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Thursday, February 19, 2009

~ Meeting New Friends is the Neatest Thing ~

"The better part of one's life consists of his friendships." - Abraham Lincoln

How is everyone today? I cleaned today after I came home from getting the girls off to school...I wanted to do that before I sat down to the computer. Now I'm washing clothes for Chris so while they are washing and drying I'll post about the great day I had yesterday:

This is Rhonda and I on the porch at The Rusty Angel...it's located at 409 S. Maple Ave. Greensburg Pa. and Rhonda took me there to shop and drool:) You all would just love it ladies a very prim/colonial shop!

Rhonda and I, of course met thur ours blogs and emailing each other saying how we both are addicted to prims so we finally met at The Country Store in Belle Vernon, Rhonda said she needed to buy more homespun and I wanted to get some too...it's only $3.00 a yd there:)

We looked around there for a bit and bought our homespun but I was saving my $$ for The Rusty Tin Angel.lol

First though here is a pic of what Rhonda made for me...isn't it beautiful ? I put my pins and needles in it last night I couldn't wait:)...she is so talented she even did the bead work on it. I love it Rhonda so very nice of you to think of me like that, I'll use it every day.
Here is the outside of the Rusty Angel, I just love the sign.

I loved this wheelbarrow so very prim:)

Now I'll be honest I took these pics without asking:), these next to pics are upstairs, you can see some blankets and pillows plus shelves of linens. Look at the make-do chair...it was 20% off and I still couldn't afford it:) it was nice to finally see one though I've only seen them in magazines and on ebay. The headboard of the bed is black and you can see a felted heart hanging on the post, I have to make myself one of those to hang on my headboard.

The sampler on the wall there was priced at $550.00 it has wool on it too...the valences had stars on them but they didn't show up very well. The chandeliers were hanging all over the room, what a prim site that was:0

Every room was prim/colonial heaven and will I go back? You bet... sometimes it's just nice to look at all the furniture and dream:)
I 'll show you what I did buy... I've always wanted one for years and when Rhonda picked it up and showed me I knew that's what I was getting, it has a grubby candle in it, right now it's on my hoosier door but I've been hinting that I want a tall jelly cupboard for the livingroom so hopefully soon I'll get one, maybe for my birthday? :)

Here's a package that I didn't show Stush, he just wouldn't get it if you know what I mean, I call it Prairie Grass, yes I said that I bought grass.lol On the package it says old time Easter grass but I've seen this on ebay and you can use it in your bowls with different fixens:) Stush would have said that I could have my pick of grass on the 2 acres we have!

This store had the best grunged up eggs, I bought the aqua ones look how grunged up they are.

In this pic they look alot darker but they are really an agua shade and I just love them:)

Last is the homespun that I bought at the Country Store, I don't know what I'll do with it but thought maybe I'd like to try some curtains on a string or wire? It's beige and black.

I had a wonderful, fun time with Rhonda a very nice prim friend, I'm so thankful that we got to meet and share our love of prims and the blog world:)


  1. How nice that you two could meet...maybe one day we can meet in Ligonier...when the weather is nicer and we could walk around this darling little town. I just may have to look up the store you visited...very nice items. The pin cushion is so sweet!

  2. It's so great you got to meet a blog friend!! What a fun outing you did and thanks for sneaking us some pics. :) That was the first thing I noticed what that Rusty Angel sign, that is so CUTE! Love all your goodies!

  3. Wow what a great day...love your goodies. Great deal on the homespun
    too. Beth

  4. How neat to meet a blogging friend! And some great shopping. I got to shop today with my BF and it recharged my batteries! Just what I needed.

    LOVE the candle holder - LOVE IT! I have that on my list too!! It looks great on the hooseir but you are right, it will look great on a jelly cupboard.

  5. Oh I love everything you bought. It's been wonderful meeting so many great people here in blog land. I think it's great you live close enough to meet up with one of your blog friends.


  6. Where is my drool rag?? Such a cute shop! (Such a cute Rondell and Rhonda, too!)Great pics, and sounds like you had fun! I want some of that stuff!!!

  7. How fun to share a day w/ a blogger friend that has similiar interests! I loved everything you showed in that store! Those grunged eggs were a good find! And I would've loved to have had that wheelbarrel!

  8. What a fun day! Wish I didn't live in NW Ohio, I'd be over to go with you next time. ~Ann

  9. What a great day! Sounds like a store I might want to get lost in!!!

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and that shop looks great!! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful goodies that you purchased. I especially love your candle holder!! I am sure you are anxious to go back.

  11. Hey girlie....I wish I would have known, I would have met with you ladies too...I live 2 streets behind the Country Store!

    I work in Greensburg, but still have yet to go to that Country Shoppe!...We need to plan a fun filled day with us ladies together!...I have 3 antique/junk shops in Greensburg that you would all enjoy too!...Lots of goodies there...and reasonably priced!

    Glad you two had a wonderful time!...I just bought that homespun the other day too!...LOVE it!!!...I love the Country Store...but usually only shop in the 50% off room!...hehehehehhehe

  12. What a nice trip! How wonderful that you met someone IRL from blog land :) And what a cute gift. I'm jealous that you had such a great day. I've been bored out of my mind this past week! LOL

    Have a great night!


  13. Rondell,
    How wonderful that you and Rhonda met up and went prim shopping. That would be an ideal day for me. I love all the fabulous prims you bought and what a lovely gift she gave you.

  14. Hi Rondell!....oh how I love going shopping in a prim country store, what fun you two must have had!....I sell that grass and those eggs in my web shoppe in case anybody wants them and doesn't leave near that store....love the homespun you got too! Janet :)

  15. Hi Rondell,
    How great that you got to meey a blogging friend and go shopping together.
    What a good price on the homespun! And the prim shop looks wonderful. Love your goodies.

  16. Rondell...make sure you stash your bag of grass, who knows who micht bust you! LOL
    That sounds like a great place to visit and pick up decorating ideas!
    How great that you got to meet up with a blogging friend. You too look like good friends already!
    Those eggs are so grubby and prim! What a wonderful Spring decoration.

  17. That's really nice how you met on your the net. She done a fantastic job on the pincushion.You are blessed. I really liked the eggs. Those are really cool.

  18. That shop looks very nice. Glad you had a nice day and got to meet a blogging friend.ovenne

  19. That is so nice when you can meet the faces on the other side of the computer. I've done that a few times and it's been fun. That store is really nice and I love the eggs you got. I'm jealous.


  20. That looks like a wonderful place and how fun to go there with a blog friend ! I love what you bought~ those eggs are so neat and so is that candle holder! Have a great night Rondell !

  21. Sounds like alot of fun! I love that homespun too.

  22. oh my...what a fun day you had....i would love to visit this shop...maybe someday you can take me there too...i love meeting new friends in person...you really got some goodies...and i had to laugh when you said you hid the grass from stush....we have some at the shop and i keep thinking i need to bring some home...before its all gone...

  23. You changed your hair style, and it looks so cute!
    I've been drooling all over the place over the wonderful goodies!
    Would love to find some of that prairie grass. Too cool!
    I love the angel sign too, and the wheelbarrow, and your eggs are awesome!
    Wish there was someplace like that around here.
    What a fabulous day you both had!

  24. Sounds like a great day! I love meeting other folks who love prims - so many things to share - things the dear hubby's just don't understand!
    I love the eggs too! I hope I can find some like that around here! Too cute!
    BTW - I love the wheelbarrow! What a great pic!

  25. Krissie at WinterwoodFebruary 19, 2009 at 10:55 PM

    what a treat Robdell to visit the store with you, but without me leaving home! lol... I would be very dangerous in a place like that and I would probably want one of everything for my prim collection! I like those eggs - getting into the spring/easter mood!

    ps are those prim fixins inside the lamp?

  26. Rhondell-Oh I am so jeolous, I love the Rusty Angel. I try to get there at least a couple times a year. Great at Christmas. The owners name is Rhonda too. Years ago she had a place in Crafters with Rhonda from The country store. (Just alittle tid bit of info if you didn't know.)When the weather warms we will have to make a day trip on a Wed or FRi to Days gone By. Have you ever been there? You will love love love it. Much more reasonable. The owner makes alot of her own things. I see a jelly cupboard in your future.LOL
    Ps. Your hair looks so cute

  27. Hpow nice to meet a new friend AND to go shopping together!
    I love the pinkeep she made for you. Very nice!
    There are no prim shops in my area. So I'm jealous!
    Have a great weekend!

  28. Rondell~I just have to ask....Is Black a condiment?

  29. I LOVE those eggs and your little display with your fixins lamp, how cute!!!That store looks wonderful, bet you had a grand time there!!!

  30. Hi Rondell!
    That`s so fun that you got to meet someone that you men online in person!That store looks amazing!!I am just larning how to sew and would love some of that fabric!I`ll have to try to find that shop!
    I was a little late mailing your package out.I am so sorry.It did go out today so you should get it soon:)
    Have a great weekend!
    Love and blessings,

  31. sounds like a fantastic day! love the things you bought!! :)

  32. It's nice to meet a blogging friend that you get along with so well!

    Looks like you had a great time.


  33. Hi Rondell~
    That's so wonderful that you and Rhonda got together! How fun :)That's my kinda day-prim shoppin w/a prim friend!!
    I love the little pin cushion she made for ya, she's so thoughtful!
    LOVE your candle holder!!!
    Love all your goodies, but that's my favorite ;)

    have a wonderful weekend!


  34. Hey Rondell, I am with you..I love that rusty angel sign and that wheelbarrow too..that is an awesome store..glad you made a new friend and had a wonderful time..have a great weekend...
    Gina :)

  35. Well that is great you got to meet a blogging friend--the store looks great too I might add!

  36. Hi Rondell. This is my first time visiting your blog! I enjoy so much reading about your day out. I love hearing about people buying little things to decorate their house. What fun you are having! I'm happy for you.

  37. Rondell,

    I think it's wonderful that you were able to meet someone from blogland!

    There's not a shop anywhere close around here that resembles anything like you two were! Oh how I would love if we did! Although, I probably couldn't afford much, I'd still love to go and window shop and get ideas! It just brightens my day to go visit a shop like that!

    I love what you bought. I LOVE those eggs!

    Have a great weekend, Rondell!



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