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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

♥ Where I Blog ♥

I've enjoyed seeing where Leslie, Janae, Linda and Karen blog so I thought I'd show mine,
I blog in my little corner of the diningroom...my space:) When I first moved in Stush wanted to know if I wanted my computer in the bedroom but I had read where your bedroom should be a place of peace and rest, which means not getting up out of bed to check your email or bank account:) I wanted the computer where I could be with him but not next to the tv...I've never regretted putting it here because I can turn and see the tv if I want to and while Stush is relaxing in the livingroom we can still talk. I have it on top of my washstand, which I'm thinking of painting black, I know your not surprised with that statement are you? lol, and you can see how small the area is so to put a computer desk there is really impossible and I'd certainly want a prim one too! I'd love for Stush to build me one sort of as wide as the washstand but with shelves above and below. I also can keep an eye on the granddaughters when they are on it. BTW the blog that's on is Leslie's:)
I don't think I've ever showed this picture to you...my dad painted it when I was about 14 or 15 and I always loved it and put my claim on it right away:) I have it on the wall right next to my computer, it's done in oil and in it's original frame. It's a picture of a general store/post office:) This is the bedroom which I took without the flash, just trying to learn what looks good and what doesn't.

I just looked out and it's snowing again...schools were closed today so I had the girls here this morning until there dad came to pick them up. I don't think they will have school tomorrow either from the look of things and the weather report.
I'd like to say thanks for stopping by for a visit, I always enjoy reading what you have to say , also thank you lurkers too I hope you enjoy stopping too:)
Well, tomorrow is Whatcha Working on Wednesday so I'll be back then.


  1. I love seeing everyones blogging spaces, now we all can vision each other when we blog! LOL
    Love the pic your dad painted too!

  2. Thanks for sharing your little blogging area with us. Yep, we didn't have school in our area today either and I doubt that we will have it tomorrow...we are suppose to get hammered big time with more snow and freezing rain (UGH). I am sure we will send it your way.


  3. Now I can picture you sitting there typing away!! Thanks for joining in!!

  4. Rondell~
    I always love looking at your home! It is so warm and cozy looking! Can I come over and snuggle up by the fire?
    I blog on my couch...nobody would want to see that!
    Enjoy the snow...we are going to get 6-10" Yahoo!

  5. You have a great space to blog Rondell ! I love that painting your dad did !Have a great night !

  6. How fun to see where you blog from. That painting is a treasure--I love it. Hope you're keeping warm today. Julie

  7. Hi,

    That looks all cozy!!! lol! I'm going to have to show everybody where I blog! Have a great week!

    Love, Joy =D

  8. I love that picture!...your dad sure does have talent!!!...I will be home tonite too...roads are getting really bad now, and I just got called not to come in...YIPPEE FOR ME!...sad for my paycheck!...BUT, YIPPEE FOR ME!...hehehehehehehe

  9. Your bedroom looks cozy and I love your dad's painting - now that's a treasured memory!

  10. Rondell,

    I love being near my family when I blog too. We can still talk and interact. I used to be upstairs in the loft where our computer desk, but now I'm on the laptop just everywhere...dining room, or recliner usually. I love your spot!

    The picture your dad painted is great! What a treasure you have...and he's good! I love it!

    Your bedroom looks nice and cozy. Nice picture!

    Have a great evening!

  11. what a lovely corner ! thank you for sharing...cause i would never share my area LOL its my lil secret mess...haha...hoping to tackle it this summer...(ha LOL) if i had money........the things i would do
    love the painting...what a treasure! its been snowing here all day in nebraska...luckily we missed the big storm!
    take care Jen :)

  12. Rondell,
    I like your little wash stand. I have always wanted one and I have seen a few good deals but that's a "someday" item for me, you know when I have a bigger house :)

    I'm not surprised that you said you were thinking of painting your stand black! LOL I find myself painting everything, black, too. It either stays black or get another color slapped on top and the black shows through. Oh, and you know that rocker I was thinking of getting? It was gone. I have decided to paint my glider rocker BLACK and buy some ticking to re-cover the cushions. I'll give my old rocker a face lift :)

    The snow just started a few hours ago here. The way the mountains run, we don't get a lot of snow. We often get sleet or freezing rain when others around us get snow. I'm looking forward to a nice covering, you know to cover the ugly snow we have right now.

    Have a great night :)


  13. I blog in the dining room too...love your area for blogging!

    Your bedroom picture turned out nice!

    I think my daughter's school district was the only one in Westmoreland county that wasn't delayed or cancelled...the roads were terrible!

  14. Hey Rondell; I'm glad to see that someelse "blogs" just in the corner of a room. Since I have a laptop, I usually blog on the diningroom table or in my school room where I homeschool...not very interesting. I WANT Linda's room! But all my rooms are still filled with children! ;-)

    Cheers, Carolee

  15. Very nice Rondell, and if Stush makes you a desk, I bet it will be awesome.
    I love the oil painting! Now I see where you get your creative talent from.
    We woke up to snow this morning, then it changed to ice around 3pm and has been doing it ever since. I'm praying we don't lose power.
    Take care!

  16. I really like the picture of your bedroom without the flash...it looks so warm and cozy. Your whole house is that way, Rondell.

  17. It is great to see where everyone is blogging. I really like the painting that your dad did.
    We have snow here, plus freezing rain with more snow coming.
    Stay warm,

  18. Rondell,
    I have my computer in my dining room to be closer to the family! It would kill me to be completely closed off from everyone while on here! It also comes in handy when the kids are on the computer, so I am close by and can see what they are doing! Kinda sneaky huh?

  19. I always enjoy visiting your home, as its such a cosy place to be! love your dads painting too. Love the little candle mat there too I see!

  20. Your dad painted that?? Wow, what a talented man! Fabulous! Love your little blogging area. Looks cozy and toasty! Love the bedroom, too. I'm still doing something wrong -- your pics are clear, mine are still blurry. Stay safe today -- our schools are closed today.

  21. Rondell ~ thanks for showing us your blogging area. I love the painting, how lucky you are to have it. Have a wonderful day.


  22. Love your space Rondell! Those are the exact reasons I chose to have my laptop in the den...it's just the first room before the family room so I'm in the flow and activity and can watch tv and talk to Doug all at the same time as working on the computer or sewing. The perfect spot.
    You did great!!!!! And the picture, what a great memory....

  23. I enjoy seeing where everyone blogs from. I blogged mine yesterday.


  24. I just can't get over that painting that your Dad created. What a treasure!



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