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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

♥ Whatcha Working on Wednesday ♥

I know I'm a little late but I've been putzing around here all day...it is so cold but not as cold as in North Dakota which they said was -40* whew...I don't think I could take that.lol

Anyway here is may candle mat all finished, I used no. 8 ecru cotton thread, the first time I used two different colors of thread on one project:) I used my antique trunk that I have beside my couch as a backdrop for it. "Practice makes perfect"... is what I keep saying to myself as I do these penny projects:0 These two I just cut out , the one on the right is a cat with a heart on it and the other is a heart... I don't know what I'll do with them when I finish but again it will give me practice.
I'm thinking spring as many of us are, so I decided to stitch, I haven't done it for a while since way before Christmas because I worked... then the holidays came. It felt good to pick up the needle and the DMC! I got this far then ran out of the barn red thread, I thought I had more but I didn't so I'll have to pick some up maybe tomorrow but it's supposed to be even colder than today!!! he's a bunny and I think I'll stitch the words Happy Easter or I may change it.

This picture is for Sue...I told her I would take a picture of the shelf Stush made me because she lost her catalog...so here it is Sue:) I hope this helps:)

Here is more pictures of my purchases at the Country Store. I got this Gooseberry Patch cookbook for $7.00 it was the last one left and I always wanted one but would never pay the full price because I'm not that great of cook. I like to look at the recipes and pictures of cookbooks but that's as far as it goes:) Maybe someday;)

Two more things here...I've always seen this jug in Country Sampler and always admired it, yep only one left and I got it for &12.00! The cutery tray, I think that's what they call them, is so cute it's only about 7 inches wide if anything and paid $5.00, there was a blue one but the lady already had it in her hand so I couldn't do anything about that.lOL

More cold expected for tomorrow and they said more snow, we got about 2 inches and at one point it was really coming down...then it stopped, I just wanted it to keep on coming down:)
Have a wonderful, warm evening everyone and thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy you!

Gee, I almost forgot...stop by Leslie's to see all the wonderful doings that some great bloggers are up to:)


  1. Rondell, I love how your penny rug mat turned out. You do such a good job. You will have to get an etsy & start selling. Love all your new prims. I've always wanted that same jug with the crow but just never bought it. Stay warm.


  2. Hi Rondell - I don't think any of my penny projects is ever perfect - it just makes them more prim.

    Practice makes perfect with cooking too my freind!! Gooseberry has very user friendly recipes too!

    Stay warm - it's even colder here!! hugs, Linda

  3. Hi Rondell-
    Boy-your candle mat turned out super! Love your little bunny stitchery too--and all your goodies ya got!!
    I'm dreading this cold snap......but it's only "supposed" to last a few days...and like you said it's not a cold here as it is in some places!

    Stay warm!


  4. What great finds! I have the same jug...I love them.

    Your penny rug looks great and I can't wait to see your new ones completed. I have to finish my snowmen one and then I have another all cut out to start. I just need to kick myself in the but and get going...LOL

    Well you say -40...tonight they are calling for -38...dangerous will chill and it is suppose to last right up to next week. I HATE WINTER because of this. How much longer till Spring...LOL
    I will be staying in I think except I have to take my daughter to the dentist tomorrow but let me tell you I wont waste time, when we are done there I will be coming home where it's warm :)


  5. great job on the penny rug!! i bought a few patterns at an online yard sale last year., i have yet to try them. lol
    great finds you got too!!

  6. Hi Rondell
    You're penny candle mat turned out great. I've yet to try making one maybe I'll make that my next project. Great finds at the country store.


  7. I love your penny rug mat. I bought some wool skirts at the Thrift Store to cut up but haven't done so yet....been smocking for granddaughter. I'll do that next. I see all you pretty things for your house and it makes me want to get started. Thanks for posting the picture and for sending me the measurements. Hopefully I'll get one made soon. I'll let you know.

  8. Hi Rondell,
    Your penny rug mat looks great.I want to try my hand at them if I can find some time.
    We got 6 inches of snow today. Our high tomorrow is 5 degree with wind chill of -15 and I have to go out tomorrow to take care of a few things. Brrrr....
    Stay warm,

  9. Rondell,

    I think you did a wonderful job on your penny rug mat. I want to try that some day!

    We must be getting some of your cold weather. It's supposed to be 8 degrees here tomorrow night. The wind is howling outside now as I type. Now if it would just snow, I would be one happy girl! :)


  10. Hi Rondell!

    I love your penny rug mat and your stitchery is going to be fabulous:)

  11. You are coming right along on your penny projects! I love the mat you finished! Great finds at the country store!!

  12. very fun projects! I love your penny rug. It turned out great!

    Sorry it's so cold there!!! Try and keep warm. :)

  13. Rondell~ Love your penny mat and your new beginnings on your heart and cat!
    What a wonderful little jug love it!

  14. The cold isn't so great but I'm trying to just enjoy the pretty snow and think how fortunate I am to be inside my warm house :) Winter will be over before we know it...

    Love your candle mat. I still have yet to pick up my felt and work on anything. I have a candle mat pattern that I found saved on my computer that I would like to work on at some point...the only thing is I don't know where to put it when it's done as anything I sit on it will cover the picture?! Any ideas?! LOL

    Good luck with the stitchery. I'm always running out when I least expect it, too. BTW- If you have a Jo-Ann's, they're floss is on sale this week :)

    Have a great day!


  15. Your rug turned out fantastic Rondell!
    I love the goodies you got at the country store. I love the jug.
    We finally got some snow, and it looks so pretty...even frozen.
    I just hope this bitter cold goes away soon. It's just too dangerous for all the little critters out in it.
    Take care -

  16. Hi Rondell
    Wher's this country store?? I tried to find a prim shop in Greensburg on Mon but they were closed.

    You did a great job on the penny rug. I love penny rugs. That's my next project for myself. I belong to a yahoo group that deals with penny rugs. the eye candy is great.

    The stitchery is coming along great. Oh Easter already I better get busy.



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