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Friday, February 6, 2009

♥ My Morning Crafting ♥

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all having a great Friday, I'm glad it's the weekend aren't you? I had to be up early this morning...Michele brings Sydney so that I can take her to school on Friday's so I figured I'd paint my pantry boxes before they arrived:) First off thanks to all of you who left a comment with your suggestions loved them♥
Now remember the pantry boxes were barn red, hunter green and navy and my sister gave these to me in the early 90,s for Christmas. Here lately I've been wanting to update them so I thought I'd give it a try:) It took a couple coats to cover them, after they dried I used watered down Burnt Umber to stain them. I found out you have to wipe almost immediately because it drys faster then I thought it would! I love how the blue one turned out only because I've been wanting to incorporate the color blue in my decorating again. It just goes so well with what I have, oh I'll still use the black but my "new" color will be, Williamsburg Blue, that's the shade it is. the middle one is painted with Buttermilk and the bottom one is Ivory...just used paint that I already had:) I have them on my bar in the kitchen. Oh, and I also used a neutral shoe polish wax on them too, it only smells like shoe polish for a few minutes. lol
I also did some other little things...Sydney had suggested I put this label on my little, galvainized bucket and put apples in it but the apples that I have are to big so I'll be on the look out for smaller ones to prim up and put in there:)
The homespun I put around my wisk broom is a sort of flannel and I coffee dyed it with cinnamon and vanilla but it didn't take to well, does Walmart still sell the Walnut Ink? Our craft area in our Walmart isn't very much anymore since they did away with selling fabric so maybe they don't even have it anymore.

Here also is the candle holder that I bought for $1.99 at GW, I wish the pic had turned out better I used the 28 inches or less setting and somehow I never get it right.

Here is a closer shot so that you can see I did distress it and also used the burnt umber all over it. I also grubbed up some plain candles and did what Terry from Big City Prims had posted about using a plain tea light. I only had cinnamon and ginger to work with an thur in some coffee grounds and for my first time of doing anything like it I was happy with the out come...better then plain beige.

This is a candle I grunged also...this is on a bench in my bedroom, everytime I went in there I'd look at that plain candle and think I should grunge it up and I finally did.LOL

Well, that's about all I've been up to this Friday...I have to babysit tonight which I don't usually do because that's Stush and my date night, but Michele won Penguin tickets at work and will sit in the box with her boss so I'll watch them so she and her husband can go and enjoy theirselves:)

I changed the background color didn't like the brown:)


  1. Hi Rondell - you have been busy! I got rid of almost all my Williamsburg blue stuff - darn, I could have sent it to you!
    Seems blue is going around again like it did in the 80's! It is a very colonial color after all.

    The flannel probably has a lot of synthetic in it so try using a very strong coffe and hot water solution. Like barely 1/4 cup water and a TBLS of crystals. I found that will work sometimes.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Your boxes look great. My aunt gave me a braided rug that has blue in it. So, I have added a little blue back in, too. And your apple bucket is cute. I would love to come across a candle holder like you found at GW. Have fun babysitting.

  3. Rondell,
    Your items look great :)

    Your camera thing....when I use the close-up photo, I find that I need a lot of light, because it turns the flash off and then things come out blurry. Sometimes it just works better to take the photo in your regular camera mode and crop the photo down and edit it. I often take 5 or 6 photos of something just to be sure I get a good one and then pick the best. It take some time but you'll get your camera figured out :)

    Have a great day!


  4. Everything looks great! I fianlly got me some of thsoe flameless tea lights today. I plan to grubby up one of my big candles and insert on in it. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. So how much do I love that candle holder???? ---this much----!!

    All the stuff looks great. Since you are suffering with the camera stuff like I am, can you or anyone tell me why I can only take 6 pics without filling up the memory??? That is crazy -- I have to download all the time. What I am doing wrong?

    The only thing with the flameless tea lights is that they don't last long, and I haven't been able to find batteries for them. But your grubbie looks geat!

  6. Rondell,
    I love how your boxes turned out, I love blue anyway and even when it wasn't exactly the in color I still had to keep my blues. Your candles are great, too. Have fun with the grandkids tonight & a great weekend.

  7. Those look kind of like my mom's cheese boxes! Her's are a little bigger, though. Great craftmanship!

    Love, Joy =D

  8. Hi Rondell,
    Love your boxes, I really like the colors!
    All your stuff is greaet (as usual!) Sydney had a very neat idea with that little bucket, looks good with the lable on it!
    Your candles turned out super too!
    Have a fun time with the kids ;)


  9. Love how everything turned out! Can you please tell me where I could find some of those amazing labels????

  10. Love the boxes and candle holder!!

  11. Rondell,
    I love everything. The boxes turned out great. Love the label on the bucket, the candle holder. I just love everything. Did I say that already? LOL

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  12. Hi Rondell,
    You've been a busy little bee, getting all those great projects completed. Your pantry boxes look great! I have a set that I'd like to re-do but they have pictures on them. Not quite sure if they'll cover well or not. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs~ Birgit

  13. Rondell
    I love the way everything turned out. I also still have a little blue, I've always liked the color and have a couple of things I wasn't willing to part with.
    Have a great weekend!


  14. Hi Rondell!....I think everything came out really great!....and I think the label on the bucket was a grand idea! Janet :)

  15. Your boxes look GREAT!! I am going to have to try my hand at making some grubby candles. Thanks for sharing and have fun babysitting!!

    ~ Lisa

  16. The boxes look great! I think alittle blue is good, unexpected!
    I had blue in the trailor we lived in after we were married, so i grew tired of it!

  17. Hi there Rondell, great projects.
    I have some stackable boxes that look very nice but there's a heart on each one and I'm just not a 'hearts' person....so i want to change them out. Yours turned out wonderful.
    We just purchased an Aqua table....blue is back!

  18. Rondell - I love the boxes - I think they turned out great! I am off to find some of those flameless candles too! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Everything looks fantastic! I have yet to do my candles, yours turned out really prim...the coffee grounds give it that extra little grunge!
    I am so glad that you introduced us to those labels! I can't get enough of them...I have ordered 3 different sets of them...can you say addiction problems?
    Have a great weekend...You are a great Mom, giving up your date night like that!

  20. Blue is back! I have been so anti-blue for so long that even I am now looking at it in a different light! Those boxes look killer! I love them! The little bucket is adorable! Good job on everything! I love these befores and afters!!
    Hope your day is great!

  21. Rondell,
    I'm finally going to try to bring my own blog up to date after watching you gals go at it like you do.
    I'd really like to grab the photos that you have that show what you've done with my labels. I want to put a slide show on my blog of all the wonderful projects I've seen in the past month or so.

  22. I love your redo! And the bucket, OMGosh, I adore that bucket. I don't know what it is about boxes, jars, baskets and buckets, but I have a thing for them. Just ask my grown kids. I can't help scooping one up if the oportunity arises. And I save all jars. I can always find a perfect place for my finds or gift it to someone who loves the things I do. Now, to grab some of that energy you have.
    Hugs, Kathy

  23. What a beautiful blog you have! I am so excited that I came across it tonight and just had to become one of your followers. :) It is just darling and I love all of the pictures that you have. Such a great post of your crafting and creativity! Your box looks perfectly prim and am very excited about a recipe to make grungy candles so that I can try it on my own! You are a very talented woman. I would like to extend a warm welcome to you to come and visit my new prim blog at Farm Wife Primitives. It was just created last week and am looking forward to sharing ideas, pictures and projects with other prim lovers out there in blogland. :) It would be my honor to have you as one of my followers if you so choose.

    Happy crafting and many blessings,


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