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Saturday, February 14, 2009

♥ Happy ~♥~ Day ♥

Happy Valentine's Day to all my followers, lurkers, and the special friends I have made since starting my blog in March of 08! I'm so glad that I took that step to do this, it has been such a wonderful experience!
Here is what my granddaughters sent me for Valentines Day...tulips...just love them;) Flowers certainly make a room don't they?
I put the heart sampler next to them.

Stush and I are going to dinner this evening with friends, he had asked me if I wanted flowers, candy or dinner out...of course I picked dinner:) Love flowers though but the candy doesn't get ate by me... he eats it all:) For him...I made breakfast in bed for him plus a card, believe me this was special for him because I don't really like to cook anything.lol I know I'm odd I'd rather clean.
Have a great one guys!


  1. LOL! Before I even saw yours,I just posted almost the same thing! I don't know why it takes so long for it to appear sometimes....?

    Your flowers are lovely!
    Even more special is who they came from....that's precious!

    Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Happy V-Day to you as well! I just love your flowers! Enjoy your night out!

  3. Here is to a Merrie Valentine's Day filled with Loved Memories...

    Love the Tulips... one of my favorites.

    Hoping you a Blessed Weekend, Pamela

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Rondell!....your flowers are GORGEOUS and I love the heart vase they're in too!....breakfast in bed huh? wow he's a lucky man!....I don't like to cook either, my husband does the cooking and I do the dishes, it's better that way, ha! Janet :)

  5. Happy Valentine's Day, Rondell!


  6. Happy Valentines Day! Hope you have a good one!

    Love, Joy =D

  7. What pretty flowers! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!
    Love, Kim

  8. Happy Valentines Rondell and I hope you have a wonderful supper tonight with your darling hubby and friends.

    I love the flowers that your grand kids sent you. For everything you do for them, I am sure they were very thrilled to send something special to their #1 Grandmother :)

    Have a wonderful day and I hope the sun is shining where your are.


  9. Every girl should have flowers in the house all the time, wouldn't that be lovely! You won my cupcake calendar giveaway so shoot me your mailing info so I can pop it in the mail! Happy Heart Day friend!

  10. Happy Valentine's Day to you! The tulips are beautiful and it was so sweet coming from those precious granddaughters. Enjoy your dinner out!

  11. Happy ♥ Day to you too, Rondell!! I absolutely love the tulips...they are my all time favorite as well!! Hope you have a wonderful evening with your hubby!!


  12. Hi ROndell - How sweet of the girls to bring you flowers. They are special coming from them!

    When we first moved here, I used a lot of blue and my front door was that color! We still have the blue sofa in David's den that used to be in the living room. I slowly got away from it and now everyone else is going back to it! LOL I won't be anytime soon, but I am going to add some more softer colors. It's good on these older eyes!

    Enjoy your dinner tonight!! hugs, Linda

  13. Happy Heart Day to you too! Have fun tonight and enjoy a wonderful dinner!
    Your tupils are beautiful! One of my very favorite flowers!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  14. Happy Valentine's Day Rondell-I hope you and your hubby have a great dinner with friends. Where are you going?

  15. Hi Rondell~
    Glad to see your Valentines Day has been full of LOVE! Have a wonderful night out!

  16. Love your tulips, Rondell. Have a great night out.

  17. Hi Rondell! Hope you had a lovely evening. We had Barbecue and I'm uncomfortably full! But it was fun! Love your blog. Every time I visit I like it more and more. You do a great job of writing and posting. Wonderful!

  18. LOL! I love going out to dinner too. Sounds like you both made each other's day special~~

  19. How thoughtful your grandaughters are to give you such beautiful tulips. They are sweet.
    Have a happy Valentine's weekend!
    Blessings~ birgit

  20. Me again, I found your addy in my files so I will pop your calendar in the mail tomorrow!

  21. The tulips are beautiful! They look great with the heart sampler! I don't blame you, I would have picked dinner too! I love going out to eat! Beats cooking and cleaning! lol

  22. Hi Rondell-Sorry I missed ya on V-day...I hope you had a wonderful time ;)
    What a beautiful bunch of flowers-from those (even more) BEAUTIFUL girls!

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  23. So glad to hear that you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your hubby.

    Those flowers are gorgeous and I love the way you displayed them as well. What sweet grandchildren you have. :)

    Perfect prims and blessings,

  24. Grandchildren are fabulous!I just adore the 3 I have. I am glad you are sharing your Valentine tulips with everyone. Happy Valentines Day


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