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Saturday, February 28, 2009

~The Country Store and GW~

Hello everyone...I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday! I'm going rollerskating this afternoon so I thought I'd get this post on here before I have to get ready:)
Yesterday Stush got a call to drive cars for a auto auction, he usually does this on Fridays so I thought I'd head out to The Country Store and Goodwill. I pulled in and happened to have my camara with me so I took a pic of the store for you. Now when I mention it again you will have an idea of where I go:) Beautiful things inside but I love the very back room because that room holds all of the 50% off items!!! Here is what I found to bring home with me...loved the date on it, it feels like it's made out of wood but I know it isn't. I figured I could use it to put spring flowers in soon, real soon I hope:) I think I paid about $7.00 for it.
Loved this spring wreath...I actually think it is a large candle ring but I'm using it for my front door, it's so pretty and so was the price, $4.00!

I've always wanted one of these...a grunged up candle that you can put in any holder that you have and put it where you want...it uses a battery, there were only a three left so I thought I better grab one. Last night I put it on my mantle and it looked great there:) I always have a wonderful, prim time there just looking around, it's nothing like the Rusty Angel but then again the Rusty Angel doesn't have a 50% off room.lol

I have been working on this for the last two days and finally finished it, I stuffed it with rags and added a black, checked homespun back to it.


I stopped at Goodwill but that place had nothing and to me it's getting expensive, I found some wool blazers that I could have bought but they wanted $4.99 a piece for them...just to much for me.
I did find this basket for $1.99 which again I thought was to much but I liked it and I know if I didn't get it someone would have bought it, not flimsey at all and I like the high handle on it:)

Here is a closer pic of it!

I had found this little wood candleholder a week or so ago and put it back on the shelf...it was still there so for .49 I figured I'd get it and prim it up somehow:0

Well that's all for now guys...the sun is out but it's cold out today, we did have two days of temps in the 50's and I so enjoyed going out with just a light weight jacket on yesterday:)
Have a great day!


  1. Good Morning Rondell-I stopped by the other day and though I left a post? I think that was when everyone was having problems. Would you be interested in making me a sample? I have been wanting another one and I like your work. I was away Thursday and Friday and found something I think you would like. (you have mentioned in a previous post) I would do a swap or would could tell me what you want and I could mail you the check. What one sounds more exciting? Let me know.

  2. Love your treasures! I like the basket best!


  3. Love it all Rondell! I went to a little antique store yesterday and picked up a few goodies!
    Our Goodwill is on the expensive side too, I do most of my thrifting at other stores. Have fun skating today!

  4. our goodwill is getting expensive here in washington too..wonder if that is nationwide...we have some we love to go to and they are cheap...I think my best friend and I are going this tuesday...can't wait...have a great weekend...:)

  5. Hi Rondell!....you got some really nice goodies!....that store looks like one I'd love to go to as well....last night I finished putting away all of my winter decor and today I'm bringing out the spring stuff so I'm gonna be playing today....enjoy your weekend! Janet :)

  6. Good Afternoon girlie!...I was just at the country store on thursday!...So, what do you think of the "new" arrangement there?...I like the space...but, they don't have much!...but, then again I only buy from the 50% off room anyways!...hehehehehehehe

    I think the GW is getting expensive too!...Sometimes I wonder who is pricing that stuff?!...then young school girls?!...You know you CAN ask them to go down on a price?!....I have and sometimes they will!...Try it!

    Well, it is cold outside today...but, it sure beats snow!

  7. Rondell,
    Your pillow turned out fantastic. I love the backing, too. Nice finds from the country store.

  8. Hey Rondell! That store looks so quait. And how nice to have a 50% off room!
    I love the things you bought, especially the candle.
    Our Goodwill keeps raising their prices too. I also wanted to buy a couple fo wool blazers to try my hand at penny rugs, but the price was $6.00 each! Too much! I'll keep watching to see if they lower the prices.
    Hope you have fun skating!

  9. Great finds! I'm really enjoying your blog!

  10. Hi there Rondell....sorry I haven't been around much lately.
    I love your finds...you always seem to find such wonderful things.
    I love it when we can use what someone else doesn't want anymore don't you.
    Everything looks so pretty. You have a great knack for displaying.

  11. I love the little candle holder it's going to be so cute when you prim it up. I really love the grubby electric candle.

    Oh your pillow turned out great. I wish I had the patience to try some new projects.


  12. Oh so that's where ya shop! ;)
    I love how your pillow turned out!
    Love all your prim goodies too.

    Have a great rest of your weekend.


  13. Rondell, I hope you had a great time skating. Love all the treasures you found. Great shopping.

  14. Rondell~The wool blazers at your GW are cheaper than the ones at mine...ours are $5.49 each. But I purchased some last weekend...I'm not sure what I will use them for...any ideas?
    I love your finds! Your home looks so warm and cozy! I'm sure I told you that before...but everytime I see it I think the same thing!

  15. Hi Rondell,
    I love the look of the shop you go to...and really love the 50% off room. Wish ours had a 50% off room. Guess I can't fuss to much...she has a marked down corner in the back of the store.
    Our GW prices have not gone up yet, but I know they have in some of the bigger cities around us. I really like the basket you got and that little candle holder.
    Hope you had fun rolling skating.

  16. Hi Rondell, You sure did find some great goodies! I need to stop by our Goodwill and see if I can find something special. Love the pillow!


  17. Hi. Love your goodies. I think that our GW's are getting expensive, also.

    We went to an Amish town not farm from here yesterday. I bought some cute things at the Merchantile for 50-60% off. I'll post pics a little later today.

    Have a great day, Denise

  18. Our goodwill is expensive too. I did pay 4.99 for some blazers but I don't think they are worth it! Dianntha

  19. You found some really great stuff! At times Goodwill can ask to much, but I tend to go on their half price day.

    Love the way you put things together!


  20. WOW - I love your prims and your shelf looks great!! Your pillow looks great and you definitely found some wonderful deals at the Country Store.

  21. love all the great finds~thanks for stopping by this morning~i used 14 count aida for the stitcheries i posted today~i am trying to learn how to cross stitch on osnaburg, but it's not working~lol. i love how the aida looks though after it's stained and baked and it's real easy to stitch on. hope you have a wonderful day!

  22. Rondell, The Love Dare book was used in the movie by the main character to save his marriage. It is a book you can find online or a Christian Book store, any book store I am sure. The book is not just for troubled marriages it is a book to enrich your marriage, learn about true love, etc. I myself have just started the book.
    hugs, angie

  23. Oh you got some great finds! I have a basket similar to that. I have had it for a while & is still holding strong. Your little pillow turned out great!

  24. I think I'm gonna make a long weekend and come visit you. I NEVER find stuff like that around here. Maybe I'm doing it wrong??? You have quite a talent!! Have a great week.

  25. Rondell,

    I'm so glad you thought to take a picture of the store you go into often! I love seeing photos of the little quaint prim stores! And I'm so glad you picked up that candleholder. I can picture it really prim painted and distressed with a grungy candle!

    Hope you had fun rollerskating! I think it's great you like to do it!



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