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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Well, I've been a busy tweaking bee today...staining and tweaking that is. I watched the girls yesterday and when I came home Stush and I went out for pizza and I didn't get a chance to stain. They are still sticky so I'll have to save those for next week...the one that dried really quick is the trencher here it was a very light colored wood and it took the walnut stain really well, I had bought it from eBay awhile back and had every intention of staining it darker but finally, today I did it. It's holding the bowls and the candle with the candle hugger I ordered from Karen of My Colonial Home I just love it!

Here is a closer look at it...hopefully I can order more for Christmas, I think they make great gifts, I love Yankee Candles but sometimes the labels I don't care for, the candle hugger covers it up and it fits right in with your prims so well!
I found this picture at a yard sale for a $1.00 and just painted the frame black and distressed it, sorry for the glare, it's a barn with sheep in the foreground, I put it under my bowl rack!

Here are my slip covered wing back chairs, the one on the right I already had and the one on the left is from GW, please excuse the mess on my dining room table I have prims on there plus my water bottle and mug of coffee:) I bought the pillow at GW for a $1.00 also!

I added the black basket to the table but I don't know what to put in it,

I added this napkin, I think it gives a more Colonial look to the shelf!

My bowl rack I'm certainly enjoying...added the primitives sign and the old looking prim doll.

I do love my mantel now since I did it in blue...I moved some things around and put my old wheel and the primitive angel doll amongst everything else!

I also redid my shelf above my sofa and a big thanks to all that commented to help me with it, I used some of your suggestions, but looking at the picture on here I think I'll move the barn red hanging box over to the right or left. I do like the arrangement better now!

Look at this bounty of vegetables from a friends garden, I'm thrilled...look at the huge, green pepper...you can get three stuffed peppers out of it!

I thought it was going to be cooler today but the sun is out and it's hotter then I thought it was going to be so I better get busy around here!
Stop by Leslie's to see who else did WWW!


  1. Wow, I'm just tired looking at what all you have accomplished. Everything looks awesome and prim. Great job.

  2. Rondell,
    Wow, I love all your GW finds. I love the picture. I love sheep too! How nice of someone to share their garden goodness with you too. Have a blessed day.


  3. Everything looks so cozy and homey.

    Pamela in NE Ohio

  4. Rondell,
    Wow! You have a lot of good treasures there! I love your slipcovers. I wish I could find some. Because I sure can't afford new ones! Well, have a blessed day!

  5. IT looks like you are really enjoying tweaking and decorating again now that you are done with the painting!

    The coverlet towel really looks nice on the shelf - it helps it stand out from the light wall.

    Love the trencher!! Great find - I think that is my favorite!!

    It's brutal here today. I'll take cold and rainy ANY day over this. Like the kids say "it's icky" LOL

    Stay cool and have fun with more tweaking.

    hugs, Linda

  6. Wow, you have been a busy bee! Everything looks great, I really like what you did with the shelf over the sofa!

  7. Oh Rondell I love it all! The wall clock next to your shelf is awesome! Looks like your friends are having great success with their garden. We got four Roma tomatoes and that's it. Hubby has already mowed over most of the garden. We'll try again next year.


  8. You have been so busy...no wonder you forgot whose post you were commenting on! LOL LOL
    I know I always say this...but your home is amazingly warm and cozy!
    Enjoy your week friend!k

  9. Look at all those wonderful projects you've gotten done! I'm envious of your energizer bunny energy. Send some my way, please?
    The chairs look really good together like that. I like the slip covers you put on them too!
    Enjoy the rest of the week! I hope it cools off some for ya!
    Hugs~ Birgit

  10. You sure have been busy Rondell!....everything looks perfectly prim! Janet

  11. Love the slipcovers...are they ones you have had or is there a chance you could say where I might find ones like them? I am amazed at all your energy. esp. when it is SO hot. I barely have the oomph to THINK about doing what you actually did...LOL!!

    Have a great evening!


  12. I love all of your GW finds, Rondell! And I LOVE the trencher you got off ebay!!
    All of your tweaking looks great!!

    Take care,

  13. I love that rencher and oh that candle hugger looks great. I love the red box hanging from your shelf. I so want one! Everything looks great!


  14. Everything looks so great! Those fresh tomatoes sound so yummy, nothing like them. You sure have been busy! Have a great evening, Dawn

  15. Your home is coming together so well. The shelf above the sofa looks great!

    Oh yea... what about laying some candles in the black basket?


  16. You have been busy! I am loving it. I was going to ask where you found the blue napkin? Everytime I see them they are black. Also lovin that bowl rack. Just what I am looking for. Any chance on sharing your source? Love the slipcovers too. It all looks great! Jayne

  17. wow rondell youre an absolute inspiration !! I did some sewing today - pachtwork so I think that counts as what ya doing Wednesday doesnt it?

    I love thatlamp with the blue star on it! wow!!

  18. You've been busy!!!

    Love how you distressed that yard sale picture.

    When you decide what to put in that black basket, please post a picture!!!

  19. Hi Rondell, I really enjoyed your post - everything looks great. I'm trying to persuade my dad to make me a bowl rack and I'm going to show him yours,if you don't mind as it is just the kind I'd like. Enjoy all that lovely harvest bounty! Christine

  20. Rondell, everything looks great! you have been really busy!

    I like how you arranged your wall shelf and I love your bowl rack! I wish I had roo for a big piece like that, but my wall space is very limited. Couldn't help but notice your gorgeous clock too. You know I love that!

    Your chairs looks so comfy! And the trencher is awesome!

    Have a great day, girlie!

  21. Rondell, Everything looks great. I especially like the picture you got of the barn and sheep - I love black faced, black legged sheep. If you'd like to start tweaking on my house, come on over! ~Ann

  22. Love your trencher, Rondell!
    All your tweakin looks great, as always ;)

    Have a great day!


  23. Rondell,
    I do not know what to comment on first...I love so much of what you have done!!

    The mantel looks so nice painted blue! It pops and I think that's what you needed.

    Your shelf looks great with the new arrangement.

    Love that candle hugger you got from Karen!!

    The picture you got at GW is so cute.

    The slipcovers look great on your chairs :)

    So many great things!

    Have a wonderful day.


  24. Wow...you HAVE been busy, Rondell! I just love all the blue! I have been wanting one of Karen's candle huggers and plan to get one some day! Everything looks very prim. Love all those wooden bowls especially!

    Have a great day!

  25. Great job, Rondell. You sure have been busy.

  26. I am so envious of your vision. I see things but just can't put them together like you do!

  27. loved all the photos!! love your mantel..and those veggies look tasty...we have 2 more little green peppers and jalepenos growing too..and they all came from seed..have a great day..:)

  28. Your house looks great and I like all of the hard work you have put into it. I would love to find a trencher like that.


  29. I love everything! I have a question for you; your candle in your candleholer that is lighted, where did you purchase that? The candle that is in your header.

  30. I love seeing your "tweaking" it is like looking at a great magazine! I could look over and over again. Glad you are well. I love your home and your blog...you always do a great job posting and I for one enjoy every post! Have a blessed day!

  31. I love the idea of a candle cover! Your mantle is looking great - love all your stuff!!


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