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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Hi blogging friends!
I can't believe I haven't blogged for about four days, a real record for me:) But I'm back and here is what I've been working on...pantry cakes! I've always wanted to try them and the bestest recipe is the one I found from "The Primitive Country Bug" I just love the bunny she did I think he so adorable... so I will be on the look out for a bunny mold:)
Here is how mine turned out...I prefer the darker look to them and I had alot of fun making them, out of the recipe I got three so I guess it just depends on what size your mold is. The one below is made from a can of mushrooms,lol, just use what you have is my motto lately! The loaf pantry cake here I used little loaf pans from Walmart that come 3 to a pack and I think they were a 1.59... I think...it's been a while since I bought them.
Fits perfectly under the little fly screen that I have on my stove board...just love it!

This one I put in my corner cupboard, it's the smallest of the three that I did and for a mold I used a tomato paste can:) It's also sitting in a black painted jar lid the only thing I could find to sit it in!

This is my dining room table...Sarah from All Roads Lead Home showed her battery operated grubby candle so I thought I'd show mine...this is where I have it for now. You can put them anywhere, so I highly recommend them, The Country Store where I bought mine was all sold out when I went back to get another so hopefully she will get more in.

I have always forgot to show this, I've had it since I first started blogging...I found this at a porch sale at the historical society for .50, it was just plain old wood:) Yesterday I distressed it more and added some walnut stain...took it from the dining room to my bedroom, I don't know if I'll keep it there or not seems to me it needs old spoons in it so that would mean I'd have to move it back to the keeping room or kitchen.

I had Stush cut the bottom of it off because you see... it was a toilet paper holder.lol The bottom was where you put the toilet paper on a rod that hung below:)
I plan on going to Goodwill tomorrow to see what they have or if they put more things out... sure hope so, I need a GW fix!
To see more of what some bloggers are working on stop by Leslie's and visit Mr. Linky:0
I hope everyone is having a great day, it's a rainy day here so will be a good day to get some things done!


  1. Your pantry cakes look awesome!! I never thought to use cans for molds. I had bought some of those copper looking molds at the thrift store and used them. I would love to have a bunny mold too! You have everything so nicely displayed.
    Have a good rest of the day.


  2. Your pantry cakes are great. Can I find a recipe on-line somewhere? Your displays and things look so nice. Have a great day. Julie

  3. All of your things look great. I am envious of your dining room table. I don't have a dining room table to display on so whatever I put on my kitchen table has to always be moved. Keep up the awesome job!


  4. I'm so glad that you are back! I missed you!
    I love the way that your pantry cakes turned out...the are more prim than some of the others I have seen...and that is what I love about them!
    You are very resourceful when it comes to container molds!
    I have an idea about the battery operated candles.
    Dip the sleeve in melted wax and roll in spices...then dip again.
    The are super cheap...I even found some at GW for $.49.
    Have a Great April Fools Day!

  5. Love your pantry cakes! I use what I have around too. I'm always thinking of new uses for old things!


  6. I like the toilet paper/thingy. That is a really neat idea with the spoons. You ladies always inspire me. :)


  7. Rondell,
    Your pantry cakes turned out wonderful. I love them. I will have to go to Birgit's and check her recipe to make some when I get time. Have a wonderful week.

  8. How smart you were! It never occured to me to use cans and I knew I didn't have any molds or seen any lately (at a price I'm willing to pay). I have a fly screen on my list to make and would love lots of pantry cakes. I saw Birgit's recipe and really liked the looks of it! Your pantry cakes look great!

    Have a great day!

  9. Rondell, your pantry cakes look great! And I think I like your make-do shapes even better than the fancy molds! And painting a jar lid black to be a cake holder is a great idea. I love that using what you have philosophy!

  10. What a great idea to use what you have for molds. They turned out great! My mom might have some so I might have to borrow something from her to make some for myself. :)

  11. Your pantry cakes look great Rondell and I love that you used what you had to make them in!! I think there's going to be a lot more of that going on for us crafters during this recession. We need to continue to inspire each other with our money saving ideas!
    Hugs & blessings to you~ Birgit

  12. Hi Rondell,
    Happy April :)
    I love your cakes! I just made one myself, I used Pati's recipe. I will have to check out Birgits too, maybe make another one!
    Love your candle on the table. Everything always looks wonderful at your house!


  13. Those pantry cakes are adorable! And I wish I had one of those grubby candles - it looks so nice on your dining table!

  14. Pantry cakes look great. Love your banner.Your fly screen is awesome.

  15. Your pantry cakes look great...and your displays look wonderful.

  16. You pantry cakes turned out great! I've got that on my to-do list...someday I'll get to them all I hope! That box turned out cute too, but I would have left it as a toilet paper holder....I need one that looks prim and can't find one I like:)

  17. Those pantry cakes are on my list too, Rondell. Yours look so sweet!

    I always love getting a peek at your crafty creations and such.

    Have a great evening...

  18. Your pantry cakes turned out wonderful. I would of never thought of using cans...great idea! I have a recipe myself and need to get some made. I doubt I will have time this week but hopefully next.

    Have a great rest of the week.


  19. I LOVE your pantry cakes. They look a lot more prim than some of them in the molds. What a great inspiration you are! I sell those battery candles at the shop and they sure are a big hit. It's so nice not to have to worry about a flame if you want to put it in an old cupboard or someplace that a candle wouldn't be safe. Keep up the great work! Dawn

  20. Rondell
    I wrote yo an email. Did you receive it. I was going to call but I missed placed the number.
    I love the pantry cakes. How resourceful of you to use the cans. They look so real.
    Never would have known the former life of your box. And for 50 cents.WOW!!!

  21. Rhondell, Neat pantry cakes. I've been collecting coffee grounds all week at work to make some next week (spring break week). I can't believe that you got the wooden box for 50cents! How lucky are you. ~Ann

  22. The pantry cakes came out great. So many different recipes out there with so many different looks - prim, colonial and in between! Great idea to use the can and loaf mold too. Us prim glas have to make our make-do's any way we can !!

  23. Rondell, I got your message on my blog about my curtains...Yes, they are made out of osnaburg...I have a much bigger window over my work table and I have the exact style curtain treatment on it,too...It would work on any size in my humble opinion...Love all your goodies as usual!!!...hugs,jen

  24. I'm going to look up the recipe now! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Lisa

  25. Nice job Rondell... and thanks so much for stopping by 'my weight is over'... I wish you all the best at your meetings. I can't wait to get within arms legnth of my goal so it won't cost me to go back.
    Hugs to you, Kimberly

  26. Love the pantry cakes. Thansk for the link for the Primitive country bug. I'm going to go have a look see! I know wahat you mean about goodwill! Sometimes you just need the fix! :-)♥

  27. Love the pantry cakes. I'm going to have to try to make some myself! Anything to keep from cleaning! Hope you had your Goodwill fix :)

  28. The pantry cakes sure came out good. I like yer "use what you have" motto!

    That candle looks cozy on the table -- it looks like it's still cold outside yer window!!! Almost looked like snow out there. Come on, Spring!


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