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Friday, March 27, 2009

~Happy Friday Everyone~

I can't really believe it's Friday already, the week just flew by!
I did go to JoAnn's yesterday just to get out for a while and bought a half yd of blue fabric which was 30% off, also the blue paint. I've noticed that JoAnn's and Walmart don't sell the Williamsburg blue (folkart) paint that I used to buy all the time, they used to have so many shades of blue and now I don't see them anymore...hmmmm!
I'd like to use these to cover books, I don't want to use glue to do it just want to do it the old fashioned way. Love how the fabrics all go together:)
Here is the box I did on my dresser in my bedroom, I put my everday jewelery in it or stuff that I always wear when I go out. Keeps me from looking thur the big jewlery box that I have:)
Here's a fuller veiw!

I also moved my gameboard that I got in Ligoner, PA a couple summers ago it seems to go better in the bedroom:)

I debated putting these pics on because I guess I'm my selves worst critic!!! I ragged stuff it and I guess it's okay just not thrilled with it.

I guess it's serves it's purpose though.

I'm also not satisfied with the way this large bowl turned out after I stained it walnut, so I do think I'm going to paint it just havn't decided what color yet:)

If you suspected that I'm in a down sort of mood well, I am, just can't shake it!
I did lose a half of a pound at WW's my daughter lost 4 so I was real proud of her. I thought that maybe it was because I was on the computer to much but so is she at work...I think though it's because she's 18 years younger then me...I'll be 58 this coming April 7th so I caution anyone that what's to lose...do it now because it is so hard to lose once you hit a certain age:) Maybe next Wednesday I'll get a better weigh in:)
Have a wonderful weekend and I just love reading all your blogs and recieving your great comments:)


  1. Rondell,

    I love the blue material. I like a lot of blues also. They seem to be fading out.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and your mood gets better. I have felt blah a lot and I can't shake it either. Here's to much better moods. :)


  2. I loved getting caught up on all you've been doing, love the room! And those stars and heart are too cute! I turn 50 this summer and dreading it, the weight got hard to lose once I hit 40!

  3. Rondell,

    Love all your changes, its amazing how things get refreshed when we change them up.
    Have a wonderful weekend, I think winter has us in a funk, I have felt it too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey Rondell! Chin up, sweetie! I hope you are feeling all sunshiney again real soon!
    I love the fabrics you picked out and your pics are awesome! The little felt heart is so cute.
    Have a great weekend and be good to yourself!

  5. Hope you're having a nice day. I think the heart and the bowl both look just great. Those stars in the bowl are darling. Have a great weekend. Julie

  6. Hi Rondell!....hey half a pound is better than gaining or staying the same even!....I will be 51 in June and it's been really hard to loose weight since I was 12, sheesh!....keep up the good work! Janet :)

  7. Okay...You need to listen to me!
    I too have felt down and it lasted a little more than a week (maybe it was a month...I don't know!). I think that it has to do with the weather...changing of the seasons!
    You too will snap out of it as I did!
    Go to GW!!! I always get perked up doing that! So I go everyday!
    I feel much better since I have quit the weight loss challenge...I think because I felt guilty because my heart wasn't in it!
    I feel so bad for you...simply because I have been there myself!
    But you must cheer up because it is Friday...and good things happen on the weekends

  8. Rondell, Will you switch bedrooms with me??? I just can't seem to get mine how I want it. It might help if I could get the baskets of clean laundry out of it! Your candle chandelier is very prim. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    As to Joann's - I think they are going down the drain! Unless I have a coupon or it's on sale I don't buy anything there - they are expensive for what they have. I do like to buy patterns when they have them on special for 1.00 each.

    Have a great weekend. ~Ann

  9. love the blues~thanks for sharing all the pics~have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Love all the new pics ROndell.

    I am sorry you are blue - maybe with spring around the corner, things will look up. Keeping you in my thoughts.

    hugs, Linda

  11. Boy is the weight thing the truth! I'll be 58 this year too and with every year it gets harder and harder to lose. That blue material will look great on your books! Keep your chin up - it's the weekend!!! Dawn

  12. Your room looks great and I really like that fabric.

    We all feel kinda blah sometimes, hope you have a nice weekend - maybe that will help the mood a bit!


  13. Evening Rondell - I like your blue fabric - I was just at JoAnns today and everything is on sale...how wonderful.
    And stop being a critic about your own creations - just look at it and be happy and proud...it's really very nice.

  14. Hi Rondell,

    We tend to be our worst critics BUT I think your heart turned out great! And from the picture, I like how your bowl looks but I understand when you want to paint something, you have to do it!

    And don't worry about loosing only half a pound...next week you will drop more. I have been battling my weight and it's like my MIL told me, how long did it take to put on??? It won't come off over night. So true...she always knows what to say to me to make me feel better.

    I also love your bedroom and that box turned out great! And I think you could not have done better with your fabric. The three colors go so well together.

    Have yourself a great weekend and remember to smile...like I said I am sure next week you will see the numbers :)


  15. Rondell,
    I love the fabric and it all coordinates so well together. I like the idea of putting your jewelry in that box you painted. That box is so pretty! I really hope you have a nice weekend and that you feel better.

  16. I am going with the weather thing also. I am so ready to get outside. I hear you on the blues, paint that is, they are hard to find. I have been mixing my own...bright blues and orangy browns to get a country blue. I like to paint those bowls black and then sand them off. Gives them a primitive look, your bedroom looks great! I have never been to Ligonier Days, I would like to go sometime.



  17. I love the fabrics! I cut mine into napkins today. I love how they turned out.

    Have a great day, Denise

    p.s. had anyone said anything about getting a popup of an xrated site when logging onto your blog? I have received it the last few times.

  18. Rondell, The sun is going to shine soon and I know that will cheer you up. We all need the weather to break and take our blahs away. It has rained here for three days. I love all your pics. I really love the heart on the bedpost. You blogs are always to great to read. Thanks for picking us up. Hope we can shoo your blahs away. Have a wonderful Saturday. Sherie

  19. I think the little heart looks good. And 1/2 a pound is better than gaining! It make take longer but it will all be worth it in the end. Have a great weekend!

  20. I have always loved blues but don't use them much. I don't know why. I think everyone has those down days. I think it is normal. I love your blog and loved visiting with you. I will be back soon.

  21. OK Rondell you don't know me and I don't know you, but I feel like we are friends. I enjoy your blog so much and you always leave such nice messages on the blogs you visit. So perk up, you bring sunshine to a lot of folks!! I love the pics you shared of your home. I would like to cover some books too but have never tried this. Is there anything you could share about this project.I would appreciate any info. Thanks Sherrie sherrie7200@att.net

  22. I was 58 on March 7!!!
    Whew I cant
    believe it!!
    born in 1951
    Baby Boomers!!

  23. Your room is absolutely cozy. Love how you arranged it all. You picked out some really nice fabrics wish we had a JoAnn's close.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  24. Oh Rondell! I can certainly vouch about the weight thing. I just turned 58, and this past year I put on almost 20 lbs., and it's frustrating! I stayed at 120 lbs. since in my twenties, and my mom and sisters kept telling me I was too thin. Well, they don't now! I hadn't done anything different, but kept gaining. I've about starved myself and all I've been able to lose is 6 stupid lbs.!
    I hope your blahs get better soon.
    I love your little heart, and I think you did a great job!
    I always do that to my creations too.
    Feel better soon!

  25. Hi Rondell,

    The box looks great on your dresser! I love your whole bedroom anyway! I always have!

    Those blue fabrics are great! They make me smile. I just still love blues so much!

    I'm sorry it's a blah sort of day. If it makes you feel any better, since I started (without going to meetings) trying to lose some weight, I've lost 10-11 lbs and I'm stuck there...can't seem to budge. I think I might need to join...although I don't know if that would help.

    Oh and I love the little felt heart too!

    I hope you feel better! Here's a huge for ya!

  26. Hi Rondell,
    Love the blue fabric that you got...and sorry to hear that you are feeling blue.
    I'm thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon.
    hugs, Cindy

  27. Sweet Rondell....no time to get down...spring is on it's way!! I know all about the "losing" weight part (I am so much better at gaining than losing!!) (big smile) I am on WEEK ONE - yegads it is tough AND I am 61 - talk about downers!! One day at a time seems to work...Your heart looks great so SNAP out of it (a little Mary Englebreit!!) !! Fondly, Judy

  28. they just opened a JoAnn in my area...finally! The fabrics you picked are very pretty!! Hope you have a happy weekend.

  29. Maybe you will bring blue back. I love the bowl & I really love the vintage radio.

  30. Im not a bug fan of blue anymore, but those pieces are pretty and look like you have very good taste!! Have a great weekend :)

  31. Hi Rondell~I am just out visiting because I have not had much time to visit my fav blogs! I think everything looks great--you always make things look so nice! :) Sorry you are feeling blue....don't give up on the weight loss...I know it sounds disappointing but losing a little is better then gaining! ;o)
    Have a happy Sunday!

  32. Hi Rondell,
    Thank you so much for that warm welcome! I've noticed that you've mentioned your local GW store. That's probably the same one where my daughter, at Cal U, shops with her friends to find costumes for their fun dress up days. I have her trained to look for good wool for me when she's there! So nice to meet you...your blog is wonderful and your pictures of the creative decorating in your home are lovely!

  33. Oh Rondell, I love the blue fabrics you picked out!! I guess blue is making a great comeback thanks to all you crafty gals out there.
    I hope your mood turns around soon. I know how difficult it can be being down in the dumps for a while.
    I can't wait to see your pantry cakes! Smelling those in the oven will do anyone some good. :)
    All the changes you've made look great too!
    Once I hit 40, the weight is much harder to control, so I hear ya! I hope this week's weigh in goes better for you. Congrat's to you daughter too. :)

  34. hey there girlfriend....dont beat yourself up about 1/2 loss.....its better then gaining and you never know how much water you are retaining during your weight in....i bet next week you will see a bigger loss....i love reading your blog and keeping up with you...so many neat ideas and love your style of decorating...so shake those blues and get your self happy....spring is on its way...

  35. You have so many beautiful blues!
    And don't be down about weight - just the fact that you are putting in the effort is something to be proud of!! :-)

  36. The blue fabric is nice. I understand about trying to find the blue paints I now buy my paints online and at times it is cheaper but I am able to get every color imagineable. Hope that your weekend went well you have a Beautiful home~~
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl..Snatch JOY~


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