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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

♥ Whatcha Working on Wednesday and a Recipe ♥

Well, I did it...I painted my corner cabinet black and it felt so good to get rid of the memories that it had when it was stained.lol It took two coats but I think it turned out great. I've also quit fighting the country blue carpet that is in here and brought in my blue Amish apron to hang on the peg rack, I hate the carpet but for now it is here until we are able to do the floor like the livingroom and diningroom! After I took the first picture I changed somethings around and took this one I don't know if I'll keep it this way or not. Michele gave the dark red, wooden heart plate to me a long time ago so I brought it out for Valentines Day. I've also taken these first three pictures without the flash and it does show my wall color so much better.
The cheese box on top I want to replace with a darker shade of blue, I think it would really show the wood plates off:)

I've also worked on my mantel yes, again and I finally think I got it right, Carolyn from Cranberry Crossings left a comment that was so helpful...thanks Carolyn! She suggested seprated into 3 parts the things that I had up there instead of spreading them all out, well I did it this way and I think it looks so much better, I can add on the ends if I want but for now I like this, this was taken with the candle light setting!
Stop by Leslie's to see other blogging friends and what they have been up to:).

Now here is something that I definitley will be making for the Super Bowl party this Sunday, men loveeeeeeeeeeee it:) I've been making it for about 7 years and I'm always asked to make it for any gathering we go to, Chris just asked me to make him some because his friends just love it too.
Pepperoni Dip

Cut plain bagels into bite size pieces...I always cut mine like little triangles, to use to dip with.
Prep time-10min
Cook time-15min
Ready in 25 min
1/2 pound of pepperoni cut into little pieces
1 can of Cream of Mushroom soup
1 8 ounce package of cream cheese -softened
1. Preheat oven to 350
2. In medium baking dish , mix the pepperoni, cream of mushroom soup
and cream cheese.
3. Bake uncovered 15 minutes, or until bubbly and lightly browned. I let
mine get brown around the edges.
Strange ingredients I know but it is just wonderful! It tastes great whether hot or cold, you can even stick it in the mic to warm it up.
Have a wonderful day.♥ School is canceled again today, I even had to cancel my hair appt. till next Wednesday I figured it's not worth wrecking the car over:)


  1. Rondell~
    That cupboard looks great! It is amazing how good black paint makes things look.
    When I tell Joe that I want to paint things black, he thinks that I am being either Goth or Depressed! Sometimes men just don't get it!
    I am going to have to try that dip for the super bowl!
    What do you do with the bagels? After you cut them up? Do you use those to dip into the dip?
    Have a safe day and sty warm!

  2. rondell, the cabniet looks great black. Great color choice. I really liked the ladder next to it too. Dawn

  3. Love the corner cabinet, Looks much better!

  4. Hi Rondell,
    Your cupboard looks great in black! Pepperoni dip sounds yummy, too...I sure am excited for the superbowl...Go STEELERS.

  5. Rondell ~
    Your corner cupboard looks great painted. I love the whole room, everything is displayed just right. I know what you mean, we have carpet in our living room that we are going to replace with hardwood floor. Not sure if it's this year or not. Thanks for the recipe. It sounds great. Good luck to your Steelers. Have a wonderful day.


  6. Hey Rondell, I just love the black on the cabinet. Black rules!! LOL. Looks great.
    I have country blue carpets too.:<(
    Every stain shows.

    Mantle looks really good, too! Nice job today! You got lots done and I'm jealous. And you'all made it to the super bowl, and we're screwed again!! BOO HOO -- but we are all rootin' for the Steelers (even tho we hate them) on this side of the state. :>)It would have been fun to see Eagles vs. your boys...but AGAIN it was not meant to be! LOL

  7. Your corner cabinet looks GREAT!! Everyone is painting and I so wish I could too!! Oh, it makes me want to re-do so many things!!

    That dip sounds delicious...thank for sharing the recipe!!


  8. WOW - youre quick! Ha!
    It looks SO good, I like it both ways tho:)

  9. I love how your cabinet turned out! I can't get over how paint can totally transform something! And that recipe sounds soooo yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Rondell,
    Wow, I love your corner cupboard painted black!...and it is decorated so wonderfully prim!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe, it sure sounds good. I'll have to make it the next time the kids come over to watch football.

  11. Hey Rondell..I love your black cabinet now..it is beautiful and really showcases your items in it..thank you too for the recipe..I just bought pepperoni yesterday not knowing really what to do with it..and I now have a great dip for sunday...you brought back a memory of getting my hair done when it was snowing back in 1990 to be exact..it was a bad storm..but I had an appt about 30 minutes from where we lived..my hubby drove of course and I was scared to death.almost sat on the floorboards...cause we were slip sliding away..we made it, but I didn't enjoy my haircutting experience nearly as much...so now days if the weather is bad...there is no way no how that I will get out in and risk our lives again..(I was so much younger back then...aaahhh wisdom...it is a wonderful thing...have a good one...")

  12. Hi ROndell,

    I love that corner now that the cabinet is black. It looks so colonial/prim. The picture came out great!

    Oh that dip sounds yummy!! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Rondell-Your corner cupboard looks great. You have alot of energy. Could you bag some up and send it my way? I have all these ideas then I get on the computer and then there isn't enough time.
    I don't work on Wed. so I will not be in the salon. Bummer. What are you having done and what time? Maybe I can try and stop by.

  14. The cuppboard looks great.I'm gonna give the recipe a try. it would make a great snack for our family night.

  15. The cupboard looks great as does the rest of your home. I really like your displays--great eye for putting things together. Have a great day. Julie

  16. I love how the cabinet turned out, it looks great ! Your mantel looks really nice too. I would love a fireplace and mantle to decorate ~ some day !:-)

  17. The cupboard looks great! I love the change! I just enjoy looking at all your fun prim things.

  18. Your cupboard looks great painted black. Isn't it wonderful, the power a can of paint has?
    It all looks so cozy!
    The pepperoni dip sounds very yummy too. I love super bowl snacks.
    Hugs & blessings~ Birgit

  19. Rondell,
    The make over looks great :) I think you're idea of adding blue in will really help to make the carpet blend better. I actually LOVE blue so it's throughout the house, even when other Prim lovers insist that I paint those items red, mustard of black, they stay blue. Gotta have my blue!

    Have a great night. Stay warm and safe!


  20. Your cupboard turned out fantastic Rondell! It my favorite color to paint things. lol!
    Isn't Carolyn great with decorating ideas? Your mantle looks perfect.
    Good luck with the game. I'll be watching!


  21. That cabinet looks fantastic in black! And I love all the things you have put in it!!

  22. Love that corner cabinet, I have one almost like it that my hubby made 30 yrs ago, it was natural wood also, couldn't stand it, so I painted it dark blue-green to match my painted dining table and it is loaded with roosters
    Also am stuck with yucky carpet untill I can afford to redo the floors.

  23. I love the cabinet painted black. I am slowly adding black painted items to my decor.

  24. The black cupboard looks great. What brand/name is the paint?


  25. I think the cupboard looks great--totally love it!!

    Your dip looks yummy too!

  26. Hi there lady!
    Well you are just always soooo busy moving and arranging things...love what you did to the cupboard. Black is just such a great Primitive/Colonial accent color.

    Never heard of a candle lit setting - how interesting. Love it.

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

  27. Rondell,

    Your cupboard really does stand out as black! I like it! I like how you have everthing accessorized in that corner!

    I remember your pepperoni dip from the recipes on the CS forum! I made it several times and everyone always enjoys it!


  28. Rondell, I'm not sure what your corner cupboard looked like before, but I'm a huge fan of black paint - Love the cupboard! You've got lots of neat prim items in your room. ~Ann

  29. Oh boy! I Love your corner cabinet!! What a nice change, don't ya just LOVE black paint! :)
    All your prim gatherings are so nicely displayed!
    You have such a pretty prim home!

    Have a wonderful day, Rondell.


  30. I really like your mantle. I may have to try that idea of grouping as well. I have mine all sprawled out. Thanks. Have a great day!

  31. Hi Rondell ~ I love the cupboard in black...wonderful! The dip sounds great and I think I'll make it this weekend too!


  32. Hi,

    It's Joy. Your meme letter is A. Good luck!

    Love, Joy =D

  33. Hi Rondell!! The cabinet turned out great!! And the pepperoni dip looks YUMMY!! Unfortunately for my waistline, appetizers are my favorite food group. So, I am lovin' all of the Superbowl recipes!!

    Hugs!! Carrie♥

  34. Hi Rondell - your cabinet looks great - I think it looks perfect in there. All your pictures were wonderful - I especially like your mantel - I love how it looks layered with everything overlapping. Great idea you got from your friend! Many blessings to you! Cathy

  35. Love the cupboard. Looks perfect in black! Unfortunately, that recipe sounds too yummy!!

  36. I really like the cupboard painted black! It really makes the items on the shelves pop out! I love the aprons and goodies you have hanging beside it! I have a collection of my grandmothers aprons all throughout my house. They just make me feel at home!
    The dip recipe sounds great and I am going to give it a try this weekend!

  37. Hey Rondell! Oh, you are so sweet to mention me in your post. I think your mantle looks great!
    I am so behind on visiting everybody, but maybe I can soon get caught up.
    I have a very good reason for getting behind, though. If you have ben reading my blog, you already know why. We sure have had an ordeal!
    From looking at your blog, I have missed a lot lately! I can't wait to have time to go back and read your other posts.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  38. Your corner cupboard looks great in black! It really defines the whole corner. Beautiful job! Becky

  39. What a difference that cabinet looks in black. I just love it. I still have a couple pieces that need a good coat of black paint .... but looks like I'll be waiting until springtime.



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