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Monday, April 27, 2009

~Pop-ups and Sam's Birthday~

Hi everyone hope you are having a great start to the rest of the week which will fly by as most of them have been doing:0

On my last post I had a comment from a lady that said that sometimes when she clicks on my blog she gets a porno pop-up, she doesn't have a blog so I thought I'd try and answer her this way on my blog:) I have no idea why, one thing I'm not is computer literate everything I do know now I learned since I started blogging:) I'm also not into porn anything.LOL I do get pop-ups when I click on some of my favs and this is what will be on while I read some blogs...sorry it's blurred but it is the last line there in yellow saying Pop-up blocked. Chris installe d this for me and I have no idea how he did it so maybe you could try and find out more about it. I do have Norton protection so maybe it is included in that. I know I never get pop-ups anymore and it's great, I hope this has helped somewhat:) We went to Samantha's birthday party yesterday...she was one happy little girl, this is her and Alex:)
The big pool isn't opened yet so they bought them this one to play in because it was so hot out!

Her princess birthday cake!

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles:)

Opening gifts!

Not much is going on...my house is a mess, Stush will start painting tomorrow. He's doing the ceilings in the kitchen, keeping room and painting the walls and ceiling in the livingroom, diningroom and entryway plus hallway!
My stepback cupboard is still in the garage no use bringing it in until everything is painted and cleaned:)
Have a great day!


  1. Oh gosh, I used to get pop ups years ago and have no idea where they came from. Don't computer people have anything better to do than wreak havoc on the rest of us non computer people? That princess cake is/was beautiful. Happy Birthday Sam the Princess!!!

  2. What a cute birthday cake (and beautiful little girls). It will be so much fun to see your stepback cupboard in your house and all primmed up! Wish you could come have some tea with me on my porch one of these days. We have been working in the back yard all day today and it feels so good to get some of the work done! Have a great day, Dawn

  3. I know the pop-up ad mentioned in the comments -- it is PLAGUING the prim world -- LOL -- now do the hackers who put these things up really think LADIES into PRIMS are going to be interested in their nonsense??? I think it will eventually go away, I noticed in the past it seems to be associated with those who are linked to some of the prim "hubs" - Pop-up blockers unfortunately do NOT stop this little nasty ad...the good news is that it seems to go away on its own, eventually, I am thinking the servers where it resides are eventually "scrubbed" and it goes and hangs around elsewhere...first few times I saw it I was so shocked, but now it's like, "Oh yeah, THAT dumb thing again..." LOL

    GOSH what a lovely cake for your daughter's birthday...

  4. Yikes on the pop ups!!

    What a lovely birthday cake!! I just love little ones birthday parties.

  5. Cute ,adorable girls. The cake looks great, I would like a piece?? Your house can not be more in a mess than mine is right now. I feel for you, also. Everything is everywhere. But both of our outcomes will be worth it. I look forward to seeing everything when it is finish.

  6. You are truly blessed with BEAUTIFUL grandchildren. I know Sam had a wonderful party. Hope the painting goes quickly for you...it'll be worth it when it's all finished.

  7. Oh my...I, too, get that pop up when I come here. Covers about two-thirds of the screen. I just click it away and continue reading your blog! lol! Cute pics...looked like a fun day! ~~Annie

  8. Oh the party looks like fun and oh how nice it would be to feel the hot sun! We are having another chilly spell here.

  9. Samantha's birthday cake was so pretty! Happy birthday to her!!
    It was so hot here today that I wish I had a kiddie pool to take a dip in! LOL!!

  10. rondell, i dont think its your blog. the lady pobably has a virus. leslie went through the same thing with someone a while ago.
    the cake is so cute!! its a little girls dream. ;)

  11. I used to get that pop-up when going to a few certain blogs, but never yours. When my computer crashed and I got another, my computer man put me on Mozilla Firefox b/c he said it is able to block things better than Internet Explorer or something. I haven't had that pop-up since. Don't know if it is b/c of Mozilla or the new computer. I'm sure it will eventually hit me again. The party looked like fun and I love the cake!

  12. We had a grand daughters birthday over the weekend too, they grow up so fast! Love the cake! Just how easy was it to cover those boxes? I've tried to cover the square ones with little sucess? What glue did you use?

  13. The cake,Looks wonderful ,what fun !!

  14. Happy Birthday, Samantha! That's a beautiful princess cake fit for Princess Samantha!

    Hopefully, all the mess will be over with soon, and it will be SO worth it!


  15. GReat party, beautiful kids, love the cake, can you tell me where you found a paintbrush that fits your husband's hand? Our stores don't have any that fit my dear husband!


  16. Sure wish you could come to Ladies Night! I made those signs out of old barnwood - you could do the same thing. OR, if you ever see anything you would like, I ship everything but furniture. My daughter's baby shower is Sunday, so we are going to have a busy couple weeks coming up. Have a great day - hope the sun is shining there - we lost it again for a few days! Dawn

  17. Rondell,
    I had the pop-up issue at my blog for a bit, however, I never saw it! I tried as I might to recreate and see what others were seeing with no luck! I have things blocked through Firefox and I clicked to accept pop-ups from my site, I signed out, I tried EVERYTHING and one day it just stopped. A reader sent me a comment at one point that she had had issues in the past but found it wasn't the blog, but spyware on HER computer. It might be the people that are getting the pop-up that need to fix it and not anything you can do about it.

    Hope you have a great day :)


  18. Gosh Rondell, I am so far behind on my visits...it seems like once ya fall behind ya just can't catch up!!
    Happy (late) Birthday to Sam, Love her cake!
    You are so blessed, such a beautiful family and grandkids!!!
    Thanks so much for your prayers for Amanda and baby Ava! :) I am so excited to be a grammy!
    No news yet....this is killin me!

    Have a wonderful weekend!



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