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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~This and That Tuesday~

Well, the weekend was a good one for me, Saturday I went to GW but nothing there...that wasn't so good but I did stop at JoAnn's and found the CS special issue! Looks like I'll be buying it there because they do get it alot quicker than Walmart.

I've so enjoyed looking and reading about Linda Silvas home, I've been a big fan of her home for a while even before we started blogging:) I'd always go to her webshots then was thrilled when I found out she had a blog:) I really liked how she explained not to use so many small things and that to look for the "wow" and use a large object then a few smalls.

I watched the girls this morning and there is a half hour after I take Syd to the bus before I have to dress Sam for preschool so I redid Michele's shelves, taking away all the smalls and making a completely different look to it and dusted for her, gave me some play time:)

Also in the mail that day came the spring Mercantile Gatherings magazine, Linda Rudman's home is shown and oh I just loved how they framed the pictures of her home, of course I've just poured over it:)
Also in the mail came a wonderful box of goodies from the swap we had at Angie's. My swap partner was Toni ...look at the cute card she made and it included a sweet note too:) Toni, how did you know I needed a new spring magnetic tablet for my fridge? Love the pen too with the cross and the little note book kit to do with scrap paper. I'm almost afraid to try it because I've never worked with paper before:) Thanks you so much Toni, I'm really going to enjoy this:)
Then Friday Sue sent the cupcake calender that I won from her blog, the cupcakes are just beautiful the girls will love it Sue...thanks so much!

I did manage to take down the Americana sign that I had under my kitchen cabinets and put this stitchery there instead...no I didn't do this one, I won it on ebay a few years ago.

I printed off this German Easter rabbit over at Dame Penniwig's , we got a new printer and it is wonderful for things like this...the paper is creme BTW:) I think it will really add to my spring stuff this year, thanks !

That's about all I've been up to lately just waiting for spring to show it's face...oh I do have these updates on some things :
1. The fireplace insert has worked out just great, our home is all electric Stush said our electric bill was 250.00 for one month...after a month of having the fireplace insert in and that includes the days of zero temps and below, the bill was 56.00!!! What a savings huh?
2. I'm going to go back to commenting to you on my blog comment section, I know some of you have asked questions and I always forget to write them down so I'll be doing that, I don't want you to think I'm being rude...just forgetting:)
Have a wonderful day everyone!

Now don't forget to check back because I will be commenting on my comment column to you:0

UPDATE...I'm having trouble leaving a comment on some blogs, the verification letters won't come up, just wanted you to know that's why I havn't been on:0


  1. Rondell - I love that stitchery that you have posted and that old buggy wheel is great!! I would love to see the other items you have around your buggy wheel. I have one myself, but still have yet to use it anywhere. Hmmm, think, think thinking where should I put it!?!

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Nice goodies you received in the mail. And I think I would pass out if our power bill was only $56.00! Have a great day!

  3. Lisa...I'll post a picture tomorrow for you, thanks for asking:)

  4. Hi Susan,
    It was a shock to me to see that it lowered the bill so much:)

  5. I love that stitchery and the little wagon wheel beside it. I would die for a $56 light bill. What I could buy with that extra money. :)


  6. Wow! What a difference a wood burner can make... I guess in this case hubby knew what he was talking about!
    I love your stitchery that you purchased on ebay! Very prim and I would have snatched that up too!
    Have a wonderful Fat Tuesday!

  7. Lisa,
    I like that stitchery as well. We burn wood so we have been fortunate, we only buy a tank of propane gas about every year and a half. Isn't wonderful that your hubby suggested that ~ more money for prims, LOL. Have a wonderful day. Great goodies, too.

  8. What fun goodies you got! Glad you got the calendar, the girls will love baking cuppies with you!

  9. I love both Linda's homes. :) It's so fun seeing our blog friends published!

    What a great savings on that fireplace insert! We have a fireplace and it's just open, so I wonder if anything can be done with ours to save some $. Can use all the help we can get. We in the middle of switching insurances for our cars and home. Have a great day!

  10. wow you did get some great goodies from your swap partner! have fun. The mercantile is great isn't it! The featured shop is a good friend of mine Sally Reuter who lives close by. Have a good day! Angie

  11. wow an exciting treasure of goodies there Rondell!!

    What do prim lovers do for Easter then? I havent been around prims for the full year yet so easter stuff will be new to me.Looking ofrward to seeing yours. I see the bunny - he looks good!

  12. That "prairie life" sign is wonderful! Glad to hear about the savings on your fireplace insert!
    Have a great day!!

    P.S. Be sure to stop by my blog and enter my giveaway if you haven't done so yet! :)

  13. So many wonderful goodies to enjoy! And two new magazines as well. What a pleasant way to fritter away the time waiting for spring.

    Amazing savings as well. You must be thrilled beyond words to have that money back in your pocket. What a blessing, Rondell...

  14. So many nice goodies that you received! Nice to hear about the wood burner, hubby wants to add an insert and I have been dragging my feet.


  15. Wow so many goodies! I can't wait to see Linda's home in print.

    I am having haad time getting around to blogs once, never mind to see if there is a comment back to me so please don't ever feel you have to comment back to me - Okey dokey? If i have a question, I know how to reach you!!

    hugs, Linda

  16. Hi Rondell,
    Great goodies you got in the mail. I did the swap over at Angie's also. My swap buddy mailed my goodies yesterday and I can't wait to get them.
    I hope I get my Mercantile Gathering Magazine soon. I picked up the Home Tour of CS at a prim shop last Friday. I just love these two magazines.

  17. I love the type of mail you have received lately. WOW!! on the insert--that's amazing!! have a great day. Julie

  18. I hope you will take some pictures of this "wow" way of decorating...I think I'm visualizing it but not sure...for example I have a great big white prim swan of wood, and put it on top of an armoire, instead of a bunch of little things, and I do think it looks a lot better now...gosh you really saved money with that fireplace insert...

  19. Hi,

    Such wonderful goodies!!!!! I really like the stuff that your swap partner sent you!!!!!!!!!

    Love, Joy =D

  20. Rondell,

    I'm having the same problem with the verification letters too...it's happening on Joy's blog right now everytime for me!

    I love that Prairie Life stitchery!

    Wow on the light bill! That's wonderful! We can't burn wood because Colt immediately gets sick with sinus problems. I haven't seen a $56 light bill in...I don't even remember!

    You just reminded me that I may need to renew my Mercantile Gatherings magazine subscription. I haven't gotten mine yet and I think I subscribed last year in Feb.


  21. Oh wow, you got a wonderful batch of goodies! :)
    Like that Prarie stitchery!
    That's wonderful about your elec bill...what a savings, that's amazing!!!

    have a wonderful day.

    hugs, Kath

  22. Hey Rondell! I will have to look up your friend and see her pics. I am excited about the CS special edition mag. I may have to go see if our JoAnns has it yet.
    I always enjoy seeing your pics too. Love the stitchery adn the bunny!
    Have a great week!

    P.S. I too have been having trouble with the word verification coming up. I hit the post button anyway, and 99% of the time, it will give me a new word verification, so iI type it in and it goes through. So try that next time and see if it works for you.

  23. Thanks for visiting me over in my little corner of blogland. You got some great goodies Rondell! I'll have to scoot to Joanne's for my special copy of the CS. I'm glad to know it's out!
    Aren't you glad you got that fireplace insert now? What a great savings that will be for years to come.
    Hugs & blessings to you~ Birgit

  24. Yay!! I`m so glad you liked all your goodies!!!
    For the journal,when your using the glue the best way to apply it is to drizzle it on and then spread it very thin.I found that if you don`t spread it it will leave lumps everywhere:)
    Hope you have a blessed day!!
    Love and blessings,Toni


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