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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

♥ Whatcha Working on Wednesday ♥

I know I'm late, it's 7:20 pm here and I'm just posting but I had to get my hair done today and after I was done there I went to the Goodwill store.
I started this morning painting these pantry boxes that I recieved for a Christmas gift in the early 90's and here lately I've been wanting to paint them a lighter color, I know I want to paint one a blue shade and one a cream not sure of the other. So what do I do after I paint them?, I don't have any stain left so that I could distress them with . I have a bottle of burnt umber and I seem to remember that it used to be used to distress things or am I dreaming that. lol Anyhow if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear...I've put 3 coats of ivory on the hunter green one and painted the barn red one a spicey brown which I think I'll put another color on top any suggestions on that? The navey one, will be blue I hope.lol I'll probably finish them tomorrow. I know I'd like to get some walnut paste wax, I wonder if Lowe's has it? Anyone know?
As I said I stopped at Goodwill and I did find this stem of greenery for .99 which still has the original price tag on it of $4.99, I'll put that in a crock soon:)
I did get excited when I saw this, I guess it's a candle holder, it can be hung on the wall or sit on a shelf or table. I see it done in black...of course or I might experiment with something different:)

Sorry, this is a short post but I'm getting a little tired and I take the girls to the bus stop and preschool tomorrow, at least I think Samantha will go she had to go to the doctor's Monday and here she had strep throat. Michele said that with the medicine she is like new again, thank goodness:)

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  1. I love your boxes...can't wait to see them finished. It is always so fun to see what everyone is working on :)


  2. Nice find at Goodwill. Love the little candle shelf.
    I painted my stacking boxes years ago. They are blue, red and tan now. And I distressed them and stained over them to darken them up. But I have used umber paint to do the same thing. Just don't leave it on as long as you would stain. The good thing about using the umber, you can dampen a paper towel and remove some if you get it too dark.
    Glad to hear that your grandaughter is doing better.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. I used brown paint before I knew what gel stain even was. You can do the same. Water it down a bit and rub with a paper towel or rag. You can also add the brown to your paint if you wanted to make it kind of grungy looking.

    I have a candle holder like yours. It sits on my bathroom counter, holding a punched tin votive holder :) Mine is stained wood. I never got around to painting it and it looks good.

    Have a great night :)


  4. Rondell,
    your boxes will be great when they are done. I have a set of 3, one cream, one med blue, one dark blue. Love your new candle box, it will look great when you are finished with it. Have a good evening.

  5. I love those boxes and they will look great once you have them done. Great finds at the Goodwill store... I so need to go to our local store and see if I can find any great deals that I can re-do. You have me curious now (lol).

    Oh - don't you love it when you get your hair done? I am sure you feel great!!

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. I am into this colonial mustard yellow stage...since I found a mistake pint at the habitat for humanity resale store for only $1.
    The wax that I use is called BRIWAX in dark brown. You can find it on ebay or on their website, or in furniture restoring shops!
    It costs around $20...but it is a large can, and it will last you a very very long time!
    Check it out on ebay! You won't regret it!
    By the way...I am in love with your shaker boxes.

  7. I use the umber all the time for staining over stuff. Cant wait to see them finished! I love that candle shelf you found!

  8. I got a candle holder exactly like that last summer at goodwill for .99 and I painted it black. I was so excited to find it ! Can't wait to see what color you paint yours !Have a great night Rondell!
    Janae :-)

  9. Just love your goodwill finds...I have used watered down bt. umber and that works fine. But my friend Tiff introduced me to Briwax and that is what I use almost all the time now because it seals also.

    Thanks for stopping by.



  10. The boxes are turning out great! I love going thrift shopping also...your candle holder is cute. I am missing not going to rummage sales....wish it were spring!

  11. Love your boxes and the candleholder. The last time I went to Goodwill I didn't find much of anything. It's not a very big store. But maybe I should go more often.?. By the way your pepperoni dip was awesome! I put it in a bread bowl instead of using bagels. YUMMY!

  12. Rondell,
    Love your boxes, they're going to look great when their done. Can't wait to see what color your going to paint the candle holder. Great TS finds.
    Have a great night!


  13. Hey Rondell-Sorry I didn't get to stop by the salon. My accountant took 1 hour and I had to pick my son up at 2.30 for an eye appointment. Maybe next time. How does the hair look? Did you get anything new? This is the time of the year when everyone wants a change. Must be the weather.

  14. Love your Goodwill finds. I see the candle holder black also. The boxes are coming along nicely! I want to find a set for myself (at the thrift store of course) so that I could fix them up!

  15. Hi Rondell!
    The brown paint will work great just water it down a bit, or use a really damp rag to remove the excess. All your stuff looks wonderful.
    Hope your day is great!

  16. Hi Rondell, Can't wait to see your boxes all done up!
    Great TS find too!
    I sure hope Samantha's strep clears up soon...
    have a great day!


  17. Love your boxes! I'm also jealous of the Goodwill finds. Our Goodwill is soooo overpriced. The only bargains you can find their are the books. All the goodies are not bargains at all. Even the one 15 minutes away is better priced then the one in Greensburg!

  18. Oh those boxes are sooo nice! And I love that little candle shelf. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    3 degrees? Brrrrr ~ almost makes me feel warmer.


  19. I really like that candle holder! I'd like something like that for my log cabin!

  20. I have some boxes like those that ae darker--light must be coming the "in" thing. I will have to try it. I love your header. Julie

  21. I have boxes like those--they are dark, too. The light color must be getting to be the "in" thing. I will have to try it. I love your header. Have a great day. Julie

  22. Hi Rondell!....the boxes look like they're gonna be great!....and I purchased a candle shelf very much like that at an antique shoppe a couple of years ago with the intention of painting it but the wood is so nice I just can't do it so it never got painted, LOL. Janet :)

  23. Love the boxes...you could always put the new paint over them then take some sandpaper to them to take off some of the new paint. This process will reveal some of the old paint then stain them to give them an older look...just a suggestion. Get finds at Goodwill...lucky girl!

  24. Hi Rondell,
    Can't wait to see your boxes and your candle holder all redone. My sister has always watered down her burnt umber paint and used it for aging items. I have been using gel stain but want to try the paste wax.
    I'm going to the GW tomorrow..hope I find some goodies.

  25. What bargains you found at Goodwill. Lucky girl!

    Have a great day, Denise

  26. I love the pantry boxes and I can't wait to see them all done in the colors you choose! And that wooden candle holder is wonderful! I would have gotten very excited over that! I want some of that walnut paste wax myself!

    Have a great upcoming weekend, Rondell!


  27. Can't wait to see how your boxes turn out...I have a candle holder just like that...my dh made it in school in wood shop.


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