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Sunday, February 1, 2009

♥ My Saturday Night and Were Having a Super Bowl Party ♥

First I have to apoligise for the blurry pics...it just couldn't be helped:0
Last night Stush surprised me, his daughter and her boyfriend by taking us to Pittsburgh and riding the Incline up to Mt. Washington to eat at The Georgetown resturant. It was so cold up there the wind went right thur you:0 I used different settings but for some reason they just didn't come out good and I was so cold that I didn't care. LOL
I think this one was taken as we rode the Incline.
Here we are inside the Incline and it was freezing in there plus I didn't even want to ride because I just don't like it but he made me and after I got up there I was glad I did because the food was just wonderful:)

From where we ate you had a full veiw of the city of Pittsburgh, just beautiful!

So today we are all getting ready for the Super Bowl party! I ran to Walmart to pick up a few things and this is what I came home to, I think he knew not to do it while I was home. LOL

Sorry about the double pictures I'm posting this in a hurry...making pepperoni dip for here and a big one for Chris' party.

My poor shelf...thank goodness it's only for one day!

I sure hope the Steelers win my husband will be in 7th heaven if they do and really down in the dumps if they don't:)
I hope everyone is having a great Sunday and relaxing:)
Rumor is that a big snowstorm is headed our way...up to 12 inches by Tuesday!!! We will see though weathermen have been known to be wrong:)


  1. Best wishes for your team on the big game. Dinner looked like a nice treat.

  2. Hi Rondell -- I'm rootin' for you guys, even tho it should be a PA super bowl :<( I am getting over it. LOL. You guys will win for sure. (You would have definatly won aganst us, because we suck!!)I saw that view you posted (in daytime) last time I was at Pitt --very cool! I liked Pittsburgh alot, even though I ALWAYS got lost there!

  3. I am sure the view was breath taking last night. I don't like riding things like that either but it was worth it. Have fun at the Super Bowl party. I hope your team wins!

  4. NO fair - we are pouting because the Pats don't play this year. Since they don't, I hope the Steelers win so your DH won't sulk!! Have a great time!!

  5. I love the football decor ~ it looks great with all your prim stuff ! :-) Hope you all have a fun day !
    Janae :-)

  6. I chuckled when I saw the "new"
    decor! Lovely! LOL!!
    Our friend/neighbor is rooting for the Steelers too! He and our pastor are very big fans of "their" teams....
    (which played against each other a few games back)
    Sounds like you had a lovely evening out....don't know if I'd been up for the incline ride, though!

    Have a fun evening!

  7. GO STEELERS!!!!! OH I hope they win!!!! Fan for 35 years!!
    Pamela in Ohio

  8. Have fun at your party and I hope your team wins.


  9. We've got the game going on in the background as I sit and do my blogging. Have fun with your party. Hope the Steelers win!
    Hugs~ Birgit

  10. Hi,

    Our church is also having a Super Bowl party tonight. What a wonderful dinner!

    Love, Joy =D

  11. rondell, i sure hope the snow storm passes over ohio. lol
    i have a brother rooting for pittsburgh, and two stepbrothers live in arizona...... lol
    this year i am not choosing who i want to win.( well, sshh.,, go pittsburgh) just dont tell anyone i said that. :)

  12. Hi Rondell,
    Wow, I bet that was a beautiful view last night at dinner!! I know you are all having fun today and I hope that your team wins.

  13. How sneeky of him to redecorate while you were away!
    But it really doesn't look too bad!
    I am watching the game now and it looks like the Steelers will be the Super Bowl Champs!
    So hubby will be very happy!
    Right now, 4th quarter, 20-7!


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