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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~Did Some Tweaking in The Bathroom~

Hi blogging friends!
I've been going crazy not being able to decorate and tweak a little,lol and I was going to wait to hang my new shower curtain after everything was done around here but I just couldn't wait any longer:) I finally got the shower curtain of my dreams...yep! the black and creme one I've been wanting for a year now:) In another post I had mentioned that Chris had given me an eBay gift card for my birthday and I wanted so many things on there but then I remembered the shower curtain that I always wanted for my bathroom. I didn't get the pictures in order for some reason so the first pic is some tweaking I did on top of the cupboard that I got at the flea market for $5.00 remember? The picture is of "the girls" a couple years ago...it also needed something with a little height on there so I put this game board that I found at a yard sale for $2.00 a few years ago there. There is something about having a room just full of everything that you can go into and just pick somethings out to try instead of taking it off the wall, believe me you can't even move in the guestroom with all the stuff that is on the bed and floor:) Here's the shower curtain...I just love it and so glad that I got it, I just knew this was the one that would pull everything together! I also added the candlesconce from the keeping room and twig wreath.
This sign used to be above my kitchen door going into the garage but I think it finally found the right home here!

Some bottles, soap in a wood bowel and jars:)

Another picture of the shower curtain and how neat it looks next to the black cupboard.

I put a grungey tea light in the little holder and added a sampler:)

With the rest of what was on the gift card I got this makedo made out of an old coverlet on a wooden spool. I need to find a place for that too:)

I came home from watching Samantha and Stush has the entryway and hallway done, yey!!! but surprised me by having pulled up the linoleum in the entryway...he's going to lay matching pergo down:) then all we will have to do is the kitchen and keepingroom someday!
I hope everyone had a good day today...the weather here in one word is LOUSEY I'm so sick of it, the sun did try to come out this morning for a bit but it's been cool and cloudy most of the day! I want some sun!!!


  1. Hey Rondell!
    Everthing looks very nice!
    I love the black wall cabinet and how you have things arranged in it!

    Have a pleasant evening,

  2. I love the bathroom! We're trying to redo one of ours right now.

    You really did a great job putting everything together!


  3. Wow Rondell, your bath looks fantastic...the shower curtain is gorgeous! Everything looks so nice.

  4. Your bathroom looks awesome!! Great job. I have the same curtain and colors in mine. They are so cozy, aren't they. Hang in there with the remodel. It will be worth it.

  5. Hey Rondell,

    I love the cupboard in the bathroom....looks great! Think I'll try making an homespun shower curtain cause yours looks so wonderful! I see a re-do in the near future for my hall bath!!!


  6. What a beautiful job you did on your bathroom, Rondell! Picture-perfect! Becky

  7. Wow! I love that shower curtain!!! It sure did pull that whole room together - great accessories too. Can't wait to see more pics of the other rooms you are doing. Maybe you'll have sun tomorrow, we did today, but it's supposed to rain for the next two days! Dawn

  8. Your bathroom is so cozy and beautiful! That shower curtain is perfect - everything is wonderfully put together!!

  9. I'm sick of the rain here in VA. I love love love your bathroom. he sign looks great where you have it. I love the picture of thr girls!


  10. I'm in love with your shower curtain, too. :) I love all your little touches in the bathroom. Very inspiring for mine.

  11. Looks GREAT!! and I LUV the idea of the pics of your kids in the tub being in there! I have a few favs of my kids in the tub when they were small....maybe I'll display them some how in mine. THANKS for the idea! :-)

  12. Rondell ~
    I love how your bathroom turned out. Your curtain is fantastic & you've added the perfect prim touches. Love that apothecary sign ~ do you remember where you got it? I would love to get one. Can't wait to see what you guys have been up to.

  13. Your bathroom looks great and I really like your shower curtain too. I really love your towel rack, too. Have a great evening.

  14. I love your new shower curtain Rondell it looks great in your bathroom and your right it pulled it all together!!! I cannot wait to see all your and Stush's remodeling!!! We actually have been having some great weather but starting this afternoon it started getting cloudy and it supposed to rain until Saturday and then be cool for the weekend! Have a wonderful rest of your week my friend and hopefully the sun will shine on you soon1:0)~Wendy

  15. love everything, especially the shower curtain. It matches my bedroom cutains. Love the little cabinet also.

  16. Your bathroom looks GREAT!! Don't you love tweaking!?!

  17. Oh I love how everything is all coming together. Makes me want to redo my bathroom!

  18. Hi Rondell,
    Your bathroom looks wonderful...I love it!! The shower curtain is perfect in there.
    I couldn't find one for our bathroom...so I just purchased some fabric to make one. Now I need to get my new sewing/craft room all done, so I can sew up my shower curtain.
    hugs, Cindy

  19. You Know I Love It!!!!!
    It really looks great, I love getting a room completed.....I will just go it there and stare at it ......especially we the rest of the house is upside down! Beth

  20. Rondell, what a great bathroom. I too have that same shower curtain and just love it. It just finishes off the bathroom, especially with all the touches that you have added. Hmmmm. Makes me want to go "tweak" my bathroom once again. Have a great Wednesday.

  21. I am so happy that you got your shwoer curtain! It looks wonderful in your bathroom and ties it all together. Now that was worth waiting for huh? (Easy for me to say! LOL)

    I hope the rest of the re-dos are moving along.

    hugs, Linda

  22. It all looks so great. Can you share which ebay store you got the shower curtain from? We just finished our bedroom and are starting on the bathroom next. I don't need black and creme but maybe they have some other colors.

  23. Rondell, I love it! You have such a knack for decorating!

  24. Well I LOVE your shower curtain too! :)
    Your bath looks so prim and nice!

    I want to wish you a Happy Mother's day...just in case I don't make it back over here...before Sunday!

    Enjoy the rest of the week, Rondell and have a beautiful weekend!



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