in town and it was so nasty that I just left and just junk that even us junkers wouldn't touch.
    Supposed to go up to 70 degrees here this week end so I just might make DH take me for a ride to some bigger towns and see what I can find...wish me luck...anyone that has a nice resale shop near them is very lucky :)


  18. Sweet score with the chairs, Rondell! You must have been tickled to death!


  19. You are sooooo lucky you found those chairs before I did. lol, I especially love the first chair you have a picture of. I have a perfect prim desk that would look pretty great with that chair.

  20. Great deal on your chairs! I love where you put them and you can see the beautiful patina in the pictures!

    Your Honey Bunny Buster is adorable! I love the way he is shying away from the camera.. what a sweet face!


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