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Monday, February 16, 2009

~Blue Wishful Shopping~

Well, it's Monday...some people love Monday's but I'm not one of them:) It seems if anything is going to go wrong for me it's always on a Monday! Blue Monday, I'm a much better person on Wednesday, over the hump day, and right on thur the week end.
So since it's Monday I've been doing some wishful shopping :) sort of makes me feel better on this dreary day.

Don't you just love these blue, ticking star pillows? Oh, to put them in a old basket or tuck them in my hoosier. sigh!!!

You know whenever I think of buying a new covering for my bed I always think quilt,quilt,quilt...well what about a nice prim blanket? My choice would be the black one the last one on the right.:) I'm seriously thinking about this one ladies!

Are these to die for or what? So darn neat and prim colonial, if there is such a word:) I would put these right on the storage bench Michele bought me for Christmas which is right next to my computur and I could just sit and stare at them:)

I have wanted one of these blue, graniteware soapholders since the 80's just have never come across them in all my travels! I put it in my kitchen right by the sink and I'd put one of these....

blueberry soaps in it, I already have the ticking and I'd hang it from the cupboard! I'm ordering one of these...I've never seen the blue like this before and I have to have it!!!

Wasn't that fun just to dream a little about having some of these adorable things to decorate our homes with?
All of the items are from Farmhouse Primitives...if you would like to shop just go to my sidebar and at the very top click on the pic and it will take you right to their website...have fun!

On the menu today...spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread, I'm craving it:)


  1. Hi Rondell!....those are very nice items indeed....that was fun to do a little bit of wish shopping! Janet :)

  2. Well as you know I am no longer into blue but I still love them all!! I'll go shopping with you anytime my friend!

  3. Blue is my fav color...next to green that is ($) ...LOL
    the stacking boxies are really nice. I remember mom actually having a soap dish like this by her back porch wash stand /laundry room area. a big bar of ivory soap always there with the non-verbal message...wash your hands

  4. Those are really neat and yes I certainly would love to have them as well. The boxes are my favorite, as well as that blue soap! How neat!

    Supper sounds yummy! I can almost smell it now! :)

    Perfect prims and blessings,

  5. You are so into BLUE these days!!! Love the fantasy shopping trip -- I think I'd have to buy ...maybe...one little thing?? LOL. You have too much self-control!

  6. I love the idea of a blanket instead of a quilt....Actually thinking about 2 runners from the Farmhouse primitives site.


  7. I loved seeing all these things and I love those little star pillows and the soap dish especially. Your spaghetti and garlic bread sounds delicious....makes me want some.

  8. Oooh! I love all those things! Thanks for sprucing up a Monday!

  9. Those are all great but I really love those boxes ~ Farmhouse Primitives has some great stuff!Enjoy your dinner ~ it's one of my favorite meals ! :-)Have a good night Rondell !

  10. Hi Rondell!! I love your "shopping list"!! And spaghetti and meatballs sounds....YUM!! Have a great Monday!!


  11. Love the bedspread...go for it! I am seriously considering the red one!

  12. I have been a huge blue lover for years. Now I'm getting out of it but I have so many blue things in my kitchen I love. I am enjoying watching you shop.


  13. Oh gosh Rondell! had to get out my drool towel!

  14. The star pillows are adorable and I love the idea of blueberry soap - I bet it smells good!!

  15. I really like the ticking & love the soap dish. I collect the blue graniteware & the blue soap matches it really good!

  16. Enjoyed all the neat items you posted. My husband just gave me the homespun bedding for Valentine's and I soooo love it. I too, loved the black striped and it looks so 'back in the day' in our bedroom. We 'snatched' ours from Jenny at "Just Country". She just got an order in last week and had several to choose from. If you have never visited her blog, you should. You will actually get to see a mustard color hanging on a cupboard door. She really stays on top of the latest, which keeps us prim gals happy!!!! Thanks for sharing...Sherrie

  17. Great taste, Rondell! I'm still attracted to blue too...red is my very favorite...but blue is a comforting color to me!

    Thanks for taking me on your shopping trip...wish we could take a reality one! :)


  18. Love your shopping list! I love the blues!
    mmmmm - Spaghetti sounds great too!

  19. Ooooh! Nice! Go for the black blanket!!!!

    Love, Joy =D

  20. I fantasy shop all the time. I sure makes a blue day turn brighter.
    I love all of your choices.
    Hmmmm....spaghetti and garlic bread sounds so good.
    I love the tulips too.

  21. I absolutely love the granite soapdish! I would hang that with pride! I collect enamelware and granite--the older, the better.
    In fact, I enjoy all these things. Thanks for sharing....

  22. Hi Rondell, that was FUN :)
    Love that blanket idea! I am not really into blue, the more I stop by and visit ya tho, the more I like it!
    Love those stack boxes!

    Enjoy your day-Kath

  23. Rondell,
    You know I love it all as I am definitely a blue person. That granite soap dish would look so wonderful in my kitchen and those prim boxes are perfect for any prim house. You have excellent taste, my friend.

  24. Hey Rondell-I'll keep my eyes opened for a blue soap dish for ya. Never know one may find a jewel like that anywhere. Hope your day goes great. We are suppose to see the sun today. Yeah

  25. Hi Sweetie,
    Me too, blue Monday! Yuk, go away. Today is better, right? I want it to be spring! Now, girlie you and I could do some shopping. We'd be broke afterward, but it would be so much fun! I love the same kind of stuff. I did go shopping Saturday and I bought copper cookware. Only problem is, they are for my 1.2 scale doll house...the big girl set cost way too much right now, so I'll wait and wish list shop too :~) Hugs, Kathy

  26. Oh come on now Rondell....go shopping for just a couple of these items...I especially love the stacking boxes.
    I have a few sets and want to add more but I don't know what the limit is for such things. Is there one???? LOL


  27. Well, blue IS my favorite color, and I love all of the goodies!

  28. Fun shopping trip this way, and really the ticket if you feel blue.
    I like the idea of a prim blanket as bed cover for winter, and a quilt for summer ( have the cake and eat it...)
    Love the soaps, what a pretty colour!
    Oooooh, and I like the menu tonight, can I come for supper?

  29. You inspired me. Almost 2 years ago I went from Dark Navy blue walls to brown hues. I do like it, but I feel like I'm missing something. I'm a red freak and feel like I need a little red in every room. However, that wasn't really working for me in the brown room. Your blues have inspired me to mix it with my browns. You know what? I love it. It's kinda soothing. Another good reason to get new lamps!! Thank you.

  30. Oh, that was fun! I feel like a shopping trip myself!
    I hope your week is looking up.

  31. That sure was fun, Rondell! I'll be blue with you any time, my friend...

  32. Rondell,
    Are you feeling better? Not still "blue" I hope.

  33. Oh no! I used to have a soap holder like that but I sold it. I wish I still had it so I could send it to you! That soap would look great in it!


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