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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

♥ Whatcha Working on Wednesday ♥

I know, I know late again for WWW but I had a obgyn appt. today and I'm sort of down about it. I guess I'm disappointed in my gyno, he's a young guy so I feel he is up on things plus he's good friends with my daughter but when I asked him about bioindentical hormones he said they were a bunch of crap and didn't make a difference, I of course didn't want to hear that:) When I told him that I watched all about it on Oprah he said "Did she have Dr. Oz on"? I'm like "no" "Who did she have on?" "Susan Sommers"..a big joke to him and also meaning that Dr Oz dosen't think there any good either. Does anyone out there take these hormones? If so I'd love to hear from you.

Okay, sorry about that...this morning about the only thing I did was putzey around, changed my placemat on my hoosier over to under the oil lamp instead of in the middle:) That didn't take to much energy!

I finally added a topper to the jelly jar and added a piece of feedsack to the wooden measure!

Moved the largest of my wood hanging bowls to here behind my single drawer stand.

I also rearranged the corner cupboard...again!

I worked on these they used to be in my bath remember I had them painted black with fabric lables on them?

These are the little pillows I did and I put them on my shelf.

I added the greenery that I found at GW to this holder!

This pic is for Joy...the girls wanted her to see their American dolls, this was taken after I picked them up from the bus and babysitters, they are standing on Sydney's bed.lol

Sorry this isn't an upbeat post, I'm sure I'll get over it but it just seemed that everything went the wrong way today like I tried to change my template to one of Mandie's and I tried to follow her instructions but to me it's like reading Chinese just don't get it. Also this camara I swear I'm going to throw it in the river...anyways please let me hear from you...I always love your comments:)


  1. Chin up girl. We all have those days. Hugs, Susie

  2. Hey Rondell,
    Sorry about your Dr's appoinment! I went to a hemotologist back in Dec. and almost every word out of his mouth was LET ME BE THE DOCTOR. He wasn't interested in anything I had to say. I was livid by the time I walked out of there. Needless to say, I did not go back to him and will not go back to him. But, the next Dr. was the most wonderful oncologist! She listens to everything I have to say. Long story short, hang in there, THERE are still some caring Doctors out there. Sometimes, it just hard to find them.....
    And I love your decorating for the day! Could you come over and give me a few pointers.


  3. Rondell,
    As always your prim home looks just lovely. You are just like me, putzing around til I think I get it just right & a week later, move it again, LOL. I really haven't read or heard much about these hormones, so I'm sorry, no help there. It seems your OB/GYN was a little rude about it though. That would probably be my last trip to him. I'm going to ask my son about it. He's a Dr. of Pharmacy so he might know about the hormones. Your granddaughters are so darling posing with their dolls. I know Joy will be happy to see that picture. I hope you get feeling better, my friend.

  4. Hi Rondell, awwwww, don't you hate it when the camera doesn't cooperate? I would love to toss mine out as well....I forever get blury pictures and don't know how to correct it no matter what setting I use. I have to take 4-5 pictures of the same thing to get a decent on.

    Your changes are sooooo great! I love your home you know that don't you? LOL


  5. Everything looks great. Your hoosier is beautiful! Sorry your dr. appt. didn't go as well as you would have liked it to.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Good doctors are so hard to find but they are out there . . . somewhere.

    Love your home!


  7. Hey Rondell,I know tomorrow will be a brighter day for you. I know the feeling you had with the doctor. I had an episode with an optometrist who told me my idea was "crap". What is with them? I will not go back there either. I know you will find just what you need. Hang in there, Sherie

  8. I loved getting to peek at all of the things you changed. I find myself doing that a lot. Everything looks so wonderfu! You have a beautiful prim home.

    Sorry that the OBGYN was not more understanding. It is so frustrating when doctors are like that and you don't feel like you got the answers to the questions that you had. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.


  9. Hi Rondell,
    Sorry about how your appt went... today will be really GOOD DAY for ya, girl :)!
    I think you putzed everything just right-ya always do...Your home always looks so nice, prim-perfect!

    *here's to a good day ahead* :)


  10. Hey, that Doc sounds like a little smart ass that needs a good spanking. Don't listen to him...do research and follow your heart. Beth

  11. Check out WomentoWomen.com for more info on it.
    As a nurse, I don't think much of MDs communication skills, so I feel for you and your experience yesterday. At the same time, both MDs and nurses are under enormous pressure right now -no excuse - just a reason some docs are short with the info. And some are just a**holes.
    In general, be careful with any replacement therapy -- they are not that well studied for long term side effects or complications. Hope this helps, girlfriend!

  12. Hi Rondell,
    Sorry to hear that you were feeling down after your doctor's visit. I've heard of those hormones, but don't know much about them.
    Love all the putzing you did...Everything looks great!!

  13. UGH! I hate it when doctors get that attitude, that since they went to school all of those years, they know it all and the patient doesn't know anything!
    What is with that? They will not go far with that attitude!
    I know he is your daughters friend, but I would look for a more sympathetic one...one who has a wonderful bedside manner!
    On the other hand, I have to say that I am in absolute love with your hoosier cabinet! You always have the nicest prim displays...I love studying over the photos to see what neat things you have!
    Cheer up, and have a great day today and put yesterday behind you!

  14. Rondell,
    Unfortunately there are a lot of doctor's out there they don't care what we think or have to say. Maybe you should look into finding another? Can't you talk to your Primary doctor about the hormones? Go around the GYN if he doesn't believe? You can get a second opinion! I had to tick off Shane's Ped to get him to refer us to an asthma/allergy specialist and guess what? We finally found out what was causing Shane's asthma, not colds but ALLERGIES and now he's on medication and the asthma is not effecting his life like it did!

    The template thing....where are you hung up at? I might be able to help you. E-mail me (There is a tag under my photo that says "E-mail me"). Also, if Mandie's directions aren't helping, (I remember starting with those but I had to look around and alter stuff because it didn't work with my Scribe template) there are blogs out there that tell you just how to do things to your blog! I found this one last week Tips For New Bloggers. They have a nice little search feature box at the top part of the blog, just under the light blue box. You can do a search for your template and see what you come across.

    Although, you honestly only need to change one background image so you just need to find what Mandie said, scroll through the code and look for the Body and right in there in () should be a link to wherever that background is stored. You need to delete that and add in your new link. It's really not hard, I promise :)

    The camera thing I don't know what to tell you about. What kind do you have? Mine is an Olympus. It's an older one and it's pretty cheap. It has lots of features but I pretty much only use the AUTO and a couple of the others. Some don't work like they say they should. Maybe it's just me. But I figured out how to use it that it works good enough! LOL Are you taking several pictures with different lighting? Sometimes I have 5 photos of one thing until I get one that looks perfect enough that I will share it. If not, I take the card back out of the reader and put it back in the camera and take more pictures....

    Hope you have a better day!


  15. Hi Rondell,

    Your hoosier is just beautiful and everything you did today looks GREAT!!

    I can't really help with the hormones because I am not on them and neither is my Mom, but I hope you get some much needed answers. Sounds like your doctor was a bit rude...perhaps you need to find another one. The least that he could do is listen to what you have to say and give you the pros and cons.

    Hope today is a better day for you. I know we all have bad days and yesterday was a bad one for me too.

    Hang in there my prim friend.


  16. Rondell
    Sorry to hear about your DR's appt. I work with MDs and I swear sometimes they can't see the forest for the trees.

    I love the "tweaking" you've done. As always your house looks great.

    That's so funny about the background. I was going to ask you to show me how to do it. I'll play this weekend and maybe between the two of us we'll find a way.


  17. Hey Rondell,
    Thank you for the kind words on my blog.. you are sweet. I wish I knew what to tell you about the hormones, I started watching that show but then got sidetracked and didn't see what she had to say about them. Which is usual for me lol. I love your home.. one day mine will be all nice and prim too. Thank you for sharing.


  18. Tomorrow is another day.....how cliche' but true. Can't help you with the doctor thingy or the blog thingy but maybe with the camera. I have an older Fuji. I was having the same problems no matter what setting. Finally found a website that explained (at least my camera) that it has to do with the lighting. Although it may seem to be enough light in the room during the day, there is not enough light to capture a clear picture. I can't explain it very well. Bottom line is that I use my flash for all indoor pictures and try to have every light in the room on. That usually takes a clear picture. Don't like the harsh light but until I get a better camera..........

  19. Hugs Rondell, sorry you had such a bad day. Doctors need to realize that for every opinion THEY have there is another reputable doctor that has the complete opposite opinion. Unfortunately science always changes and next year he may be the doc touting their benefits!


  20. Hi Rondell, Sorry to hear you had a bad day,I know what you mean about Drs. I am off to see my Doctor on Wednesday to ask to be reffered to the menopause clinic.At least i am lucky i don't have to pay to be seen.Take care ~Kate~

  21. Hang in there, Rondell. I recently told my doctor that if I didn't get some answers from her, I was going to quit coming. She was very understanding and I think she got the message. She has even called me at home to see how a new medication has been working.
    I really like all of your decorating. You have some super fun things!!!!
    Keep smiling...
    oxox Jo-Anne

  22. Someone suggested asking a pharmacist and that is an excellent idea. One of my ex's is one and I can tell you, they are usually very bright and very well-informed.

    AS TO YER CAMERA, it looks like you are shooting in low light -- if so, use a tripod, hon. Failing that, balance it on something like a bag or rice of a big can and use the self-timer mode so that you don't have to touch it. AND, finally, when you do use it w/o the self-timer mode, press the button in a tiny bit, just 1/2-way down, then all the way down. This allows it to focus better.

    TEMPLATES: Oh, I can't stand them. Now now...I know they are pretty...but they take so long to load...did you copy and paste some code into one of yer GADGETS, the HTML/JAVA one, or are you changing the HTML in the template? MAY I SUGGEST that if wish, you can instead try to use a "tile" to form a patterned background? Not trying to drum up a view of my blog but I will be posting a tutorial on it Sunday and you can also search many of the blogs that deal with Blogger, I'm going to put their links up again, they have simple instructions. Good luck!

  23. Hi Rondell,

    I am sorry your Dr was so quick. If he had taken a moment to calmly explain why he didn't like them maybe you'd feel better now.

    Love all your tweaking. I always enjoy pics of you rhome!

    hugs, Linda

  24. The good news....your home and granddaughters are beautiful!!! The not-so-good news....a doctor with no "bedside" manners. I HAD one, and I'm sure he was a good doctor, but I'm the kind who needs a little attention at times so I found another doc. He is the best. I am sure that there are others who would spend more time with you and even if he disagrees with what you think...would have a better way of putting it! Maybe you would want to look for another one. I can't help you with your camera...I can't make a good picture with mine either at times!

  25. Your hoosier is to die for--I love it!! You have it looking so prim and nice. Sorry your day wasn't so great--hope tomorrow is better. take care---julie

  26. Your putzing around sure yielded some lovely results, Rondell. You have the touch, my friend!

    I wish I could help with your OBGYN dilemma. He seemed awfully rude! Perhaps you need to find someone who will actually listen to you and hear you when you speak. I recently switched to a new OBGYN for that very same reason. And though it was hard, I'm so glad I did.

    Here's hoping that brighter days are ahead. Hang in there!

  27. Hi Rondell - I'm sorry to hear the Dr. wasn't a little more professional - instead of pooh poohing what you were asking about - he should've just provided you with facts in my opinion. Mine lets me bring a list of questions I find from Web MD and has the patience to go thru them. On a lighter note - I do like all your projects - where you hung your bowl is nice, your cupboard always looks nice no matter how many times you rearrange it - ha,ha! I hope the rest of your weekend goes well!!

  28. I understand where you're coming from...nobody likes to be "talked down to" by a Dr. or anyone! Sometimes we need to be given a little more credit! lol!

    I love to see pictures of your hoosier cabinet. You have it displayed really well!

    I love Sydney and Samantha's dolls. Is that a Just Like Me and Bitty Baby? Joy was so excited to see their picture and her name on here! I know they would hit it off so well given a chance! Tell me their ages again...I couldn't remember to tell Joy. I'm thinking 7 and 5 or something like that.

    Have a great evening,

  29. Rondell - I hate when my dr is negative on something like that. Each dr has their own opinion it seems like. They seem to get disgusted when people look into their OWN HEALTH and research medicines and symptons. Hang in there - don't let it get you down!
    Love your tweaking by the way!

  30. Hang in there sweetie! I finally changed mine background yesterday too and couldn't figure out how to remove the snow effect! LOL! Someone posted and gave me intructions and I was very appreciative!
    All of your little changes look great to me. And even if it only took you a few minutes to do it, I'm sure you thought about it for a long time. I know I do that constantly! And sometimes things end up back in the same spot! LOL!
    I hope you have a nice weekend. Things will be looking up soon.


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