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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

~Whatcha Workin on Wednesday~

Hi everyone!
Is it getting warmer where you are ? We are expecting 60* by Friday:) Yeah!!! I'm certainly ready for warmer weather not hot yet but weather that lets you get out of the house, maybe I'll even go to the flea market Sunday, will see:)

Before I get to what I worked on today let me show you what Linda from Behind My Red Door sent me. I recieved the sweetest, little blue coverlet pillow in the mail Monday and the cutest handmade card from her, she said she was in some stuff of hers and found the blue pillow and thought of me so sent it along. I just love it and put it in the basket with the others. Thanks again Linda! Sorry the picture didn't come out very good. This is what I've been working on... the grunged up eggs that Lisa from Blacksheep Primitives posted about, thanks for posting this Lisa! They turned out neat I think, I only did three and put them in the Prairie Grass I got from The Rusty Angel, in a yelloware bowl that I found for half off at The Country Store. The plastic eggs I bought at Walmart for $1.00 for 12 and I used modge podge, cheescloth and cinnamon. I had whole cloves and tried to crush them but no luck with them so I just used the cinnamon:0 They dried up real quick too:)
Then I decided to do the little, wood candle holder that I found at GW for .49, I painted over the blue with brown paint then after that dried I used light buttermilk. After it dried I distressed it and used walnut stain, some of the blue shows thur...it came out so prim and to think I had put it back on the shelf thank goodness no one else bought it! I don't have a place for it yet but when I do I'll show a pic!

I guess today I've been in a painting/staining mood, so out of my Easter stash I found this basket that was my mom's I remember her buying it at a Hallmark store, she got it for a $1.43 on sale so you know that it was a while ago:) It was a real light wood color so I stained it walnut and now it is good to go...I put the grunged up eggs in it so you could see how prim it is stained!

Speaking of Hallmark, I'm so hooked on the Hallmark channel...such good movies and in the movies some great homes decorated with old things:) Try it:)
Be sure to stop over Leslie's from My Country Home to see what everyone else has been up to:)


  1. Linda is such a sweet person. SHe always leaves such sweet comments. I love your candle holder. I am going to have to learn to look at things in a different way.


  2. Hey Rondell! Love your grunged eggs! I am thinking about making some too. Not sure where I will put them if I do. I haven't put out my Easter stuff yet, but probably will sometime next week.
    Still trying to decide where I will put what.
    Love how your little candle holder turned out. I got a wrought iron candle holder at a thrift store today. Also got a couple of other little things that I am planning to re-do. I'll post about them when I'm done.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. What a sweetie Linda is :) The pillow is really cute!

    Your eggs look perfect and the makeovers are great, as always!

    Have a great day!


  4. Rondell,

    Those eggs look GREAT!! I am definitely gonna have to try that and I have the cheesecloth and the cinnamon so I should be good to go. Oh - I am so THRILLED that you painted something light buttermilk and then put walnut stain on it because now I know what it will look like when I complete my cutting board. I guess you and I are on the same wave length today...we were both thinking light buttermilk and walnut stain. Great minds think alike : )

    Thanks for sharing my friend!!


  5. I am drooling over today's post!
    Those eggs are amazing! I don't have anything prim for Easter or Spring....so these would be perfect, and they seem pretty easy!
    Your candle holder turned out really primarific! That is a new word that I made up just for YOU!
    Love it all Rondell, you did a great job!

  6. I saw those eggs on Lisa's blog. I've got to try those. Everything you do looks so great!

    I watch the Hallmark Channel all the time - love it!


  7. Rondell - I love what you did with those eggs! And I'm thinking they must smell great w/ the cinnamon?? And I'm coveting that candle holder of yours!!

  8. Everything looks really great Rondell!....and I love the coverlet pillow that Linda sent you!....that was sooo sweet!....it is supposed to be quite warm here over the weekend as well. Janet

  9. First, I LOVE the little pillow! I've really been wanting to buy something in that type of fabric...no one around here sells it in the prim stores, so I guess I need to just find it online. The eggs turned out so cute too! They make me a little mad though...I got some prim-ish colored eggs at TJ Maxx last weekend, and they're ok, but I like the grunged ones better. I just don't have a place for both, now. So hmm:( Oh well...love the candle holder too! The color turned out great!

  10. I gotta try those eggs. Yours looke really good. How nice of Linda to send you those things. What a great community this blogging world is. Love the candleholder also.

  11. How sweet of Linda to think of you!!! She is so sweet! I love all your make overs and your eggs came out so great!!! We still are not getting any warm weather but I am sooooo ready for it!!!:0) Have a great evening Rondell!~Wendy

  12. Hi Rondell,
    What a wonderful little pillow that Linda sent to you. I love the grungy eggs...I've been wanting to try them.
    I love the Hallmark Channel and try to watch all the new movies that they have on.
    Enjoy the warmer weather that is coming.

  13. I love the eggs. Just wondering...what do you do with the cheesecloth? The candleholder and basket look great, too.

  14. Everything looks great--you get a lot done. Have a nice day. Julie

  15. Susan,
    After you put the modge podge on you wrap a small piece of it around the egg then roll in cinnamon & cloves.
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

  16. Rondell, I love how the eggs turned and they look good in the basket. Love the candle holder too. Great job. Very good.

    Hope you have a great evening

  17. You really do make everything look so easy!!! Love the basket!!

  18. Hi Rondell,

    I LOVE how your eggs turned out.
    They look so grungy and prim. I have a pattern that I copied from last year actually, they call for using the foam eggs with cheesecloth but sounds so much like yours. I really want to make them for this year along with a million other things. But need to feel better before I hit that.

    Lucky you...such nice weather. I can't wait to hear the same for us. At least I know that after March, Spring does come for us so I am getting very excited.

    Have yourself a great weekend.

    sandy :)

  19. Everything looks great on your blog. You do such a nice job primming things up!! I tried the eggs yesterday and thought they looked great, but today some of the cinnamon came off and I could see a little of the egg. What do you think I did wrong? Could I try a little more glue and sprinle some more cinnamon?? The only thing I did different was I used elmers glue. Thanks for your help and for sharing...Oh, I hate to tell you but I am farther south and we are going to have 74 to 78 degree weather for the next week!!! Wish I could bottle it and share with you girls up north!! Blessings Sherrie

  20. My friend Debbie came to visit for the night and we did 60 of the eggs tonight too. We also added a little sprig of moss to a few of them and they looked great. What a fun project!

  21. Rondell, your eggs turned out great! I love the look with the prairie grass:)

  22. Hi Rondell,
    What a nice heart gift from Linda, so thoughtful & sweet of her to think you! Which means you are a pretty sweet person youself to be on the receiving end! :)
    Love how your eggs turned out...and your candle stick holder is so prim!
    Like your stained basket too! I just stained one-makes them look so much better when they're a bit darker.
    Enjoy your day, and have a wonderful weekend...60 degrees-Yippee! We'll be lucky to hit 50's-but I'm ok with that! :)


  23. That was really nice of Linda--the pillow looks great in your home. The grunged eggs turned out great too! Hope you have a great day.

  24. Hi my dearie -- YOU WON the earring giveaway on my site!!!

    BTW, lots of prim goodies you have there! I love that basket.

  25. Rondell, this looks wonderful. It's funny when you get in a certain mode and start looking around y our house for more things to work on! In your case...your ideas are endless! Love those eggs!

  26. You are most welcome my friend. You are really finding some neat things to transform. Good for you and good for the environment too! Love the touches of spring - we all need it badly this year!

  27. I love that idea for the plastic eggs..they turned out fabulous!..we have a craft a month and this would be really neat for easter....You always have such great ideas..thanks for sharing...:)


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