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Sunday, March 15, 2009

~Beautiful Earrings, GW Finds and Selling Blog~

Hello blogger friends!
I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday...supposed to be 57 today but so far no sun!
I wanted to show you the very pretty earrings from Dame Penniwigs that I won, I just love them and I'm so going to wear them at a wedding in July. Stush's niece is getting married on the 25th ...they are called champagne and I think they are so classy. Thanks Dame you do such great work...stop over at her blog to see other earrings she makes:) Yesterday I spent with Michele and this little one, we went to Walmart and the Dollar Store, I asked her to let me take a picture to put on my blog and she said that she was peeking at you all:) Such a silly, sweet thing!
I bought these at Walmart and paid $1.96 for each stem...are they tansy? These two were the only ones left and if they aren't tansy I still like them:0

I stopped at The Country Store on Friday and bought some of these rag balls, I have them sitting in a ornament that is a yelloware bowl...that's how little these rag balls are:) so prim cute!

At Goodwill that day I was so surprised to see three blue glass Ball jars sitting there...I've never seen the blue ones and was shocked that they were still there. I paid .69 a piece for them but I've seen them as high as $2.50 for one:) I don't know what I'll do with them but I just couldn't let them sit there!

I also found this green lilac there and I think I paid $1.39 for it, I put it in one of my crocks...didn't care for what it was already in.

I thought I'd show you the top of my sewing machine cabinet, I'm always changing the decor on it. I don't have a green thumb but these are two that do live in my presence LOL. I bought dirt at the Dollar Store to transfer them, I think the philodendron needs new dirt so I'll be doing that today:)

These next pics will be added to my selling blog today...a plate shelf that I primmed! I painted it black and destressed then a coat of walnut stain. You have to imagine it being hung on your wall:) I wasn't going to put to holes in my wall to hang it but I'm sure you get the picture:) Price $18.00 which includes shipping. Other prims not for sale.

I did the same for this candle holder, the new candle is from The Country Store. Then tied a piece of stained cheesecloth around it with a grubbed crow tag! Price is $16.00 which includes shipping:)

Does anyone know how to do the star on the computer? I know how to do a heart but not the star:)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


  1. Love those floral picks from WalMart ~wow! I'll have to go look for some of those. Have a good Sunday Rondell!

  2. Hmm, I'm having trouble getting the star to work...the usual method of an ampersand, then the word "star" and then the closing semicolon isn't working -- it does depend on what browser yer visitors are using...ye will likely have to use the DECIMAL CODE...

    Go ahead and start with an AMPERSAND, then put in this:
    and end with the closing semicolon

    & #9733 ; BUT NO SPACES...

    Thank'ee for posting yer earrings, I love working with vintage beads.

    Looks like ye got some BARGAINS at your house AND for sale in yer store, too!

  3. Love those earrings...they'll look great for the wedding! Love your new items for sale too..especially that candle holder! Hopefully I'll get to order something soon:) As far as those plants go, you're doing better than me! I just stick to the fake stuff...I am hopeless when it comes to gardening! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. Love the earrings! I am going to get over to my Goodwill Store! Everyone out there seems to find the GREATEST deals....LOL!! I will be the next!!

    Off to your other blog! HAPPY SUNDAY!!


  5. Hi Rondell!....love those vintage bead earrings and all of your new finds!....I looked on my Windows Character Map and did not see a star so I'm sorry I don't have a suggestion on that....have a wonderful Sunday! Janet :)

  6. Rondell, what great finds. Makes me want to go find some lilacs and a crock, and a candlestick, and, and...... Thanks for showing us such great stuff. Have a good Sunday, Sherie

  7. Looks like you got some great deals and congrats on the beautiful earrings!
    I love what you did with the shelf and the candle holder. They look great. I'm sure someone will snap them right up.
    I was going to give you the directions to make the star, but I see Olde Dame Penniwig has already done it.
    Have a great day Rondell!

  8. You found some great new goodies to add to your prim collection. I love the yellow flowers from WM!
    Congrat's on being the winner of those great looking earrings too. :)
    Your little granddaughter is a cutie! Hugs~ Birgit

  9. Tansy it is, we actually have that growing wild around here and the farmers have to kill it because its deadly to farm animals. But, I have seen it in floral arrangements, too!!
    Have a great Sunday and hope the sunny weather pokes through :)

  10. I love that bunny beside your plants. I also love all the spring picks.


  11. Hi Rondell, what a fun post today! (Well, you always have fun posts...smile!)
    You have some great looking gatherings and love the EARRINGS!
    I forget that I have old jars in the basement like that...should get them out I guess. (thanks for the reminder)
    Hugs, Karen

  12. I have some labels for those jars..! Contact me via my email if your interested!? I was given a whole slew of them free..you can check them out on my blog on the side bar, I have the gal's site who sent them to me listed....


  13. I do love those stems you purchased from Walmart. I'll look for some of those at ours!

    I do love those earrings too! I long dangly earrings....don't they make you feel pretty?

    You're doing really well at GW. Jason and I went last night to a different one and picked up a few things. It's really an affordable way to decorate (and fun too)!

    Now is that Sydney or Samantha? Whoever that is peeking out there sure is a cutie!

    Thank you for those kind comments on my Joy!


  14. What great finds! See if you can get your little one to look at us next time, I'd love to see her face! Those floral picks are great, especially from Walmart! Dawn

  15. Hi Rondell,
    I really like the flowers that you got at Walmart...I never think to check our their florals in the craft area, but I will now.

    Your earrings are very pretty!

    What great finds from the GW!! I know what you mean about the blue jars...as I couldn't pass the ones up that I found a few weeks ago in our GW either.
    hugs, Cindy

  16. You got some real goodies at GW! I went yesterday and found some good stuff, too.

    Have a great day, Denise

  17. Oh what great earrings...Congratulations!

    You found yourself some great things from your weekend shopping.

    Lucky you for the nice weather, hopefully we will see some soon.


  18. Congrat's on winning the earrings. They are very pretty.
    All of your stuff looks great Rondell. Nice job. And you can't kill those philodendron's. Even when you think they are dead, give them a drink and they come right back. Love how you can just pick a piece off and put it in some water, and it roots right in the water.

  19. Those are great earrings!

    I got some spring floral pics from Wal-Mart last week too. They really help brighten things up!

    I know what you mean about changing things on the top of the sewing machine cabinet - I change mine all the time too.


  20. The earrings are stunning! You picked up some great finds this weekend. Don't know how to do the star????

  21. WOW! Everything looks wonderful! You scored big on the blue mason jars!

  22. Those earrings are just darling! And so are all the items you made!!

  23. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.




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