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Monday, January 12, 2009

♥ More Jars ♥

Hi everyone...happy Monday evening to ya!

Here are some more jars that I did to put on my kitchen counter, I was going to take the smaller two back to Walmart and get two more like the one in the middle but I figured that it would just take up more room on the counter so decided just to keep these smaller ones and cut the label down. They turned out the way I wanted them to so I'm happy and they make a room look so prim. I'm really trying to learn alot with this new, little red camara so this pic was a full size of the livingroom and hallway that I cropped to this size;0

I stopped at the Country Store in Belle Vernon and she is having a 1/2 off sale ...everything for sale is in the two small back rooms so it's hard to get around in there, I did buy this wool pillow for $7.00 I have it on my desk there!
Here it is close up, I wish I could get my stitches even like they are on the pillow, that's sort of why I bought it so that I could use it as a guide...that and because I really liked it:) I did finish my candle mat so I'll show that Wednesday, I'm thrilled with it because I didn't use a pattern and also used wool that was from the jacket I got at Goodwill. I need to find some more colors though the jacket wool was all fall looking colors.

I cropped this picture too but didn't do to good at it... my walls look white and they aren't in the keepingroom. This is the lamp I got too for $9.00, I think I got a deal on it, it's just what I wanted. I have it sitting here but probably will move it around a little more. I bought more prim stuff and will post pics later on.

I watched Samantha and Alex today, it was like watching twins because they are only a year apart, I must say though that they were good. After I picked Alex up I then picked Sam up and went to watch them at Michele's then at 4PM I had to bundle them up and go a block to pick up Sydney at the bus stop. I'm beat.lol I don't know how I did it with four...just younger then I guess!
Have a great evening and stay warm:)
My weigh in is tomorrow so I'll be posting about it!


  1. I love the look of those jars! The pillow is fantastic too!

  2. Hi Rondell,
    I so love your jars...I'm really thnking about ordering some labels. they look so prim!
    Love the pillow and the lamp! Good deals!
    I can't wait to see your candle mat...

    Have a wonderful evening...RELAX! :)


  3. Hi Rondell!
    ....I was tryin' to post a comment and it disappeared...(I think)...LOL...
    did ya get it?? :)

    Just in case...here it is in a nut shell: I LOVE your jars and the pillow and the lamp! I can't wait to see your candle mat...
    have a wonderful evening-Kath
    sorry if ya got this twice!

  4. Don't you just love those jars? I have several from Walmart and K-mart like that and some have labels on them too but I love your labels.
    I still have to check out her site but gotta go back to your post to find it!!!

    Cute pillow and can't wait to see the finished p.rug!


  5. WOW!! You got some great buys. That pillow was a steal. I am so happy you found such great things.

    I loved your comment about your 3 Grand daughters - they are so lucky to have you in their lives!!

  6. Don't you just love those jars??? I have them too, but I don't have mind labeled. Great pillow and lamp, too.

    Hope you're staying warm...I hear we're in for a real cold spell!

    Take care,

  7. Hi Rondell,
    Love your cute pillow and lamp. You've done just a wonderful job with your jars.

  8. Ewwwww, I LOVE your stuff! The jars look great, and what a bargain on the little lamp!! And that pillow (wiping slobber as I drool) -- you are getting me in a shopping itch! Will have to find some time this week to give in to it!!!! Love the pillow.

  9. Hi, I just happened to come by your page from Linda's Red Door and noticed in your post that you mentioned Belle Veron...would that happen to be in PA? My daughter went to Cal U in California, Pa and we went through Belle Veron all the time. In fact, my good friend's sister and brother in-laws live there. I will be adding your blog to my must read list! pam

  10. Rondell,
    Your jars turned out wonderful and what a deal on the pillow and the lamp. Love them all. I may have to order those labels myself. They do prim up a room.


  11. I had to tell ya I just ordered the labels. Thanks for the link.


  12. Hey Rondell-I am still waiting on my labels-(Boo Hoo). Yours look great. I did go to the Trax's flea market-they had alot of Christmas stuff 60%off. I picked up a couple things. The antique loft is really nice now. I haven't been there for a while. I will post my Tobacco-thermometer. I love it. I might have to stop by the Country Store this week too.

  13. I love jars too, I always buy them and never have anywhere to put them..... but I do end up finding somewhere!!

  14. Hi Rondell, Love what you did with the labels and jars. Very neat.

    I also love your lamp. I have found some good deals in prim shops, but not lately.

    Have a wonderful evening.

  15. I love how your jars turned out, especially the square one. How special to spend the afternoon with your grandkids, they do have alot of energy! Love your pillow, looks great on your desk.

  16. Rondell,
    The jars look great :)

    Your stitches will look like that, too...with practice :) It is tricky! I'm not really in love with blanket stitch, are you? I like how it looks, just not doing it! LOL

    You'll get better with the editing of your photos and taking pictures. I was a little intimidated with our new camera when we got it but I love this thing. It's just a cheap camera but takes amazing pictures, that and Picasa 3 is good for editing :)

    Have a great day!


  17. I have a new award for you, my friend! Pop over to my blog to see...

  18. Hey there;

    I LOVE the pillow and ADORE the lamp!!! What a deal on BOTH! Sadly there are very few "prim" stores here in New Brunswick, Canada. Just one in my "city" of 50,000. There are a couple more about an hour's drive away...but they are pricey...I think because they are unique to the area.

    You are lucky to have such good and CHEAP deals!!!

    I like your dry sink as well.

    Have a great day!



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