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Friday, January 30, 2009

♥ The Letter A ♥

Hi everyone!
Well, here it is Friday already and almost the month of February, can you believe it? January flew by for me and I think it did because of my "attitude":) I decided to stop and see the beauty of the month of January instead of being down in the dumps about it, it used to be the longest month for me I also think it looks better with all the snow we got and it not going away! Don't get me wrong I'm very glad it's going to be over and we can head into the month that represents "love". Speaking of love, I asked Joy of Doodlebugs to assign me a letter and she gave me the letter "A", my first thought was A???? what can I love that starts with the letter A. Believe me I really had to put on my thinking cap for that one, so I grabbed a piece of paper and pen and thought....... so here are my ten things that start with the letter a that I love:)
1. The first word that came to mind was...angels, I believe they are always around us and that our Father sends them in situations to help or save us. The next was Alex...she has the prettiest hands I've ever seen, long, slender and you can tell that she will be able to have long fingernails one day, I always tell her she has angel's hands:)

2. Abundance...I love that I have an abundance of love from my family

3. Attitude...I really have a different attitude since of got older. I don't care what others say or do about me, I like me and that is all that matters.

4. Antiques...Oh, how I love them and I've had a love for them since the late 70's so much I wish I had more of them but I'm very happy with what I have:)

5. Airplanes...I love to travel in them, I know some of you are saying "Is she nuts"? But I do, I love take off and landing.lol Of course I always love to sit in the first seat of a roller coaster too:) Must be the adventurer in me!

6. Awesome...I think my kids and granddaughters are awesome, the love I have for them is "awesome".

7. Acceptance...I've learned how to accept the situations in my life and knowing how when I do that I can move on to something better:)

8. Achievement...I love to set small goals for myself to get to the bigger goal that I want to achieve.

9. Agile...I love to exercise, I think I've mentioned this before, but I do it for my health and yes, to look good in clothes I'll admit. I also want to have good balance and be agile for when I get older, I don't want to suffer with a broken hip someday and I think we should think of these things when we decide to exercise.

10. Amen!!!

I got Sydney off to school today and here she is on the computer before she had to get dressed. She always asks to read Joy's blog and I know when she gets old enough she will want to do a blog too! I can't wait for that:)


  1. Very inspiring, Rondell! Toss me over a letter and I'll gie it a try, but I doubt it will be as nice as yours! (PS-- you are REALLY into those labels!! LOL)

  2. Rondell,

    So sorry you got a harder letter! lol! But I've got to ask, where's "Alex"? lol! I'm glad Joy didn't give you "E". She kept wanting to give out that letter and I convinced her it would be too hard. She was probably trying to find one that nobody had yet! I think you did a great job with it! I thought the airplane one was interesting!

    Joy hasn't been on the computer yet this morning, but when she sees the picture of Sydney on the computer, she's going to love it! Too bad we don't live closer...I bet they would be instant friends!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh Rondell~ You have given me such a great idea on a redo with my red and white boxes that I bought at goodwill last week! Thank you!
    I so love those labels...I have some small spice ones coming this week! That Susie is so nice and creative!
    I love Joy's blog...it would be wonderful for your granddaughter to blog, I think it really builds writing skills!
    Have a warm weekend!

  4. I love the prim round boxes and the labels on them. I am so addicted to decorting with labels now. I am saving every jar that I come across and next I need to get some cheesecloth for the lids. Have fun decorating!!

  5. Hi Rondell,
    I'm loving your prim boxes...I love to see what ya do with your labels!
    Loved reading all your "A"s!

    Have a wonderful weekend

  6. Hi,

    well, I don't know...it couldn't have been that hard....you did great!!! =D Tell Sydney hi and thanks for reading my blog for me! =D

    Love, Joy =D

  7. I'm kinda partial to the letter "A" also. ;-). Love your choices.

  8. Great post, Rondell! I just love everything that you have put labels on. Looks great on the band boxes.

  9. Great words, Rondell!
    Hugs, Kimberly

  10. Those hat boxes with the labels are awesome. I just LOVE them, have a great day!!!

  11. Isn't it so true? Now that we are this age, we do feel better about ourselves and we don't let the little things get to us like they did in our 30's and 40's.

    Have a great weekend and enjoly your Super Bowl team. I hope they win!!

  12. Rondell~
    Do not go out and get that book just yet!
    Email me and I will let you in on some details!!

  13. Great job thinking of A things you love ! I love the boxes with the labels on them too ! Have a great weekend Rondell !

  14. Rondell
    You did great with the letter. It wasn't an easy one.
    I emailed you. I would love to do a road trip. It'll be fun.


  15. Such a sweet and thoughtful post, Rondell.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend and your guests ... and I imagine you'll all be watching the Super Bowl.

    Stay warm, my friend!

  16. I think that's wonderful that she's into reading her Blog or anyone's blog - this is a good incentive for her to keep journals and track of her days.

    Your letter A assignment was fruitful! You did a great job.


  17. What a lovely list, Rondell. Love your boxes.


  18. Your boxes turned out great Rondell!
    Feb. has always been the worst month for me. Even though it's a short month, it always seemed to go so slow.
    Enjoyed reading about your 'A's.

  19. Those are great A words. Amen to all of them. Hope you have a great weekend. Julie

  20. Rondell,
    Yes, I bought Country Sampler at Wal-Mart last week. They had quite a few but are down to maybe 5 now. I got mine up where all of the books and magazines are. I rarely find CS in the check-out lines. I also saw a few at Jo-Ann's yesterday.

    You're right...no pattern. The bigger hearts I used a heart template that I made and used years ago to do and the rest I did by hand. I just kind of came up with ideas for the designs and drew them on :)

    Have a great day!


  21. Love your list of A's it's always fun reading and learning about my blogging friends.
    You can give me a letter, I'll give it a try.


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