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Thursday, April 2, 2009

~I Struck Gold at GW...I Mean Pewter!~

Hi blogging friends,
I just got back from watching Samantha all day then picking up Sydney at the bus stop then they wanted to ride bikes and play jump rope...I had already played hopscotch with Sam.lol Thank goodness their dad came home! I'm beat!

After I took Sam to preschool this morning I went to GW, I have about an hour and 45 minutes to look around until I have to leave and pick her up and this is what was waiting on a shelf for me as I walked in...yes, four pewter goblets at $2.99 a piece! I grabbed them because I knew this would never happen again:) I didn't even think where I was going to put them when I got them home just put them in my buggy! what find huh? Much cheaper then even finding them at the flea market! Well, that almost broke the bank with me but I did get this old 1909 book, which is a small one, I've been looking for one so that I can cover it with homespun. Also another round box for .89!
I forgot to add this to yesterdays post...it's a recipe box that I'm selling on my selling blog and also a crow plaque, so stop over to see:)

Last Saturday I had mentioned that I went shopping with Michele and the girls at a really high end mall, you know where all the rich people live?lol...I mean we couldn't even find a parking space, it was like Christmas! Well, they had opened a GW out there near this mall and I've always wanted to stop in so I made Michele drop me off while her and the girls stayed in the van:) I was a little disappointed I guess I thought there would be a lot of good things there but I didn't find them. I noticed that there was a lot more china sets then there are at ours but that's about it. I of course didn't have a lot of time to look but I managed to find a rolling pin for $2.00. It doesn't look it but it is an older one.

Also a nice tall frame that I painted black...I can just see a neat sampler in it:)

I paid a $1.00 for it...our GW never has nice frames unless someone gets there before me:)

It was beautiful today here in PA a little windy but it was good to get out and play:)
We are supposed to get thunder storms tonight and rain and cooler temps but that's okay it's getting greener outside:)
Have a great evening!


  1. Looks like you hit the jackpot on your goodies! Wish we had a goodwill store nearby.

  2. UNBELIEVEABLE! What a find. I've never seen anything like that at ours.
    Have a good evening...Judy

  3. Wow! Can't believe you found pewter at GW - what a find! We don't have any near us, but I'm going to have to make the journey once in awhile to see what I can find. I'm getting really anxious for garage sales to get started, still a little early but getting closer. I'll be anxious to see what kind of a sampler you put in your frame. I have a wonderful long verse that would look great in there. Let me know if you'd like me to e-mail it to you. Dawn

  4. Hi, Rondell! Great finds at GW. I very seldom ever see any pewter here. We do have lots of nice frames, though.

    Have a great day, Denise

  5. Oh girl you did....what a deal! I love them! Beth

  6. Those pewter goblets are a great find!!! Where are you going to display them? I don't know what GW is - must mean I don't have one in Michigan - lol!

  7. Rondell--fun finds. I can't wait for yard sale season. I'm ready for finds somewhere other than the thrift store--hope you have a nice day. Julie

  8. The goblets are just lovely. Pewter gives such a solid, homey look to a room!

  9. What a pick me up that must have been!
    I would have snatched those babies up too!
    You did find some awesome things...I love when the shopping is not a complete bust!
    I can't wait to see where you decide to put them...I'm sure it will be somewhere fantastic, as usual!

  10. Wow, i love your goblets..what a bargain!! And the rest of your goodies are fabulous too..
    Now you have a good rest after your busy day.
    luv Ann.xx

  11. Rondell - LOL! I came back to let you know what an idiot I am! Thank you for letting me know what GW stands for!! :-)

  12. WOW...you definitely hit the jackpot with those pewter goblets. I have never seen any pewter around here like that.

  13. oh you little snot!....i mean how lucky for you!...hehehehehehehe

    I go to the GW so often and today I didn't visit!....I think those had my name on it...check and see...cuz I am certain they were donated to GW just for me!...hehehehehehe

    Great find girlie!...but remember...I'M getting there first next time!....hehehehehehehehe

  14. Oh, I just love pewter! I would have snatched those up in a heartbeat!


  15. Great snag, Rondell!:)
    Never would have dreamed of seeing petwer in a GW, ya never know what treasures ya may come upon!


  16. Great finds Rondell, congrats!....and it's interesting you mentioned how crowded the parking lot was at the upscale mall because I went to one of those a few weeks ago and experienced the same thing....I thought to myself, recession? what recession! you wouldn't know it by looking at this place!....weird huh? Janet :)

  17. Wow!! I always love seeing your finds from GW, and I love wooden rolling pins. They work great.
    Its been windy here too, I am so wanting a warm day to spend outside. Keep up the good finds.

  18. Rondell, I will say it again, You are the luckiest GW shopper I "know"! Good for you to pick up such neat stuff. ~Ann

  19. Rondell, you were so lucky....what finds. The pewter goblets were awesome. I really like the recipe box. Thanks for showing us you treasures. Sherie

  20. What a great find. You were definately at the right place at the right time.


  21. Rondell,
    What a great find!! Our GW hasn't had much the last couple weeks. I want to go tomorrow, but it is suppose to rain all day and be very windy...so not sure if I'll go or not.
    Your rolling pin looks just like an old one I have, but mine is made out of very dark wood...which I had never seen before.

  22. What terrific finds, Rondell! I wish our GW held such treasures.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  23. As i was reading i was just imaging the look on your face when you found them!!!LOL

  24. Wow~ pewter goblet's! How lucky you are Rondell! Have a great weekend!

  25. WOW! Love the pewter goblets! You were right to snatch them up! I would have too!
    And I also love the tall frame. I am looking for something similar. I just think they make samplers look more "authentic." And I like that all of my frames are not the same size and shape.
    Congrats on the wonderful finds!
    Have a great weekend!

  26. Nice finds, Rondell :)

    I stick to the nearby TS, even though I know there are more up in State College. State College is where PSU is. Lots of students live in the area but it's also, believe it or not, a big place for people that are retiring. We have all ages here :) I went to those TS with my Gram once and I did find things but honestly, it was the same stuff I could find down here at a higher price! No use in spending the extra gas or money on the same stuff, huh?

    I had to take a fast walk with the kids while they rode their bikes last night. Actually I ended up CARRYING Af's 13" bike back home. She was too tired to pedal and it was harder for me to bend down to pull it along so I just picked it up. I guess that way I got some weight training while speed walking, right? LOL

    Have a great day!


  27. AWESOME find Rondell!! You and Janene are tied for the best finds at Goodwill! Now I'm going to have to go to mine today and be disappointed to find nothing! lol


  28. You did strike the jackpot with the pewter! nice stuff that you found!

  29. How did I miss this post??? You certainly hit the jackpot...I'm jealous. Have a great weekend!!

  30. Holy Moly Rondell.....you are one lucky girl for sure.
    I can't believe they even made it to the shelves!

  31. LOL Karen said it well HOLLY MOLLY! That is some find - better than gold even! Good for you. I am so glad that so many gals are discovering and enjoying pewter now. It is soooooo colonial. Those goblets will make a great display some place!!

  32. What terrific Pewter goblets I'm sure you'll find the perfect place for them. Great find!


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