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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

♥ It Must Be the Weather ♥

Can you tell I'm bored? I've been playing with my camara...I really want to learn the different settings and use them. I know you have seen these rooms before but maybe not in this light which to me is to light. This pic and the one below is of my keeping room. On the table is a wisk broom I won on ebay for just .99 I felt lucky to get it because some are going for 12.99 and up especially if they have a grouping of three. I watched 3 go for $46.00 can you believe that? I remember my dad having one to clean out the car with:)

You can see all the snow out the window there and of course it's cold out too.
I'm also thinking on painting the corner cupboard black, the inside of the cupboard is painted barn red.

I can't wait to tear down this wallpaper in the entryway...it never photographs well, it is red ticking!

Not much going on here...I did finish my little pillows and they turned out pretty good! I've also been watching the inauguration seems senator Kennedy had a spell... I hope he is okay.
Tonight we at least meet some friends for a while, it will feel good to get out for a little bit.
Have a great day everyone:)


  1. Thanks for sharing the pics Rondell.

    Those camera settings can be tricky cant they?

  2. The corner cabinet would look great painted black. My husband has a little whisk broom in his truck, maybe I should confiscate it!!

  3. I love your butter churn sitting there in the corner of the picture :) And I so love your sewing machine. I keep looking for one but around here they go for alot of money because people know what we are looking for...hehe

    Love your rooms!

    Have fun tonight...


  4. I love being able to see all the "goodies" in your house! have a great day!

  5. Rondell~I hear ya about being bored!!!
    Me too! I can't seem to get motivated much to do anything!
    Are you still working?
    Have fun getting out with your friends!

  6. I love the pics of your home, and I also love the pic of buster!!!

  7. Hey Rondell, drop me an email and let me know what you discovered about the camera settings -- I still have no idea what I'm doing (as you can tell!) and my pics are disorted by light, too! DId ya discover anything good? I've tried the pet settings,(LOL) daylight, nightlight, candlelight, etc etc... the colors are still distorted and too light!!

  8. Hi Rondell - I can't get my camera to work the way I want it.
    Everytime I pick it up to use it I'd rather be throwing it! lol

    Hey, we have ticking wall paper in our den and it does the same thing...lines appear ziggy!

    Been watching the inaguration as well....very nicely done I think.


  9. wow thats fabulous! love everything...and thats funny about the whisk broom...my mom FINALLY gave me hers...haha i remember going and whiskin out our blazer as a kid with it...god forbid they buy a dirt devil LOL

  10. Hi ROndell,

    I can't figure mine out so I take the same picture in several settings with lights on and off AND at different times of the day and upload them all and then go through them all until I get the one I like! LOL takes forever! I hope you conquer yours!! hugs, Linda

  11. Oh Rondell...that keeping room I just love it...it all looks so good! Beth

  12. Hi Rondell-Your house looks really nice. Its funny to see other peoples houses decorated like mine. I don't have any one who decorates like me. My mom is close but still more traditional. I have been sick with the flu so I also am bored. I did get my label but have been to sick to work on anything. I think the flea market is this weekend. Maybe if I'm better I'll cruise on over. Do you know if the Country Store closes for the winter? Someone thought they did.

  13. Hi Rondell,
    I just love your hoosier cupboard!!
    I sometimes have problems with my photos being too light also, but I found out that I can change them on the computer. After they are on the computer...if I double click on a photo, it brings it up in windows photo gallery and I can then crop it and change the color tint of it. I can even make them black & white. I have not use it that much yet and am still playing around with it. I'm much happier with my camera now that I know I can change the photos some on my computer.

  14. love love that cabinet and all your goodies in it..

  15. Hi Rondell-Love your keeping room! All your rooms are so prim and nice!
    I always enjoy your pics!
    I have yet to master my camera! I doubt I ever will ;)

  16. I have always loved that hoosier cabinet of yours from the first time I ever saw it on the CS forum, Rondell! You have it decorated really well too!

    It's fun playing around with the camera. I have so many settings that I need to learn on mine. I keep saying I'm going to take a class, but haven't done so yet.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  17. I too think the corner cabinet would look good painted a prim black! I'm always playing with me camera too trying to learn to use it like it was meant to be,so many options! Enjoyed the tour, glad you got out for awhile!

  18. Thanks for sharing the pics Rondell! I cannot believe how much the whisk brooms are going for! have a blessed day!

  19. rondell, love all your goodies!! did you make the label ( on the jar) in your header?
    my mom has striped wall paper in her hall. it doesnt photo well either. lol i hate it. i told her its like being in an asylum. tee hee
    i am never going to get used to all the features on my camera. my daughters just roll their eyes at me when i ask how to do this or that on it.

  20. I just love your home. I've been trying out my new camera too and it's great. Unfortunately I'm not, so my pics are never great unless my daughter takes them.

  21. Okay Rondell~ Give me some ideas on what else I can add to my tabletop table!
    A wooden candle stick with a grubby candle?

  22. I hear ya about the camera settings!!!!! Your pictures are wonderful and I enjoyed seeing all your things!!!!! Loved it all!!!!
    I'm bored, too! Getting out sounds like a good idea!


  23. Rondell, your first pic looks SO MUCH BETTER! It's not too light at all...it actually lets us see your pretties.

    Please use this setting more often! (((hugs)))

  24. I've just spent the longest time pouring over every detail of your keeping room. Love it! I like that large glass jar filled with cookie cutters. I've got to hunt a jar for mine now!


  25. Oh I L-O-V-E your Hoosier cabinet! I have wanted one for years but hubby doesn't think it will go with our decor. Oh well, maybe one day. *grin*


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