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Sunday, April 5, 2009

~It's April and Now the Birthdays Start!~

Yep, now they start, we are celebrating the rest, including mine, on Easter Sunday whenever everyone is all together here, Michale will be home too:)

Isn't she just precious? It's here 5th year picture they had taken:)

This is my oldest son Nick and me...yesterday was his birthday he turned 37, geez... I remember when I was 37...how does this happen? He has always been a good son, good grades, captain of the football team the whole nine yards and I couldn't be prouder of him:) He loves football and now he coaches the highschool team where he also teaches math:)
Now he's married with a little girl Alexandra who's birthday is March 31st they celebrated her birthday yesterday too:)

Here's her new bike, check out the little pink bike where a Barbie can sit while you ride, is that neat or what? Alex just loved it!

This is Christine, my dil, she's giving Alex a card that tells her she is going...

to Disney World in June! This is her reaction:)

A high five is in order:)

I thought I'd show you their wedding picture that they finally got...this was taken at the Carnagie Museum in Pittsburgh where their wedding reception was held about ten years ago. I think it's gorgeous:)

Here they are all together... love when I can see them all at one time:)

My dad painted this, it used to be above my mom's couch...Nick has it now and I like it there on their mantel.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my family they are what I wake up for everyday, I'll be showing more thur the month of April:)
I'll be adding to my selling blog tomorrow, I was going to on this post but it would have been super long:)


  1. Rondell, April is a very busy month for us as well!! Anniversaries and Birthdays fill this month, not counting Easter!

    The girls are just too precious! I can almost remember when mine were that size???

    The painting is just wonderful!!! What a fabulous piece to pass down to your son!! Very special!!


  2. Well I don't believe I've ever seen a more attractive grouping of people!....You have a lovely family Rondell, Happy Birthday to everyone! Janet :)

  3. What a wonderful looking family you have...may each of you have a very Happy Birthday..thanks for sharing
    your family with us...
    Prim Blessings...

  4. Fun to see your granddaughter's reaction about going to Disney!! (I remember when I was a kid and my grandpa surprised me with a Disney trip - great memories!) And I LOVE that painting by your father - he was very talented!

  5. Rondell,
    What a very special post. You have such a lovely family. What a wonderful surprise ~ Disney, love the look on her face. Love your dad's painting, too. Very talented. Have fun this month with all the birthdays.

  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family! Our Family starts in October and end the end of March!!! With so many new little ones comming I think we will fill ALL the months soon!! Isn't it great to have a reason to see everyone once a month for a birthday dinner!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Hugs, Lisa

  7. April is the month for sure. I have Ed's, mine, and my patient that I take care of all this month. Your pics are all great. That's one thing, unfortunately I don't get to much of. My nephews fiancee is due in Oct., I'll be a great aunt, then I can take some pics of a little one!

    Have a great week!


  8. That pic that your Dad painted is fantastic! And it looks great on their mantle.
    All of your granddaughters are so beautiful...just like their Grandma!
    I can tell that you are so proud of your family...and you should! What a great Mom you are!
    I figured out how to add my Ebay button to my blog. Not as hard as I thought! I think you should give Ebay a try...It is kind of fun, and I think your items would fly off the pages if you listed.
    Have a great night!

  9. What beautiful family members that you have :) Those little girls are absolutely beautiful! Happy Birthday to her and what fun going to Disney Land.

    What a beautiful painting and to have it passed down. Something to treasure.

    Have yourself a great week :)


  10. I love the expression on Alex's face! All your granddaughters are so pretty! I know you're proud of your family! Happy birthday to all the brithday folks!

    Have a great week, Rondell!

  11. Hi~ I enjoyed looking at your pictures...looks like a good time was had by all! :) My birthday is on the 11th.... Have a great week.

  12. Ah dearie what a fine family ye have!

  13. I love that reaction to DW...she is lovely! Beth

  14. What a sweet family you have! Your granddaughter is adorable...I would have had the same reaction to a Disney Trip:) I'm glad you enjoyed your time with them all!!

  15. Rondell you have a beautiful family! And honestly, you still look 37! Happy Birthday to everyone!

  16. What a sweet family you have! Happy Birthday to Alex and your son! Going to Disney World is an awesome present!
    I love what you said about your family, "they are what I wake up for everyday." I think that is so sweet and I definately understand, because that's how I feel about my family too.
    Have a great birthday week, Rondell!

  17. Isn't that funny...my birthday is Easter Sunday this year. My son's is the 7th and my sister's is the 16th, so we always celebrate April Birthdays together. This year we're all getting together on Saturday the 11th. I can't wait! LOL

  18. Happy Birthday Rondell, and to your family members as well. The pictures are priceless. The wedding picture is beautiful. And you CERTAINLY don't look old enough to have a 37 year old son! You must have been a VERY young mom....

  19. Rondell,
    Your family is precious!! You don't look old enough to be the mom!!! Seriously don't!! Your grandaughters are beautiful and what a talented Dad!

  20. Your family is georgeous, Rondell. Each one cuter than the next (even the adults!)

  21. You have a beautiful family! Your dad's painting is awesome! What a wonderful birthday gift.

  22. I enjoyed seeing you beautiful family. I love the reaction to the Disneyworld trip!

    That is a beautiful painting that your dad did!


  23. Rondell,
    April is busy for us, too :) We have my SIL, my BIL, my step father's and my kids' birthdays but we really only celebrate the kids. I know, we're mean, but we just can't afford to buy things for everyone!

    Shane shares his birthday with Easter this year and Aften's is 5 days later on the 17th. It's going to be a busy week around here. I have lots to bake for school and for home and I need to go shopping. I ordered Shane's gift today but I need to shop for Easter and Af's Birthday yet. Aften is getting a new bike, too :) She hasn't asked for one but she really needs one. She'll be so happy when she can keep up with Shane a little better!

    Have a great night :)


  24. Awh what great pictures Rondell. You sure do have a beautiful family!!
    Those grand-daughters of yours are so darn sweet!
    I love the painting your dad did, it's beautiful, what a keepsake!
    Happy Birthday to all :)


  25. Rondell - how can you have a son who is 37? You look about that age yourself!!!! What a lovely family you have and have a wonderful month celebrating all those birthdays! you are truly blessed!

  26. Love the pictures of your family. The one of you and your son is so good...must say you look like his sister! The granddaughters are beautiful. I can see why you are so proud of them.

  27. Haha! The look on Alex's face is priceless! She is such a cutie!
    May is a busy month in our family.
    Your dad was quite a painter. It does look perfect on that mantle.
    Have fun with all the celebrations!

  28. Isn't it unbeleiveable how fast time moves on? Where have the years dissapeared too? But what pretty little faces you showed us!(well OK, Nick isn't goin want to be called pretty....hehe ...Pretty little girls! Hnadsome son! What a Busy month. Thanks for sharing.♥

  29. PS...Happy Birthday!! Have a blast on Easter as you celebrate all your birthdays!♥


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