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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Hi everyone,
Well, this is what I've been working on, it seems like forever.LOL It's still out in the garage, Stush has to do more work on it such as cut out a place for a cord to go so you won't see it when I put a light on it also the bottom part with the doors will house my CD player and my CD's, I really can't wait because I've missed it since we got the flat screen TV, it's been put away:) So what do you think? I'm pretty satisfied with it... being it's the first big piece of furniture I've ever painted and stained. The pictures make it look lighter and I tried to take it with the garage door opened and closed but really didn't make a difference. I truley can't wait to decorate it:)
Here is a side veiw of it, Michele really liked it so I know it's nice:)

I really don't know if I should put a second coat of water down stain or not, I may try it just to see if I like the blue darker...I'm okay with the tan part.

Linda from Behind My Red Door helped me on this...thanks Linda, I would have just gone ahead and used the stain as is...I didn't know to water it down so the comment that you gave really helped:)

I've been picking some things up to decorate it with...I'll show a picture as soon as we get it moved in the house, I'll even show it before next Wednesday okay?

Remember this brass, pineapple candle that I got at the rummage sale? Well Linda helped me again and recommended I find a paint that would make it look like pewter and I did.Yesterday Stush and I when to Home Depot and bought paint for the livingroom and diningroom, hallway and yes, the entryway too. I'll be tearing down the wallpaper in there and I dread it but if we don't do it now we will be doing it in a couple years or so...better to just do it now is what I told a reluctant DH who said to me "you just put that wallpaper up!" LOL.

Here it is...doesn't it look like pewter? I was very pleased with how it turned out!!!

Sorry the pic is a little blurred but you can still see the name of the can of spray I used called hammered and it was $6.97 a can. When I saw how neat it came out I kept thinking how this could work on bowls, plates or what ever:)

Hey, this could even work on light fixtures too!

When we got home a package was waiting for me, Chris had given me an Ebay gift card for my birthday so I've been having a little fun on ebay. I won this neat grunged pillow with a patch even for out on the porchswing, I think , it's made out of an old feedsack and stuffed with rags:)

That's about all I've been up to blogging friends, if you want to see more stop by Leslie's My Country Home to see what others have been up too:)
Tomorrow I take Samantha to preschool, it's her birthday and she is so excited, she gets to hold the flag and is taking ice cream cups to school for her birthday treat and also gets to hand out the napkins...she has a thing about passing out the napkins.LOL
Have a great evening.


  1. Rondell, The step back cupboard looks great. If we lived closer I'd send over DD, she loves to remove wall paper! Good luck with the home interior projects. ~Ann

  2. Love that cabinet it is gorgeous!

  3. The little ones are always excited about their "jobs" at school. :) I hope Samantha has a wonderful birthday!

    Your cabinet turned out great!! Can't wait to see it in your home.

  4. Rondell~
    Linda sure steered you in the right direction! You did an amazing job!
    And the pineapple candle holder turned out fantastic...I will have to look for some of that spray paint.
    Have a great Earth Day!

  5. I LUV the cabinet! did you have a pattern? if so, where did you find it? I bought a finished one from a gal on ebay and am so happy with it but would LUV a larger one....

    the paint is so kewl too!!

    and the pillow I saw on ebay and considered bidding on it myself...now seeing you got it for your birthday...I'm glad I didn't... :-)

  6. Everything looks great! That spray paint is wonderful - I'll have to look into that.


  7. Wow you did a great job! What anice piece it has turned out to ne!! You can always add more stain but on a big piece using full strength sometimes it is too dark and then you wipe off too much and it is too uneven. I just find it easier to thin it a bit when you have such a big surface.

    The pineapple came out great! I bet you will find other uses for it now too! I need to get me some more now!

    hugs, Linda

  8. Your cupboard looks wonderful. I love the color. I have used that spray paint before and really like how it makes things look. Great job!!!

  9. I love the color that it turned out! Can't wait to see it in your home. :-) ♥

  10. LOVE the cabinet!! Its going to look so nice when you get it all decorated. And the best part is hubby made it for you. Makes it even more special.

  11. Rondell,what a great job you both did on the cupboard. You should be proud. That will give you guys the inspiration to make more great pieces. Just think....hmmmmm. I like the pewter looking lamp too. I came out great. Can't wait to see the cupboard all decorated. Have a good weekend. Sherie

  12. Oh Rondell, that cupboard is beautiful! Can't wait to see it with all your prim goodies in it! By the way, I love your header picture - it just looks so darn prim! Have a great evening, Dawn

  13. Your step back cupboard turned beautifully!!! Love it! Can't wait to see it all decorated up. I know it will look even better.

    I really like how your pineapple light turned out. I never knew that spray paint existed. Like you said...oh there could be so many things you could do with it.

    Wish you granddaughter a very happy birthday from me. It makes them so happy to have that one special day just for them.

    Have a great rest of the week...


  14. Rondell~

    LOVE all of your WWonWednesday projects!! Especially, the cupboard. GREAT job!!

    Hugs!! Carrie♥

  15. Hey Rondell, love that cabinet..I can't wait to see how you decorate it..I also can't wait to see the new paint colors and the finished projects too..Have fun with Samantha tomorrow for her birthday...how old will she be and please give her a pinch to grow an inch from me...lol...take care..:)

  16. Love the color on the cupboard! And pewter was the perfect touch for that pineapple candle holder!!

  17. I love your new hutch. It looks similar to the one I have color and all.

    Your pineapple looks good. Linda has such great ideas.


  18. I knew it would be fantastic! You did a great job Rondell!
    Can't wait to see it all decorated!

  19. I love the cupboard!


  20. Your cupboard looks fantastic Rondell!....you did a great job!....it's going to be so much fun decorating it, woohoo!....have fun! Janet :)

  21. Your cupboard looks wonderful. I like the blue. I can't wait to see it decorated.

  22. Hi Rondell,
    Love how your step-back cupboard turned out!!...and the pineapple candle is great also.
    Can't wait to see how you decorate your cupboard.
    hugs, Cindy

  23. Your cupboard turned out beautiful! The colors are perfect! Also really love the pineapple light..great job there also :o)

  24. Your cupboard looks GREAT!! You should be super proud of it. Now it is time to decorate : ) Can't wait to see what you do with the decorating.

  25. Rondell
    Your cupboard looks great. Linda gave you excellent advice. You did a great job. And it's even more special since Stush made it for you.

    Love the candle holder. I used that same spray on a radiator cover in my old house. Funny how the same paint works for different things. I loved the look when it was done.

    Have a good day.

  26. I love it! I love it ! I love it! It is a beautiful color!You did a fantasic job on that & also on the pinepple! Like your pillow also. What is your secret to removing wallpaper, because I have some projects to do.

  27. The cupboard looks just amazing! I love it and I know it means so much to you because your husband built it for you!

    The candle holder looks great, too. It will be perfect in the room with your pewter goblets that you got recently :)

    Have a wonderful day!


  28. Love the way your hutch turned out. Awesome job Rondell! That pewter paint did a wonderful job as well. Lucky you on the grunged pillow, very sweet!

  29. Love, love, love it!! I can't wait to see where you put it and what you decorate it with. I'm sure you save a ton having made and painted and stained it yourself--awesome. Julie

  30. Wonderful piece!
    Neat idea on the pineapple too!
    How cool!
    Thank you for sharing!


  31. Love it, very nice job.
    Oh I hate removing wall paper but better now then later like you said. what a lovely birthday gift.

  32. That turned out PERFECT :)
    Love it!!!

    Enjoy your weekend and these gorgeous days we're gonna have ;)


  33. The cupboard is BEAUTIFUL!! Nice job!!

  34. I love Terri's goodies too and I might get another load today! My favorites were the hearts on the old spindles, they are just so darn sweet! Sure wish you could come visit sometime, Dawn

  35. Rondell,

    Your stepback cupboard turned out beautiful! I do love that blue and the tan background! You and Stush make a wonderful team...creating and decorating! :) I can't wait to see it decorated now!

    I'll have to remember that "hammered" spray paint for future use! The pineapple is unique now! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  36. Rondell, your cupboard looks fabulous! You can just send it on to my house! LOL


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