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Friday, January 2, 2009

♥ New Beginnings ♥

This is what we got again this morning but would you believe it's all gone? Crazy weather!!! We had a wonderful New Year's eve with friends that we have gone to school with and didn't get home until 3AM so needlesss to say I was really tired yesterday...even took a couple hours nap! I knew I wouldn't be going to bed at the regular time so I stayed up and decided to try and make a penny candle mat:) Michael and Corrie gave me a Yankee Candle "Macintosh" for Christmas, my favorite, and I wanted something to put it on. I have some pennies done and some I have to finish, also sew them on, I think it is turning out pretty good by just making it up myself:) I don't do resolutions but I do plan on bettering myself for 09 such as learning more about the penny rugs and how to make up my own patterns. The pennies are from the wool blazer I got at Goodwill and speaking of Goodwill......
Look what else Michael and Corrie gave me...a gift cerficate to Goodwill! Am I going to have fun with that or what.LOL Love to find more wool and some more of my dishes wouldn't that be great? I can dream can't I? LOL

Sydney and Samantha gave Grammy and gift certificate to The Country Store...they know me so well.♥

Stush also gave me an Ebay card and today my hanging bowls came, I was all excited opening the box and they are from Olde Farm Creek here is their website http://www.oldefarmcreek.com/store/Default.asp she seems to be really nice and answered me right away when I had a question:) I just love them, I bought them to hang on my shelf so we will see how that works out.

Well, I have to get ready, I'm taking Stush out to dinner, I got paid today and want to do something nice for him.
Have a great evening and I hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning of this great new year♥


  1. Rondell, you party animal! LOL I was asleep at 10:30 pm. :)

    I didn't know you could get gift certificates for Goodwill! What a great gift, along with your others! Have a great dinner!

  2. Rondell, your penny rug is looking great. You do such a wonderful job. How cool to get a gift certificate to goodwill ~ who would ever think of that? Your kids know you well, don't they? Love, love, love your bowls.


  3. Love the wooden bowls. I really hope that as people are cleaning out their homes and donate to Goodwill you will find some Pfaltzgraff Folk Art! I've never thought about giving a GC to Goodwill, what a great idea for those of us who love to treasure hunt in there! Ann

  4. Love the red wooden bowls. I hope everyone in your area is cleaning out their home and donating to Goodwill so you can walk in and find something other than the bottoms of dented up old pans. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to find some Folk Art. A GC to Goodwill was such a good idea. I'll have to let my family know that I'd like one for my Bday! Ann

  5. Happy New Year Rondell! Love your sweet little candle mat! I just purchased a couple Yankee candles yesterday at the store... 1/2 off because they are 'Christmas' scents... but I'll still burn them anytime! Now I guess I need to make myself a mat! :)

    Thank you for your continued inspiration! Have a nice supper with the hubby!

  6. I love your red bowls!! Ah yes, you are in PA so you probably experience the same wacky weather as we do in Ohio. Gotta love it when you get 70 degree weather one day and then it is back in the mid 30's the next. That was just a couple weeks ago. I am ready for spring - how bout you?

    Enjoy your dinner out!!

  7. Evening Rondell,
    I'd say you got some wonderful gifts. I love Goodwill for wool. I have some sitting upstairs ready to be worked on when I get some free time.
    Can't wait to see your Penny Rug!
    Good for you treating your hubby to dinner....it's fun to do that isn't it.
    Hugs, Karen

  8. Well you are going to have some fun shopping! Jay and Ang gave me a gift certificate to one of my fav stores and I bought a colonial blanket for my daybed with Christmas check. That's about all the shopping I will do for awhile.

  9. Hi Rondell,
    Wow ~ It sure looks like you got some amazing gifts! Good for you for wanting to learn new things too! I can't wait to see what kind of patterns you make ( I know they will be wonderful!)

    I think it's funny that you and I both woke up to snow this morning!

    I hope you have a wonderful family filled and blessed New Year!

  10. Love those bowls! Have fun with your gift cert.

  11. Rondell~I love all of your goodies and what wonderful gift cards to reveive!
    Sounds like you must have been a very good girl to receive so many nice things!
    Enjoy your night out!

  12. Hello Rondell, Please forgive me for being so bold, but I am doing a big of blog surfing to invite people over to my blog to enter my 2nd annual giveaway. There are no gimmicks. This is just my way of celebrating two years of blogging. I am giving away a free caricature drawn by me - and some other illustrations. I'd be honored if you came over and signed up.

  13. What a great start on your candle mat Rondell:)

    Happy New Year to you!!

    I am jealous of the gift certificates as well.

  14. Mustard it is!! LOL. BTW, I love Good Will! It's a riot how everyone is piling back into thrift shops -- when we knew all along how great the stuff is! Enjoy the gift certificate -- what a great gift! I love the Penny Rug, too. If I could only learn how to thread a needle and sew a button, I"d be in good shape. :>)

  15. Hi Rondell,
    How wonderful...a gift certificate to the Goodwill!! I didn't know that they had them. I love going there. Every time I take stuff over for donations, I have to go in and check for prim country goodies.
    I love your red bowls...I got one to hang on the side of my kitchen cabinet, but am not hanging it up until the redo in the kitchen is done.
    Have a great weekend.

  16. Can't wait to see what you get w/ your gift certificates! And those bowls are fabulous!!

  17. Glad you had a Happy New Years Eve. Love your penny mat and your red bowls. I love the idea of the GW gift certificates. I am a treasure hunter as well! Doesn't get any better.

  18. Rondell-
    Hope your New Years is starting out with a bang. I was surprised to see the GC from the Country Store. I have been there many times. Which Goodwill do you go to? My favorite one by Kennywood closed away ago. That was a sad day for Thrift Shoppers. One of the best I ever went to.Have a great Sunday.

  19. Lucky you! Those are some fun gift certificates!!! HAve fun spending them. I can't wait to see what you get! :)
    The wooden bowls are fabulous!

  20. I love your penny mat, it is so cute! You really got a lot of nice things for christmas! Please stop by my blog, I have an award for you! Hugs! ~Beth~

  21. Rondell
    Hello-I am from Jefferson Hills-close to Century III Mall. It takes me about 15-20 min to get to the BelleVernon Store. I was bumming today and ended up at the LaughtlinTown Antique Mall and The Rusty Angel in Greensburg. Do you ever go to either place? Did some damage with me Christmas Cash.

  22. Woo Hoo! I would LOVE a g.c. to Goodwill.

  23. Hi Rondell!
    I am so jealous...a gift certificate to Goodwill!!!! What a fantastic gift! Have fun shopping and you better post some pics some your fab treasures!!
    Happy NEw Year!

  24. Rondell,
    I have some of those dishes and will be parting with them. If you are interested let me know. I am pretty sure I have the sugar bowl, a tree shaped plate and the s & p shakers that are completer pieces. Oh and the fire king mixing bowls set of two.
    Beautiful goodies you got for Christmas.
    Have a blessed New Year

  25. Rondell-Its a small world. My hair salon is on the same road just less than a mile away. Don't bother with Crafters they went out of business Dec.31. Closed up that day. There is a neat shop on Regis Ave. called Treasures in Thyme. Regis Avenue is the one that Meders Nursery and the Pleasant Hills Post Office is on.(Down from Target). Where are you from?

  26. Rondell,
    I have missed you so much. I love all the gifts you got!! What a loving family. I hope this new years brings you many blessings! have a blessed day!

  27. Hello Again- I am before Renne's on Old Clairton Road. When you get off 43- You can go up any of the hills on your left. Old Clairton Road runs paralle to 51. When you get to the top of the hill make a right and follow that road out. I am next to the IGA. You would pass my salon and continue straight and then come to Renne's. Stop by sometime if your out that way. My salon is Mane Attraction-I work Monday night Tue and Thurs 10-9.
    Doing hair, the rest of the week I do shopping and paper work. How did you end up all the way out here for your hair?

  28. Good Afternoon Rondell;

    I'm kicking up a dust storm here! Probably not the best thing to do when my lungs are acting up! LOL

    No worries....it was a pleasure to give. Someday you can surprise me back, but no stress...I'm against stress! ;-)

    Have a great day!


  29. Rondell--Happy New Year!! So fun to read your posts and cauch up. It looks like your holidays were wonderful. I hope you have a nice day. Julie

  30. Hey Rondell -- please feel free to send any any all suggestions. I appreciate them lots! Question --How do I avoid getting spammed? Do you think I should do comment moderation this soon? I will increase the size of the pics -- thanks for that suggestion -- BTW, I see you are also from PA??

  31. Happy New Year Rondell!
    I love it that you're doing penny rugs. It's addicting I think. I have taken a break since Jenn's though. haha!
    I love those red bowls. I'll have to check out that web site.
    You got some great gifts from your family. I love to go search for wool there too.
    Hope you had a nice dinner.


  32. I love your blog and all the good ideas you share. Thanks - Amber!

  33. Hi Rondell! Stop by my blog if you get a chance I gave you an award!
    Jennifer :)

  34. Oh there is just nothing better than a goodwill certificate! My mil gave me money and I used it all at Goodwill! Rapture!



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