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Saturday, March 7, 2009

~A Little Bit of Putzing Around Today~

Is it beautiful out or what! I'm just loving these warmer temperatures that we are having, no coat, gloves and scarf to have to wear, one thing that bothers me though is I haven't seen a robin yet, whenever I see the first one I know spring is finally here...so far though nothing!!!
I went to Michele's house to take sheets that I had found at GW that were brand new, beautiful creme color and they were Martha Stewart sheets. Bottom sheet, top sheet bed skirt and two pillowcases I got all for $8.67 they had just been taken out of the package to hang up (they were bringing things out while I was there as I mentioned in my last post). Well, I looked at the sheets to see if they were queen size and thought that they sure looked like it...got home and they were king, darn! Michele has a king size bed so she got herself some brand new sheets from good old Martha Stewart:) she was happy!
Here is a little of what I did today...with the kitchen windows open I might add. It's not done yet I want to find the perfect fabric to go underneath everything:) The candlestick... found a home I think:) This gathering cost $2.49 both from GW!
Here is my diningroom table, I put the little bench back on and added my grunged up eggs and prairie grass. All are on top of my new coverlet runner!

Oh, glorious SPRING! Thanks Kindra!

Chocolate bunny and eggs I made in the 70's in ceramic class they bring back memories of my kids when they were little...I always put them out every year:)

A quilt egg and one I made along time ago I should prim it up:)

The front door is open in the entryway and the black, painted cats are enjoying it...funny I haven't seen any stuffed cats to paint at GW lately:)

Today Chris called... he and a friend are going to Michael's in Maryland so they all can go to the Penguin hockey game there (told you Chris is a sports nut ) and he asked to borrow my camera...my camera? I said. I think I started to panic, me be without my camera till Monday? I know I'll have withdraws until I have it back safely in my hands.:)


  1. Guess what! This morning when I was on the porch listening to all the birds sing, two robins appeared on my neighbors fence. I was so happy to see them. So rest assured, spring is in the air!!!

    Have a good evening!


  2. WOW!!!!I love what you have done! As soon as I get caught up a bit...I am re-doing the top of my fridge. Your bunnies and eggs are fabulous!!


  3. Rondell, the post picts are great. I'm loving the geranium. My favorite potted flower on my porches and deck. I'm going to have a ton of them this summer. last summer I used gerber daisys. Love them but the sun just beat them to death. Those geranuims will take the heat! I too have my door open! Dawn

  4. Oh it must be the nice weather because all I have done for 2 days is putz and move things. Seems like I am seeing some things in new ways the last few days. I might need all new pics soon! LOL

    I love all your new pictures. It certainly is looking like spring there!! Love all your eggs!

  5. Hi Rondell!....everything looks so fresh and spring-like, very nice!....it's nearly 80 degrees here in Central Virginia today, MUCH too warm for this winter lover I must say....but I did see some robins this morning so I'm sure you'll be seeing them soon! Janet :)

  6. Hi Rondell,
    Love every thing that you've done. It all looks great...really like how the top of the fridge looks and the eggs are so prim. I want to try and make some.
    It is warm here also, but very windy. Heard we might get storms tomorrow, but the rain will help the spring flowers grow. I haven't seen a robin here in Ohio yet either.

  7. The weather today was BEAUTIFUL...the car thermometer said 83 at one point!!! Ahh it was nice:) All of your tweaking looks great! So fresh and springy!

  8. We had a wonderful day here also , birds singing etc. I like your pics. Really like the off white firkin,

  9. Rondell,

    I know it's beautiful here today too! I have my back door opened into the sunporch. Joy and I just gave it a fresh sweep and Bambi is lazily enjoying it too!

    I love your GW gathering! It's so prim and I love the fact that you did it so inexpensively!

    Also your table bench with the eggs is just right! I still want some spring blocks from Kindra too!

    I know how you feel about your camera...I couldn't find my very expensive one for a bit the another night and you talk about panic! It was awful! I prayed....and then found it! :)

    Have a great Saturday evening!

  10. Rondell, I have seen robins here already.
    Everything looks great. I need to get out my Easter stuff and decide where I'm going to put it.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I hope your camera makes it back home in one piece! :D

  11. We got our taste of spring a few days ago when it hit 76 degrees!! Now it's rainy and cold and west of hear is in a snow advisory. Crazy weather! But I am sure in the mood for warmer weather to stay! I love all your spring goodies! I need to get mine out! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  12. I have truly been enjoying this weather. It is WONDERFUL. I spent the day painting and really enjoyed the fresh air.

    All of your tweaking turned out great. Everything looks prim perfect!!


  13. Everything looks so great! I'm loving this warm weather too.


  14. Rondell, It's only 12 days til spring! Yeah. Everything looks very nice. I have to get me some of that Easter Grass, very prim. Thanks for sharing. ~Ann

  15. Rondell everything looks great. I love your header. I so want a wagon wheel.

    It's beem warm here also and I am loving it. Ready for Spring but not allery season. :)


  16. Hi Rondell, I love your changes - and isn't putzing around fun?
    I'm needing to do that this coming week. I bought several things this wekend so have lots to do.
    I can't believe you got NEW sheets for that price. Amazing.

  17. I love it all Rondell ! I love all of your eggs and all of the displays! I have the exact same candle ledge that you got at GW~ I found mine there too ! I'm so anxious for spring ~ I just can't wait ! Looks like we have a chilly week ahead though.

  18. Hooray for spring...or at least something close! I, too, had my windows and doors open yesterday enjoying the fresh air. Took a walk outside and saw some tulips and hyacinths poking thru the ground...can't wait for the grass to green up and all the drab-brown PA scenery to go away...smiles and sunshine...Bev

  19. I loved the tour around your house! Great Goodwill finds! I have the same eggs from the same time period and they remind me of when my kids were little, now where are they?
    I had my windows all open yesterday and cleaned my porch and ate lunch out there. What a great feeling that was.


  20. rondell, i seen my first robin yesterday. :) everything looks great!! i havent seen any fabric cats either. i was even looking for a fabric duck. they are getting hard to find! maybe someone is on to our secreats of painting them. lol

  21. Rondell, I love how everything looks. I wish I had the knack for decorating. I just set stuff up and hope it doesn't look too bad.

    I think the robins are all in Missouri. The past few weeks they have been everywhere. Last weekend I swear there had to be a robin convention in my front yard!

    Take Care,

  22. We haven't seen any robins here either.

    I always get butterflies if someone wants to use my camera!

    Have agreat day, Denise

  23. I love your home and how you are getting ready for spring!
    I am not a fan of the pastel spring colors, so I was glad to get some ideas from you on how to decorate prim for Spring.
    Hope you see your Robin soon!

  24. Everything's looking so spring-y Rondell! Very nice!

  25. Looks great--I love the eggs! Have a great day.

  26. So glad the pies brought back memories............everything looks great!

  27. Your chocolate bunny looks like it's made of fabric, not ceramic! So cute! I'd love to make one myself. Any idea where I could find a pattern?

  28. Second comment on this post...
    thanks for stopping be my blog. I could use floss for the ladies. I had thought of showing them basic embroidery and applique stitches. That would be great!



  29. As much as I love Fall & Winter, I sure like looking at Spring pics! I need some sunny warmer weather! I also like your word blocks from Kindra, she does great work !

  30. Rondell, everything looks lovely. We have had wonderful weather all weekend and into today as well. It's gonna be around 80 degrees here. Can you believe that? Last week this time we got around 6" of snow, this week it's in the 80's. The robins have been here for a few weeks now. I only hope this weather is the start of spring thyme. Have a good day.

  31. I am loving the birds here in the mornings. It is nice to hear them singing again! I loved your post! Sorry about the sheets...LOL Loved the gw finds! LOVED the grunged eggs!!! ♥


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