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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~Whatcha Working on Wednesday~

Good afternoon blogger friends,
Here is what Stush made for my birthday...a stepback cupboard!!! This is how far I've got with it what with Easter and birthdays plus the weather keeping me from doing more. I wanted to show it to you all done but to be truthful I'm actually afraid to continue on it, this is the biggest piece I've ever worked on and I don't want to ruin it if you know what I mean:)
My plan is to paint it blue with the dark walnut stain over it as you can see I've already stained it then did the wainscoat back a tan color, just really dry brushed it.

This is a better pic of it doesn't make the tan look lighter like in the pic above...Maybe someone can help me here I just don't know what to do next...I'm leaving the wood between the shelves the stained walnut but I don't know if I should paint the top and insides of the cupboard tan or leave it stained. Should I paint the blue on to cover it all or should I sort of dry brush it on then stain all over again? Like I said I don't want to ruin it, I know the look I want just never did it before and Stush put alot of time in doing it...I've wanted one since 1983, dreams do come true:)

I finally finished one of Betty's designs... she posted it on her blog which always gives me a thrill to see my work on there.:) Betty has such a sweet giving soul what with all the free designs she gives, believe me I so appreciate it especially with the way things are here.

I'm working on another one of Betty's designs which I can only do during the day just can't see to do them at night that's why it took so long to do the other one but I did get it done for Easter just had issues with my camara and couldn't post a pic of one:) This one I think I'm going to make into a little pin keep...I'm doing it on 22 ct that I bought at JoAnn's for .99 on sale!

I guess it's also time to put the Easter bunnies and grunged eggs away for another year but I think I'll leave the blue eggs out that I bought at the Rusty Angel...I just love them.
I also need to do some tweaking after the Easter things are put away:)
I wanted to thank each one of you who left a comment on my last post about Chris...he works so hard as manager for Best Buy, I know how hard because I worked retail and the schedule is just so draining especially around any of the holidays ...just so tiring. I do miss him though, I had a hard time when I moved here because I felt like I was abandoning him even though I knew he wanted out on his own...sometimes it's so hard being a mother .lol I got over it though and he calls me practically everyday and I wash his clothes for him saves him a trip to the laundry mat and money plus it also makes me feel needed:)

I'll be putting these little piggys on my selling blog which has suffered because of Easter and birthdays.
Stush cut these out for me and I painted and stained them!

This one is painted Butter Pecan over walnut stain then stained again...

On the other side I painted it black so it gives you two decorating choices:)

This piggy I did with the Butter Pecan then stained...

The other side of it I left just stained...so I have two for sale and both have cut marks and are cut from a thick piece of wood.

I'll give the measurements and price on my selling blog as soon as I get to posting them:)

It's so rainy here and chilly but Thursday thur the weekend is supposed to be in the 60's and close to the 70's. I really try to understand the need for the rain but boy is it hard after the winter weather to not want to feel the warm sun again:)


  1. I love your cabinet that Stush made you!! It looks great...can't wait to see it completed and decorated.

  2. I love that cupboard...he did a great job! I love Betty too! I just finish up a redwork peice. Beth

  3. Love your hutch! I can't offer any advice, but I'm sure others can. I know it will look great when you're done!


  4. WOW, what a beautiful piece!
    Is your wainscot primed or did you paint it the creamy color? I was confused a bit, haha!

  5. What fantastic goings-on at your place today! Your cupboard is and will be gorgeous when you're done with it! Can't wait to see it finished and loaded with goodies!Blessings, Kimberly

  6. Oooo! I love the cupboard!!! What a lucky lady...even if it did take 26 years to get it:) I'm not going to suggest anything in the paint department, though. That's why I just stick to black on big pieces! Ha! I'm too chicken to try another color! I'm sure whatever your do will look wonderful:) And I love the cross stitch finish...I've got that pattern saved too!

    Cute piggies too! Even though I thought I was going to get some fun money, hubby has put a hold on it for now:( We're thinking of redoing a space to make Noah a playroom, so that takes priority..and the extra cash..right now. Oh well...I'll get something of yours someday...I'll just keep adding to my wish list in the meantime. Hopefully it won't take 26 years though LOL:)

  7. Oh what a great birthday gift from Stush! I love it! I don't know that I have any special advice for you. If you have something in mind, just go for it...it's usually just fear of starting on it! lol!

    So where are you going to put it? I'm so glad your dream from 1983 came true! What a hubby! :)


  8. oh you lucky girl you!...i love the hutch!...well, seems I will be waiting just as long as you for mine that I keep telling the hubby that I 'need'!!!!...so that should be around what year....ummmm....2035 i will be sharing my pix of my step back hutch with all of you...so, make sure you check my post that year for my pictures!...hehehehehehehehee

    Really, why does it take men so long to do a project?!...I mean truely...have you ever seen a man remodel something?!....i know when my hubby starts a project it will be wayyyyyy into the 3rd or 5th year upon completion!....geez!!!!

  9. WOW! Wonderful piece, Rondell. Stush did an awesome job (as always)!!
    Can't wait to see it all done and loaded up with some prim goodies :)
    Guess I must have read it wrong, I don't understand--LOL, NO surprise there!! what do ya mean by leaving the part between the shelves, stained. do you mean on the inside/sides? What about the shelves themselves? are you just staining those? When I did my drysink, I left the inside stained no paint at all. On the side tables we made, I stained the inside and ran some paint along the front edge of the shelfs only and sanded it some to look worn. it's all in what ya like. No matter how ya do it, it's gonna look great! :)
    Love the stitchery and the cute little piggy's

    Have a great day.

  10. Your cupboard is gorgeous!! Stush did an awesome job!!! Can't wait to see it completed!! You could try dry brushing with the blue I think it would make it look really prim!!! Have a wonderful day!!~Wendy

  11. Oh my, that cupboard is wonderful! I especially like that wainscoat back. That will look great no matter how you finish it. Stush has some talent there.

  12. LUcky lady - what a great piece!!

    I say paint the blue solid over all the stain. Then sand so some stain shows through where there would be normal wear and tear, like edges, where you open the doors. Then go over it all with stain watered down a bit and wipe it off so it just softens and ages the blue. Thast's how many stores do it.

    Can't wait to see it done!!

  13. Wow! What a present!! Whyere will you put it? It will look great in a nice colonial blue... fabulous!

  14. I love your cupboard! He did an awesome job and you must be so proud of him. Love the piggys too!

  15. Rondell, What a beautiful step back cupboard for your birthday. Don't stress over the finish, do what you think will work and you'll love it. ~Ann

  16. What a wonderful cupboard! It will look great in blue.
    Your tulip stitchery looks great. I have the pattern but haven't started it yet. I just finished the little flower one you're working on. Betty is so generous! I love her patterns.
    Your piggy is so cute!

  17. Hi Rondell,
    What a wonderful birthday gift!! Can't wait to see it all finished and decorated with your wonderful prim items.

  18. rondell, oh wow, the cupboard is wonderful. what a lucky lady to have that talented husband making you such goodies. can't wait to see all your treasures in it. Dawn

  19. Love your piggys..my best friend collects piggys and I could get this for her birthday...so please let me know what you want..they are too cute...:)

  20. Wow that cabinet is awesome!!!! Tell Stush he did a great job! Yeah, I have no advice, but Kath's sounds good ha ha ha! Love your stitchery too. That's something I have never done, I need to learn! The piggy's are adorable too!

    I've been meaning to ask you, do you ever go to Pat Catan's? Now that the boys have practice Monday's in Delmont I drive to the one in Murrysville and I call it my crack house! Way too much money spent there and I come out in sort of a haze!

  21. Happy Birthday girl.. I'm an April baby too. You are sooo lucky, that cabinet is awesome. I know you are going to do wonderful things with it.. can't wait to see.

    Big hugs,

  22. I'm drooling over your cabinet, Rondell!! You and Stush make a great creative team and I can't wait to see the finished product! It's going to be beautifully prim.

    I hope you'll have a fun and sunny weekend. We're supposed to hit 65º here in Maine tomorrow :)

  23. I think Stush is a keeper. :) What a wonderful gift made by him. I can't wait to see it all finished in your home. Oh and I love your stitchery too, Betty is very nice to share her talent with others.

  24. Good evening lucky girl! What a nice cupboard, can't wait to see what you end up doing with it! More pics please. Your cutting boards are adorable too! Hope your weather is filled with sunshine, we finally are getting some in Michigan. Dawn

  25. I too love the cupboard, what a sweet guy you have! Can't wait to see it all done, it's going to be so pretty and prim!


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