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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

♥ Now Don't Laugh!!! ♥

But this is what helped me lose a 1lb (also watching what I eat) after doing it 7 times:) You see when I gain weight I don't gain in the behind, hips or thighs....I gain in my stomach and waist and I hate it! Last April I finally had my knee operated on, it was a torn cartilage, so almost a year or more of just putting up with it then the three months of recuperation after having the operation really put the weight on around my middle because I couldn't excercise without pain, even walking. I must say it is fun and hard but I'm dancing:0... well trying too...it's not easy to move your hips like they do believe me and your arms feel like they have ten pound weights on then by the time the hour is up! I've noticed a difference in my stomach, legs and waist they seem to be tighter, today I did it the 7th time so on the 14th try I'll let you know if there is anymore difference. Of course watching Maxium makes it all worth while:) I found it at Walmart, all the excercise dvd's were on sale so for 9 bucks it was so worth it, I bought another one too and I'll use it after I can do these 4 dances like a pro.lol I promised more picks of what I got at the Country Store...these are star ornies which can be hung but I prefer them in a bowl, the one in the middle is a little different then the rest...I got them all for $10.00, I've always wanted some ornies in a bowl:)

She also had some faux little plants but I can't remember what I paid for them:) The one in the front isn't faux it's an African Violet that I've had for a few years now:)

I'll show more tomorrow plus tomorrow is Whatcha Working on Wednesday...don't forget!!!


  1. Rondell~I have no rhythm what so ever! But I would love to dance and look like them!!!
    I can't believe that those plants are faux...they look so real!
    I have a black thumb so those would be perfect for me!
    Keep up the dancin' girl! You are inspiring me to try something new!!

  2. Keep on dancing, Rondell! It's one of the best forms of exercise because it doesn't feel like exercise!

    Love your little plants.

    The Texas Woman

  3. You go girl...dance it off!
    I am waiting for you to post some pictures or even better...a video..of you DANCING QUEEN! Beth

  4. I won't laugh! I wish I could dance along with you but my knees won't let me! Good for you girl! Keep at it!

  5. CAN I SEE A VIDEO???????? lol! Go Eagles, and well, maybe the Steelers, too!

  6. What's that saying? "Dance like no one is watching"...you go girl!! Julie

  7. Hi Rondell!
    I'm not laughin at all-I think that's fabulous!! Dancing is a great exercise!!
    and ....

    Keep on havin FUN-girl!
    I'll be watchin for ya next season on Dancin with Max...'err...I mean Dancing with the Stars! ;)

    Good goin!!


  8. Oh Shoooot!
    I was so tickled about you dancing I forgot to tell ya I liked your goodies! :)


  9. I almost bought that same dance dvd. Is it easy? Or fun in anyway? As long as I feel like i'm having fun, I can do those. Usually I get bored. Cheryl is so gorgeous she would be easy to watch with whoever is her partner.

  10. Oh my goodness Rondell,
    I broke out into a sweat just 'looking' at that dancing excersize DVD. Good for you girl!!

    I love to dance as well, but I have two left feet. These days I'm happy to walk and stay upright, I can't imagine learning those dance moves.

    I also wanted to say that I loved the job you did on the jars. Now, where did you get the labels from if you don't mind me asking?

  11. I think it's great, Rondell! That sounds like fun to me! Yay for you!

    I've been exercising on the gazelle every day and dieting (somewhat) and lost about 8 lbs in 3 weeks! It sure is harder losing than gaining, isn't it? Jason is doing the same, and he is losing faster....no fair! Men lose it quicker!


  12. Well you go girl! Dance up a storm.

    Boy you got some pretty nice items there.


  13. Hi Rondell,
    Love the star ornies...they look really great in the bowl.
    Wish I could dance, but it's on the "not allowed" list with my knee problems. Been lifting weights since Sept. and have now lost 14 lbs.
    Have fun dancing!!

  14. Keep up the great work!
    We purchased a Wii for the family and let me tell you that is my work out. So much that I have been in alot of pain for the past two days. I guess I have to set limits which is so hard. But I am thinking I will loose weight just doing this.
    I keeps track of your weight gain and loss. It is actually a pretty neat thing and will keep the family active.

    I love all your purchases and can't wait to see some more :)

  15. Rondell, That's great you are moving your bootay. Oh I love Maxium too! I could look at him all day long! LOL


  16. Rondell,I think that would be a fun way to lose weight!

    I can't believe those plants aren't either!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting my post today! Some of my labels came from a different seller on Ebay, her seller name is blue*cupboard*primitives. She has a large selection. Hugs!

  17. Love Dancing With The Stars video. Dancing does work!

  18. Rondell,
    What are the dimensions for the shelf thst Stush built for you? I saved my magazine for months and now that my son-in-law can build it...I can't find it. I think I remember that it was 48 in. long but that's it. If you have those measurements it sure would help. I LOVE IT!!! Keep dancing girl!

  19. my hubby is a real good salsa dancer so he would love if I picked up a tape like this! I think its great that you got it!

  20. Rondell - I wouldn't mind working out if I could dance - I love to dance - it is the actual working out I hate! I may go pick this up and try it with ya!

  21. Rondell,
    HA! You had me at Maxuim!!Totally worth the 9 bucks PLUS losing some weight as a bonus!!!
    Oh about the cupboard..I am reluctantly selling it! Ugh! I wish I could keep it but no room in the house!
    Take Care!

  22. That dvd sounds like just the ticket, Rondell ... and your new prim goodies and jars look terrific.


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