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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~ Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

I think I need to get a job...I haven't done anything today but play with my camara again and do more labels. Yesterday I got my Valentine labels in the mail from Yankee Lane Primitives alot of neat ones too! So I've been doing that plus I painted a barn red candlestick black. Here's a pic of it:) I also moved this jar from my keepingroom into the diningroom. This picture I took with the candlelight setting maybe it would have turned out better if it would have been night. I found this paper mache container in the bottom of my hoosier and decided to put a label on it...painted the lid black too over brown paint.
I think it turned out neat...still working with learning the settings:)

I like being able to make these myself!

I've been labeling everything it seems...here are two black tins that I got a while ago at a yard sale, they already had labels on them but they were a dark orange. I put the labels on over top of the orange and it didn't even show thur.

This is an old jar that I got years ago I had clothes pins in them so this label that was with the ones I got yesterday went great with it.

Still cold here, I think it was 8* this morning, I was looking at pictures I had taken last spring and sighing.lol So I had to quit...is anyone else getting cabin fever?


  1. Everything looks great! You've got things lookin so good that I had to go and order some of them darn labels!! Sure can't wait to get um!! Now I just need a free day to play around with um!
    Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  2. Rondell, if you are bored, please come help me paint, LOL. I like all of your jars and tins, they came out great. I think we are all getting a little cabin fever this year as it has been a hard winter so far. I'm hoping for a warm up soon. Have a great evening.


  3. Bored and cabin fever here as well!
    Even with crafting Im still bored!
    Love your jars, they look awesome!

  4. Funny how things are -- I would love to just have a day or two to NOT work and just prim and craft!! My backside hurts from working at the computer all day andf half the night. LOL. So, how many shots can you do on your camera before your memory is full? I can only get 5 or 6, so I must have the settings wrong. I think Linda must have good daylight coming in because it doesn't seem to matter for me if I take the pic in daytime or nighttime -- the walls still look white (they're beige) and everything has a sort of icky color...I'll keep trying.

  5. Love all the lables, cute, cute, cute!

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. I really like those black tins! And yes - I have cabin fever (I want to go back up north to my log cabin - lol!)

  7. I just love all the labels ! Where do you get them ?

  8. Hey Rondell;

    I love what you're doing with the labels....so glad you found them and told us all where to get them! :-)

    I have several old boxes that I'm going to do over like you have! Thanks for the idea.

    Everything looks go great!


  9. Love all of your labels. I just ordered some, too. Have a good evening.

  10. Great projects! Come and visit me anytime... I'm sure I have lots of things that could help to un-bore you!

  11. Your labels look great!! Too bad that all of us prim gals don't live closer together because then we could get together and share all sorts of prim crafty ideas (step by step). I am gonna have to check out those labes. I tried making a few, but I love the look of those.

    I am off to Amish Country this weekend with my Mom so I have lots of looking to do for tins, jars and other antiques that I have on my mind. I can't wait!! Thanks for sharing your great crafts!!

  12. Rondell, Love all the labels. I still have to find somethings to put mine on, but arent they great. I just love'em.

    I love the paper mache box and the black tins. They look great.

    Was chilly day here today. I think we got up to about 32 or so. Waiting for spring here.

  13. Rondell~I just got my labels in the mail today! I can't wait to find some jars to put them on! I am so glad that you showed them to us!
    Did you have to trim any of them or did you just put them on as is?

  14. Hey Rondell! I got mine yesterday, too! I haven't had a chance use them yet. You are fast! LOL!

    I loved the clothes pin one, too. I can't wait to do mine! Hugs!

  15. Your jars look fantastic, Rondell! And it's great that you're learning all about your camera, too.

    Winter sure does have a way of making us a little stir crazy, doesn't it?

  16. Hi Rondell ~ I just found your blog through Donna ~ Elm Hollow Prim. I posted a comment below yours and noticed your comment because you mentioned Trax Farms...I use to work there. I live in Scott Twp. which is in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Of course I had to stop over and see you. Love your home...its just beautiful and all your jars are lovely. Thanks kindly, Jenn

  17. Rondell,
    Just love everything you've been doing with the labels. Wow, by just painting the lid and putting the label on the paper mache container made it look like a different brand new one!!
    I've had cabin fever for the last few days, but it has just been too cold to really go out anywhere unless you have to. I don't might the cold...but I really don't like the bitter cold that we have been having. Sure wish that it would just get a little warmer.

  18. I solved my cabin fever and NO CS blues with a shopping trip. Well a fantasy one any way - check it out!

    I think I like the lable on the black tins the best - but they are all great!!

  19. I know - I am REALLY tempted to buy one but now I refuse to give them the extra business! It is plain rude that they can't be more accomodating to the featured home owners. I think 7 will be plenty anway! LOL

  20. I love them! All of your labeled goodies are looking so nice.

    I want cabin fever! LOL It seems there has been too much going on for me to even sit and be tired of winter or being cooped up. I just want a boring day for a change! Warmer temps sound good but I would actually take a nice snow storm...so we could just sit at home and do nothing but play Wii (I found one today!) and watch TV on the new big screen!

    Hope you're having a great night :)


  21. Love your labels! I must go take a look at that site too. Your tins and jars are gorgeous!!

  22. hi there i just love those jar labels can u tell me where to find them . i have so many old jars and just did my cupboards over and put everything in jars and that would look so cool. thanks jody

  23. my cabin fever is due to a little puppy that I can't leave period..he crys after 3 hours in his crate so can't be gone that long..or the kittys have to endure his whining...I love your jars..there is a gal on ebay that has alot for 20.00..still debating buying them or going with your gal...I love em...:)

  24. Oh I do believe that I am going to have to get some of those labels. They all look wonderful. I have 2 of those boxes sitting in my sewing area ... oh they would look so nice with labels.


  25. I have heard about those awesome labels on every blog! They are the talk of Blogland! I love all of your great ideas with them! So glad you shared them with us!

  26. I love all the prim pretties you have made, those labels are so neat!

  27. Absolutely awesome!!!! love your labels and containers.. Do you make the labels yourself? I'm so envious...


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