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Saturday, March 21, 2009

~Got Some Redo's Done~

Good afternoon everyone!
Another sunny but cool day today but I went out back and checked on some plants to see if they survived another winter and how thrilling to see the green shoots sticking up:)
Yesterday I stained all my GW finds that I showed on another post and I'm happy with how they turned out. Here is the shelf that I found for $1.99, love how it turned out and couldn't wait to add some prims to it. I hung it here just for now, I'll probably move it but for now it's okay! I had to take the pictures at this angle because of the sun thur the window...it looks so prim I think.
Here is a closer look at the stain on it also the the cross stitched ornaments that I won from Angie this winter...just love them and finally a place to see them all the time! I also got a chuckle when I placed this old tin of cloves on the shelf...I was hunting for some in my cupboard when I was grunging candles and here I had some all the time right on my hoosier shelf, the tin is about half full:)

Also bought a wood knob at Lowes but they only had one size...but this will do until I find a smaller one. Just can't believe how neat and old it looks:)

I also want to take the time to say what great bloggers you all are...the ideas you share, projects and love that you all show is so appreciated, enjoy your spring day!


  1. Rondell,

    I love your new/old shelf and I love the color. Your fly screen also turned out great.


  2. Rondell~Your $1.99 shelf looks fantastic!
    And your fly cover...It looks like it has been around for ages!
    I love finding a great bargain. And just think, when we are shopping at the GW, we are supporting American industries!

  3. Rondell, the shelf looks great there! You did such a nice job on the painting and distressing.
    And I LOVE your clock! May I ask where you found it? I have been looking for something to replace my old livingroom clock, but haven't found anything I like. But I really love your's!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. As usual, Rondell, everything looks so wonderful! You have such a knack for these things...

  5. Rondell,
    Love the shelf, and the fly screen. They both turned out very nice. Love the paint color on the shelf. Do you mind me asking what the color is?

    Have a great day, Tammy

  6. Your shelf looks wonderful! That fly cover is great too.

    I found a few things at Goodwill yesterday that I'll be posting when I get a chance. I love all your redos!


  7. The shelf looks so wonderful and prim Rondell! I really like the color of it. I love the fly screen too! Hope you're having a nice Saturday!

  8. Love how your shelf turned out!...If only I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN THERE BEFORE YOU THAT DAY!...hehehehehehehe

    Great find!

  9. Rondell-I am glad you like the fly screen. The knob looks good on it.I will post a picture of my goodies from you when I get my camera back from my daughter. I ended up doing Spring cleaning in her room all day Friday and we shopped for new furniture for my sons room today. His spring cleaning is next. Have a great weekend.
    We will have to go bumming before you start your job. Let me know when you are available.
    Thanks again for my things. I love them.

  10. sorry to say...this is my first prim blog- I know right? amazing!
    I love making prim stuff during Christmas and even fall....
    c'mon on over tomorrow morning and join me for a cup of coffee..

  11. The shelf and the fly screen look great! Have a good evening!

  12. Rondell, That shelf is to die for. How lucky you are with your TS finds. I am sure that our Goodwill is the worst one in the country! Have a great weekend. ~Ann

  13. Your shelf turned out great! And love that fly cover! And I agree there are so many inspiring ideas all over blogland and I appreciate everyone's hardwork, love and friendship...including yours. :)

    My mom used 2 bottles of the tan RIT dye for my Americana bedspread. :)

  14. I love that shelf....great deal!!!

  15. rondell, your fly screen is great. i found the sifters at walmart to make a new one with, but your old one looks so original!dawn

  16. Love the shelf Rondell. You did a great job with it!

  17. I love what you did w/ that shelf and think it's look nice where you have hung it! You always have such nice things!!

  18. Thanks so much for all of the great pictures! I look so forward to seeing what you've done next. I love the flyscreen! Keep up the great work! Dawn

  19. Wow-that looks tee-rific! YOu sure got the touch!!!

  20. Hi Rondell! I love all of this. The shelf looks wonderful and you will have so much fun filling it with your little goodies! Don't you love it when you find a great deal and then turn it into something you are crazy about? I love it.
    Have a lovely day!

  21. I've been working so much outdoors that I've lost my focus on indoor decorating, but seeing all of your creativity makes me want to go around tweaking everything again. Everything looks just wonderful!


  22. Wow great decorating skills. Keep up the good work!


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