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Sunday, January 25, 2009

♥ Valentine Stitchery by Sydney ♥

Hello everyone,
I hope you all are having a good, restful Sunday, I know I'm tired and you'll see why later in this post:)
Here's the stitchery I talked about in my last post, I know I was supposed to post about it Friday but life gets in the way sometimes...Sydney drew this for me on the osenberg fabric and then I stitched it with DMC 902 because I still haven't made it to Jo-Ann's, I sort of like this shade of red anyway it's darker then the DMC 221. I didn't have a frame to fit the piece that she drew on so I thought I'd add some scrap wool that I had, I blanket stitched it on the top and bottom, in a very prim way since a 7 year old designed it.LOL You should have seen her face when I showed it to her...a great big smile:) Can you imagine when she has her own home and she puts this out to decorate with...I can:)
Here is the corner where I have put it, I can see it when I'm in the kitchen. I also took a picture of this sitting down, Linda suggested we try this and it does take a better picture but I'm still disliking the fact that my walls look white when there not. I wanted to get a shot of the corner cupboard anyway because I'm seriously considering painting it black and removing the yelloware bowls. I was on Primp Your Pad at Gathered Treasures and was looking at her webshots loved Cheryl's prim home and I got an idea from seeing her corner cupboard. This cupboard has been this way painted inside for a few years (before I had it painted a colonial blue) and it's been stained since the 90's so it's time for a change:)
Now the reason I'm so tired today is I went roller skating Saturday with Michele, Nick and my niece Paula and of course the granddaughters. The first hour and half was the lessons...the two youngest were really wobbley but Sydney caught on really well, she still fell but was off skating by herself! Samantha fell oh, I think a zillion times but still had a smile for the camara...

Alex had been to Gymberie for kids and then on to roller skating so I think she was tired also tired of falling:) I can't believe she will be 5 in two months she's so teeny I think she only wears a size 4 :)

Here's Sydney...she got her roller skates from Uncle Mike for Christmas:)

Michele and Nick....hmmmm payback time. LOL Michele said today that her arm is killing her from holding Samantha up:)

That is my niece standing by Michele in the light colored pants with her son Paul:)

I wasn't going to skate so afraid of falling and hurting knees or hips but then I thought that's no way to live I should do it...so I did... I hadn't been on skates since my 30's when Chris was about five! I was scared to death to put my roller skate down on the wooden floor but I did and it took me about four times, of almost losing my balance, around the rink for my brain to remember how to do it:) I just prayed that I wouldn't fall.LOL The shock and smiles on the girls faces when I went whizzing by them was priceless...I could hear them say "Look... grammy's skating." So if your looking for some good, clean fun try it again... plus it's great exercise!!!
But wait my day wasn't over yet...Stush and I went out with friends in the evening to dance to a disco band...believe me I don't need to do the Dancing with the Stars DVD today, I had enough exercise yesterday:)


  1. Love the stitchery and the cupboard. They both look great.

    How brave you are to go skating. I have not been on skates in yeeeaaarrs....... Looks like y'all had a great time.

  2. Very sweet Rondell! What a keepsake... it'll have to make an appearance at her wedding!
    Hugs, Kimberly

  3. Love the stitchery, sounds like you guys had alot of fun!

  4. What sweet stitchery, such a treasure! Love the cupboard!

  5. Hi Rondell,
    Your Valentine stitchery is so wonderful. Sydney will cherish it forever!!
    Looks like you all had a great time rolling skating. I love to go rolling skating...have not gone in a long time though. I agree it is fun and a great way to get excerise, cuz I sure feel it the next day.

  6. Roller Skating...I remember it so well. We used to go every Friday night! I loved it so much!
    Our skating rink burnt down around 15 years ago...and it was never rebuilt!
    I feel bad that our kids don't have a place like that to skate...they really would have enjoyed it! Just like it looks as though all of your grandbabies did!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. Looks like a fun time you all had. Your grandkids will remember those times! Dawn

  8. Rondell,

    Oh I love the stitchery that Sydney drew for you and you stitched! What a keepsake for you now, and Sydney one day! Please tell her that I love it!

    You're a brave girl...skating! I love to skate, but haven't done it in awhile. When Colt was younger, I hurt myself where I could barely walk for nearly 2 weeks while ice skating (which I think is harder though). Anyway, you're right it IS good exercise! Good for you! I know your grandaughters loved it!


  9. What a treasure that is Rondell! It will indeed need a special place in her own home someday!

    The only way to not get white walls is to avoid the flash. Don't know if you can do that though - it depends on the light in the room. I still have to take many pictures of the same thing in all different settings and download them all and sort through them until I find ONE good one! LOL

    Way to go skating!!

  10. You were sure busy, today, Rondell! You go girl, on those roller skates! I'm telling ya -- I was afraid to skate when I was a kid -- so afraid of falling!! (still too much of a wussy to try it now) -- but you made some great memories for your grandkids!
    The stichery is just so cute! Did you add the date somewhere -- so she'll see it when she's older?

    Go for painting the cuboard!I just took a break from this nightmare work I'm doing to do a little painting...LOL

    I have also been using Linda's pic tips, and I find the pics look 'warmer' at night, but my walls also look white when they are more beige.But keep trying -- sooner or later, we'll hit the right combo to get the pics "right." :>)

  11. Oh what a wonderful stitchery! She did such a nice job drawin it, I love how you finished it! :)
    What a wonderful keepsake!
    Looks like everyone had a blast skating!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  12. Rondell,
    The stitchery is just awesome! It's a great decoration and a wonderful keepsake and I'm sure it meant so much to Sidney :) Years ago I saw a picture where a lady took many of her kids doodles and stitched them on muslin and made a quilt. It was really cool. I started doing it with Shane's doodles in 1st grade but never really kept it up. I should start again!

    I have a cupboard in my bathroom that I think is getting an update very soon, too :)

    I'm still not sure about that rocker. I want it. I really do. It's just I don't feel like I should spend $60 on a rocker right now. We have the money, I'm just being really tight with it. (We went to my favorite antique place yesterday and I only bought two things...spent $11. That's the LEAST amount I have ever spent! LOL) I figure when I go back, if it's still there and I still feel so strongly about it, it's meant to be. If not, I'm going to recover my glider rocker covers and paint it. Something will work out :)

    Have a great day!


  13. I love the stitchery that Sydney drew out for you. I can just imagine the memories that will flood back when she hangs it in her home years down the road.

    I would be exhausted from roller blading too. Good for you for even going! I'm sore just thinking about it. :)
    Hugs & blessings to you~ Birgit

  14. Looks like skating was fun and I am sure I would be tired too!!

    I love the stitchery and love love love your yelloware!

  15. I love how the inside of your adorable corner cupboard is painted! Roller skating....gosh....I was just remembering how envious I was of the people who could skate backwards cuz I certainly couldn't! lol!

  16. I bet that stitchery becomes your very favorite! What a great idea and wonderful thing to do. Love it!

  17. Hello :D

    I received your e-mail and created a clipart at my blog as requested for the "Award Free" idea



  18. That stitchery would be my favorite of any...she did a great job and I know years from now she will love to have it. I like the way you stitched it on the wool also. I haven't skated in years...I'd be afraid I'd break something (on me!!)

  19. I love the stitchery...it is just to cute! I also love your corner cabinet...it's just wonderful! I can't wait to see what color you will paint it. I am sure it will look great.

    Roller Skating...OMG that brought back memories. I haven't done that for almost 30 years. Boy it would be fun to go with the girls :)))) It sure looks like everyone was having tons of fun. Memories that will last forever with the kids.


  20. Rondell, I have spent the last few hours looking over your blog and I want you to know how amazing I think you are.. the love you show your children/grandchildren is really something you don't see as much these days.. you have a wonderful family and I'm enjoying getting to know you. That stichery will be cherished forever.

  21. Hi Rondell.Thank you for leaving a comment.Robbie Burns is a very famous here in Scotland i am sure you will find the site interesting.I hope Ellis will one day draw something for me so i can stitch.What a lovley keepsake.I love all your lables and jars.Take care ~Kate~

  22. Rodell-Your stichery is so cute. I have to try to stich on day. Hope you had a great weekend. Did you go to trax this weekend?

  23. What a great stitchery--I should have my 9 year old do that-she would love it!! I haven't been roller-skating forever. Looks like you have a great time. Have a great day. Julie

  24. OMGosh Rondell - I give you credit to go skating! Not something I would do but way to go girl!
    Love the stitchery!

  25. that stitchery is priceless. you both did a wonderful job..glad you got out and rollerskated...:)

  26. The last time I was on skates I broke my dog gone left wrist and that was when I was like 10 years old! I admire you sooooo much for doing it. I never skated again and have always beed scared but it looks like so much fun!! Glad you had such a fun day...we all need that.

  27. Good for you! I can't remember the last time I skated and that's pretty sad considering I still have small children. (something to work on).

    I LOVE the stitcheries that are made from the artwork of our little ones. They are a favorite!

    Take care, hope the weather gets better.

  28. Rondell, Sydney should be a designer...it's perfect. These are my favorite, so crude and naive.
    Tell her for me, what a fantastic job she did:)
    Feel Gods arms around you today-


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