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Friday, July 25, 2008

~The Way I Used to Decorate in the 90's~

Isn't this a hoot...I was cleaning today so that my weekend can be free ( these are pics of pics so excuse the quality:) As I was cleaning I was wondering what to post about today and I came across these pics of my home from my 1st marriage and how I decorated back in the early 90's:) The first was the
entryway did I collect or what? I was at the fleamarket every Sunday back then and I think you can tell.lol I've sold alot and as I look at them I don't think there is one thing I regret getting rid of except the black doll sitting on the sewing machine in the livingroom:) Yes, I stenciled the border...wasn't to straight now that I look at it. I still have that bench pictured below and I had stenciled barn red stars on it, it's a really long bench and it is down in the basement as I type this!

This was my kitchen...you can see above the stove where I took the sides from an old drop leaf table and hung there plus stenciled a check border on, why you ask? Well, I had an avocado double oven stove that finally broke and I had put brick up but couldn't get behind the double oven so that when I got a new stove I had a square of white plaster there, so funny now to look at that:) Butcher block I sold for close to $400.00.

My collection of tins, did I have alot or what? I kept a few but sold the rest, oh and the lattice I hung from the ceiling and hung things from:) You notice I'm saying "I" all the time...my ex did nothing!

My sink...I always had fun with decorating that area I was really into barnred, country blue and navy back then! The homespun towel is hanging from one of those ceramic ducks.lol I still have all my rolling pins but not the rest of things that you see there.

My livingroom...that's my grandmother's wicker rocker that I had painted blue now it's back to it's original white:) That blue bench that I used for a coffee table I remember buying it for $1.00:)

My collection of Feistaware, I collected it piece by piece and it was fun to do:) Sometimes only paying .10 for a piece of it, I still have it all packed away:) I'd never get rid of the picture to the right, my dad painted that and even as a teenager I knew I wanted it:)

I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me, and one thing I found out is that change is good! This was so much fun to do:)


  1. Rondell,
    Your tastes have changed but you're still pretty country. :) Some of your pieces could easily still be used and some would just need some paint :)

    Nice trip down memory lane...

  2. Ok Rondell, you are gonna make me dig out all my old country home picks from the late 80s and 90s to share so you can all see the geese, aren't you??? I cannot believe how dorky I was... not that the country style was dorky, but the geese.... everyone had them... they weren't too original, we they. I see alot of similar stuff in your pics... not too bad!!!

  3. HEHE Girl I think I can beat you! I went with the cow theme and country. I'll have to see if I have pics. I am sure I do!!!! Maybe I can take pics of pics. Never tried it. HMMMM... I agree a lot of that could have been reused for prim. You're lucky though I kept nothing from my first marriage cuz I had nothing. The only things I kept were the quilts MY garndma made. He thought he should have them. I said fat chance buster.


  4. I saw some pieces i would like to have LOL! I look at some of my old photos and wonder what was i thinking!

  5. Nice trip back to the 90's.. he he. I used to decorated just like that, and yes the geese and all! I to had an ex that didn't do a thing! I have to say I'm pretty spoiled now, but my love is pretty spoiled too. We do a lot FOR EACH OTHER! Thanks for sharing

  6. Oh but it was so lovely at the time, wasn't it? I had a similar look and absolutely loved it! LOL


  7. That was a fun trip down memory lane. You had some pretty nice things, love all the fiesta ware. Bet ya can't find it for .10C anymore.
    I wasn't into decorating back then, most of what we had was either from my DH's bachelor pad or jsut bought for function, no particular style.
    How times change huh?
    Have a great weekend! :)

  8. actually, yours is better than mine!! lol i was a home interior addict for years! i had parties EVERY month. i will have to find some pics of my PINK curtains, lots of brass and victorian prints... eek!!

  9. I hope you kept that butcher block..I love it. Beth

  10. That was a fun post, Rondell! Have a great weekend!

  11. Rondell,
    It is fun to look back at the way we decorated and did alot of other stuff...really liked some of the pieces you had. I can relate to the fiesta ware...also collected piece by piece and that is what made it so much fun....alot of mine is packed away..although I continue to use my pitchers. It just brightens the table setting and makes things so festive:)

  12. Rondell,
    That was a fun post - it's fun to go back! Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Wow, it's amazing how tastes change, isn't it? LOL


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