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Saturday, April 25, 2009

~Crafting This Morning~

What a beautiful day huh? It was also a busy one for me as usual but I did find time to craft this morning...I finally did the covered fabric boxes and found out they are so easy to do! I followed the directions for the first one I did then didn't even have to look at them for the last two:) I think they came out just great...I guess I still need to distress them but for now I'll leave them as they are, what with all the dust in here yuck!!! Here is what the bottom of the three looked like before I covered it, found it at GW for .59 and I already had the other two so I just went ahead and did it:) My next project is the covered books that Char did the tutorial on :)
After I was done with that I went to Sydney's art show at her school...this is the girls with Sydney's friend Sydney, yes she has the same name, how fun is that when your seven:)

Samantha is pointing to Sydney's drawing of a turtle, Sydney had titled the drawing Myrtle the Turtle! You see when Sydney was born Michele called Sydney, Mildred and when Samantha was born she called her Myrtle the turtle , nutsey I know but cute. So that's why Sydney named the turtle Myrtle:)

Here are two that I thought were just wonderful...both done by 11th graders!

When I saw this one I thought it was painted but on closer inspection I saw that it was made of string... wow, what alot of work that must have been!

After the art show we went to Walmart then home to more dust...can you tell I'm tired of it already and he hasn't even started painting yet.lol
Tomorrow is Samantha's birthday party for the adults, in June, Michele is letting her have her friends over for a luau by the pool;).
I hope everyone has a great Sunday it's supposed to be another gorgeous spring day! It was so nice to see everyone out and about their homes getting them and their yards ready for summer:)


  1. Hi Rondell!....wow! those boxes came out great!....and the little girls are just precious!....that's some mighty fine looking artwork too!....what a wonderful day you had! Janet :)

  2. Hi Rondell....love your stacking boxes. Very nice job on them. Don't you just love blue now!
    I have a set of round ones I need to cover or paint but am waiting.
    Love the art pictures.

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  4. Rondell~Your boxes turned out fantastic...They will look awesome when you prim them up...make sure you post pics if you decide to do this!
    It is so beautiful in Ohio too! Haven't been in much today...and now we are all exhausted!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Love your covered boxes. Where did you get the instructions? I saw some really great ones on www.picturetrail.com/hannahsfriends that you might really like too. She had some really neat other things on there that I'm trying to make. We had a Sydney granddaughter too, she just turned 1 on New Years Eve! Beautiful little girls! Have a great evening, Dawn

  6. Your boxes turned out great. The girls look like they were really having a wonderful time. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I LOVE the blue fabrics, Rondell! You did a fantastic job. I hope you can bear the dust a little longer. I can't wait to see your house projects!

    Enjoy this gorgeous weather, my friend!

  8. Good morning sweet friend!

    Those boxes came out great - you are really getting some nice blues in your home. I bet you can not wait until the painting is done so you can show it all off. I am anxious to see it!!

    The girls are so cute and what neat art. Ihope the part today is a lot of fun.

    It is way too warm for me and last night when I got home at 9:20 it was 74 out and 85+ inside our house. It never got below 76 or so inside and it was humid AND someone's wood fire in the yard reignited and I choked on wood smoke all night. I am one cranky gal today LOL

    I had a wonderful but exhausting day yesterday. I'll bnlog about it when I get some cool air andenergy back!

    Thanks for stopping by!! hugs,Linda

  9. LOVE THE BOXES! I have a bunch sitting around waiting for me to do something with.....
    fun to see the artwork! Have a blessed Sunday! ♥

  10. Thanks for visiting Holly Hills! That little school desk isn't exactly prim, but it is adorable. I could sure see it in some little child's room. WE GOT SUN TODAY! I'm finally going to get to work in my flowers. Hooray! Dawn

  11. Love the boxes!
    I also love your cupboard. It turned out fantastic. Lucky YOU!! Can't wait to see all your home improvements when they are finished!

  12. Hi Rondell! Thank you for commenting on my blog! So sweet of you to visit! I will add you to mine too! I have enjoyed my visit to your blog~so many neat things!
    Your cabinet is very pretty! you did a great job...and what a wonderful birthday gift from your husband, I would agree~definitely a keeper! (: I think the reason the link doesn't work on my blog (for the Mercantile)is because it doesn't open until May 1st...to be honest, I am so new to this that I haven't even figured out how to move my blogs that I "follow" from my "dashboard" to my "blog page"....so that's why you won't see yours until I figure it out!lol! Thanks again for stopping in, I will be back to visit you again! Good luck with all your remodeling...it's hard work, but so worth it when it is finished!
    Blessings! Kathy

  13. Your boxes turned out wonderful, Rondell! Where did you get your instructions or tutorial? I have some square ones I need to do. I love your blue on them!

    Cute pictures of Sydney & Samantha! :)


  14. Your covered boxes are so pretty! And I was amazed at the talent of that children's art show!

  15. Nice job on the boxes & your little girls are just darling.

  16. GREAT boxes! And what an awesome art show! Looks like total fun!


  17. The boxes look great!

    Love the pictures of the art show!



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