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Friday, January 16, 2009

♥ Such a Sweetheart ♥

No, I'm not talking about my granddaughters, although they are, I'm talking about Susie from Libertylane Primitives this is the email she sent to me this morning...

I just wanted to let you know that my labels are FLYING off the internet shelves. I can't thank you enough for posting the info to my ebay and Lemon Poppy Seeds on your blog. I'm sending you out a set of my new Valentine Labels as a thank you. Susie
What a great way to wake up...thanks Susie you put a smile on my face this morning:)

I finally got my picture put up from Jennifer from Christmas...the little white box that is on the shelf has a cutout of a snowflake and I have a flicker light in it but it didn't show I have it there because of the weather we are having -6 with a windchill of -24 below, for those of you that have even colder weather I feel for you.lol All the schools around us are closed for the day so they have a 4 day weekend what with Martin Luther King Day on Monday:) I have been following the rule of using odd numbers such as 3,5 and 7 to decorate...sometimes I forget though but I must say it does work so soon I'll be taking the snowflake down...hopefully:) A side veiw, sometimes I don't like these high ceilings!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...the mantel, do you have a place in your house be it corner or wall that just never satisfys you and is always a thorn in your side so to speak? Well, the mantel is mine, in length it is so long and hard to fill. Plus the brown brick wouldn't have been in the running if I had had to chose...I see that I have to much on the right and not enough on the left, maybe I'll add some fabric on the left side, I can't put any in the middle because of the fireplace insert heat. BTW I'm now glad Stush put it in, it is a cozy kind of heat and the furnace hasn't been on in a week!

Another pic of my shelf!

Decluttered here...this is where odd numbers work!

I love this long John basket, I've wanted one for quite a while...yes, $7.00 at the Country Store! I hung it on the side of my hoosier.

Well, that's all for today, not much going on around here, to cold, we are venturing out tonight for a birthday party for one of our friends, I need to get out of here for a while too...the Steelers play Sunday...go Steelers!!!
Have a great weekend too!


  1. How sweet of Susie!! That is a smart busniness woman.

    It is the same here too - BRR!

    I try to follow the odd numbers rule too and it indeed does work. Everything looks great rondell!

    have a great Friday and stay WARM!!

  2. Linda,

    I just did a post awhile back about my mantel. I have decorated it 100 times 100 ways and just never seem to really like it. UGH! My mantel is 8ft long. I have no clue what to do with it. I'm glad I'm not alone.

    I loved your shelf and picture.


  3. I am so sorry Rondell. I seen Linda's comment and accidently wrote her name.


  4. Rondell, everything is looking perfectly prim! Love the shelf your hubby made!

    I got an email from Susie like that, too! I sent her an email yesterday to let her know that I was using her labels and blogging about it. I told her you had posted first and gave her the name of your blog. She was so greatful to us for the advertising! I can't wait to get the Valentine labels!

  5. Rondell:

    Everything looks gorgeous!! As to the mantel, how about putting something on it that hangs BELOW the shelf a bit...to draw the eye down somewhat. ???? And maybe something fairly tall on one side (like the willow sticks in a small crock or something)...that way the space might feel more filled. Regardless, your home is lovely!!!

    Take care,


  6. WOW - That was very nice of her and well after seeing everyone do all this great suff with labels... I have started saving all of my jars and I think I am gonna have to try my hand at some of this artsy, craftsy stuff. Yep, I am getting the itch and I love Susie's labels!!

  7. I love her labels!...I must have missed that post...but, i am going to order some now too!...those are awesome!

    Keep warm!

  8. Rondell, I should be getting my labels today & am excited to see what I can come up with. That was a sweet thing of Susie. I am painting the living room so when I put stuff back I will definitely try the odd number rule. Everything looks great @ your pri home.


  9. Your home ALWAYS looks great. My mantel is my thorn too....I never feel that it looks right. Guess what came in the mail yesterday? Another catalog with the shelf but you had already sent me the dimensions and pictures. THANKS SO MUCH....Stay warm!

  10. Rondell-Good Afternoon, I am sooooo bummed I still havent recieved my labels. I think I'll give one more day and send an email. They came out of paypal and that was verified so I don't know what the heck. Your home looks nice. I love love love to decorate.The 3-5-7 rule of thumb goes a long way. My mom taught me that when I was in my 20.(Unless your looking for symetry-then its even on both sides.) About your mantle I think your correct the right side looks good. Just incorporate some of the same texture on the left side whether it be cloth-tin -glass-The eye should follow some what of a pattern. Good luck. Keep warm.
    Ps. The game is Sunday dont get carried away.LOL. GO STEELERS.

  11. Hey Rondell!
    Wow...everything looks great. If I could reach thru this here computer monitor, I would grab that long basket!!
    Stay Warm,

  12. I just ordered some labels too, and i mentioned this is where i saw them, LOL! I love all your pics today, and i am following the off numbers rule as well, i am having a hard time filling up my red shelf i hung over the couch!

  13. That sure is a wonderful way to start the day, Rondell! I can't wait to see what Susie sends you...

    Stay warm if you can! It was -15ºF here when we set out this morning!

  14. Rondell, thanks for your comment on my blog,could I ask you how did you get the tag, award free box? I need one for the simple fact that I don't have a clue about that stuff(not that I would probably get any awards,lol) but just as a safeguard, I am SO new to all this!!!Have a great day!

  15. I think your mantel looks great! We are freezing here too. Looking forward to the game tomorrow too, but Chase has a tournament this weekend in Bethel Park, (I have no idea how to get there!) so I guess I will be checking out at the rink!

    Here We Go Steelers!!!!

    Jennifer :)

  16. Hi Rondell,
    That was very sweet of Susie! Can't wait to see the Valentine labels.
    It has been bitter cold here also. Wind chills had been -25 to -30 degrees below zero, but it started warming some up today.
    I have the same long john basket...mine hangs in my kitchen on a very narrow part of the wall that is heading down to the family room. You got a great price on yours...I paid more for mine at a wholesale supply store.
    Stay Warm,

  17. Rondell~I too have purchased some of those labels and a few glass jars to put them on! I'm glad you mentioned it in your blog!
    I can't wait to get them!!
    Your home looks so lovely and cozy.
    Love the fireplace mantle...but I agree it is so hard to decorate them, but you are off to a good start!
    Stay warm this weekend!

  18. oh my goodness, i think i spotted a sampler in your home that i stitched! Its the button tree, that says sarah nash! I used to sell samplers wholesale, many years ago. haha, where did you buy it? rosemary

  19. Good Afternoon Rondell-I hope your getting alot of goodies ready for the game. I live with Eagle fans so I have a long day of football. I don't mind laying around today, I have been sick since Thursday and today I finally feel somewhat human. I put on a big pot of cabbage. sourcrate and pork and will make a large bowl of mashpotatoes. YUM YUM I can't wait.
    Have a great day and GO STEELERS!!!

  20. Your right, what a sweetie!!!
    Your mantle looks great :)

  21. Everything looks great Rondell!! Have a happy and warm day!

  22. You have a great formula (as well as taste) for decorating! I noticed those stacked blue boxes on your mantle - love them! And that shelf is great too!

  23. How lucky are you! I checked out her labels and they're great...think I'm going back to order some.

    Your decorative gatherings are beautiful and love the hanging bowls - nice touch.


  24. Hi Rondell,
    I think your mantel looks so nice! I struggle with my mantel as well. Ours is above eye level so it's that much harder to find things to put on it that you can see well. Well, I'm short too so others can get a better view than I can.
    Anyway, I love all your decorating and have never heard of the odd number method for decorating. I'll have to keep that in mind when I start moving things around again.
    I'm glad you're enjoying the heat from your fireplace insert. They really are a great source of comfort. The coldest temp. that we've experienced this year has been -30 degrees. That's way too cold for me! Stay warm and snug!
    Hugs & blessings~ Birgit

  25. You know I love the way you decorate! You have a beautiful home! And as soon as I get back from my trip I will be ordering some labels! Thanks so much for sharing! have a blessed day!

  26. That was very nice of Susie! It does seem every blog I go to is talking about those labels! Love the shelf! I think the mantel is great like you have it too!

  27. Hey Rondell! I am trying to get caught up on my visiting!
    How nice of Susie! Enjoy your sweet gift from her.
    About your mantle, I love it! Not being critical at all, but maybe the reason you don't like it is because the things you have on it (in the photo) are so close to being the same size? Since you have the sign in the middle, maybe some smaller things beneath it would look better? Use the taller things on the outer edges. This will give the eye a more pleasant movement as people look at it. And each side doesn't have to have the same number of items. Sometimes it is better to use things that fill the same amount of space to create a balanced look. I hope I am explaining this in a way that you will understand. Sometimes things are more pleasing to the eye when they are not symmetrical, but balanced.
    Another thing is that you can imagine the mantle as 4 seperate areas to decorate. Two sides, the middle and the wall space above it. Decorate each of those little spaces to give each one importance and so that they will tie in with each other. Your items being all prim is enough of a tie to make them work.
    And the odd numbers rule is a great one! That is what I do too, and is an old designer's trick.
    I hope you don't mind me putting in my two cents worth. I admire your decorating so much, and know what it's like to struggle with something. For me, it's my little black cupboard in the livingroom. We all have those little thorns in our sides!
    Have a great week!


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