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Friday, April 24, 2009

~Preparing to Paint~

What a mess I came home to yesterday after watching Samantha (she had a wonderful time BTW) I knew Stush was going to paint but he didn't tell me when he was going to start preparing for it! There was spackling dust all over everything and I had just dusted and vacuumed the day before:( Wood shavings on the diningroom table because he decided to move the light fixture over to the middle of the table...such a mess to wipe off so we could eat! Don't worry I didn't complain at all to him I'm so thrilled that he does things like that, he is a very handy man...in fact I called him Handy Manny!LOL It's just the shock of it I guess because I am a clean freak and almost freaked when I saw the kitchen sink covered in dust and shavings there too because we are going to get a new light for over the sink:) I want a punched tin one!

When I dropped Samantha off at preschool I zipped over to GW and found these wood candle holders, I'm keeping the one in the middle:) and the other two I'll be selling at the National Pike Road Days that I think are held May 16th and on over the rest of the weekend. My friends asked if I'd like to sell and we are doing it at an old train station that my friend's husband owns. We will be on the long porch so we will be protected from whatever the weather will be on those days:) There are yardsales all along the Rt. 40 so I hope to sell some stuff that I just don't need anymore!

Here are the candle holders...I'm doing them in black and paid $2.59 for all three.
Found two picture frames for .99 a piece I've been looking for the one on the left and was happy to find one. They will be painted black also:)
Some commented on wanting to know how I removed wallpaper...the last time I used a steamer that I borrowed from Michele but Stush still had to sand some glue off, we were in Home Depot when he asked the paint dept. associate what he recommended to remove wallpaper. He said this was good so we shall see, it's a gel so hopefully it does the job.

Here is a pic of above the sink...I asked him to take out the wood valance and take down the flourencent light fixture that was from the 80's. I so can't wait to get a punched tin light there:)

Above the diningroom table, the ceiling slants as you can see.

So after the painting is all done I'll be spring cleaning which I had to do anyway:)
Have a great weekend if I don't get back on here tomorrow:0 Thanks also for the sweet comments on my stepback cupboard oh, Sandy had asked if Stush had a pattern for it , no just showed him a picture and he went from there...he's a keeper.LOL


  1. Good Morning Rondell!....isn't it great to have a Handy Manny around? LOL....my husband is the same way....but he is also trained not to make messes while doing his handy work, you'll have to work on Stush just a bit for that one it sounds like LOL!....mine tapes a box up underneath what he's about to make a mess on and it works great! Janet :)

  2. Oh man...your hubby must be like mine....uh wait...mine never really gets a project done!...but, when he does start...let me tell you...he goes right to the job!...never covers anything...dirt, wood, dust, and whatever else just goes a flying!!!...I realized that is because he doesn't clean it up!...so, I have decided that if he makes the mess...he will also help clean it up...considering EVERY project he starts...I finish or end up helping anyways!...lol

    can't wait to see the results!

  3. Looks like you have a little work ahead of you. I have used the DIF gel before. It also comes in a liquid which you mix with water. I had better luck with the liquid b/c you can mix it with really hot water which I think helps dissolve some of that yucky glue. Just wanted to let you know in case the gel didn't work as well as you like. Good luck.

  4. Rondell I LOVe the stepback cupboard!! It looks great!! I can't wait to see all your new changes!! Have a wonderful weekend!~Wendy

  5. Love the GW candle holders, your sales sound like fun too. Can't wait for the light fixture pictures, that is so exciting. Stush did a fantastic job on your cupboard, love the color. It is such a versatile piece of furniture.

  6. I have used the wall paper stripper at our rental properties and didn't have much success. We actually bought a steamer and it worked much better. Hope it works for you. Dianntha

  7. Sounds like you got a lot going on there..
    I have some of those candle holders too I need to finish up I got a couple like the one ion the middle that I got for .25
    at the community center..have a great weekend...
    Prim Blessings...

  8. Sounds like you will have a weekend like mine last week! Have fun! Its always worth it afterward, right? So clean and fresh! (the room, not us. LOL)

  9. Sounds like you are busy. I love the jars in your photo behind the wall-paper remover. So cute!! Have a great weekend. Julie

  10. Hey Rondell,

    We are so blessed to have our "Handy Manny", aren't we? I never complain about the messes because he's thoughtful and loving enough to do them for me...I don't mind them...they clean up easy enough.

    Your light fixtures will make such a prim statement and I can't wait to see all these changes you all are going to make! How fun!

    Also those GW finds are great...have fun working on those and I can't wait to see the results!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  11. Hey, we're painting too! And after removing wallpaper, as well. We used the Diff brand wallpaper remover too, but we used the kind that you dilute into your own spray bottle.
    After removing unbelievable layers of ugly old wallpaper, my advice is this: remove as much of the top layer of paper as you can by grabbing a corner and pulling. When you've had enough of that, spray on the stripper ;) and let it sit just for a few seconds, then use a scraper to gently remove the bottom layer.
    This was the method that worked best for us, I hated the thing you use to punch holes in the wallpaper-it left holes in the wall! (Not big holes, just little ones)
    Anyway, good luck!

  12. How fun to have a handy hubby! Mine is pretty handy, just not at building things! Love the wooden candle holders.

    Have a great day, Denise

  13. I remember when I first found your blog last year I saw where your hubby had made something for your porch (I believe) and I loved it! Can't wait to see what you do with the new picture frame that you had been looking for because I bought one at GW awhile back and haven't done anything to it yet. Have a great weekend!

  14. Wow.. you are one busy girl. I love the candle holders and can't wait to see your "new" home. It's going to love awesome!! Have a great weekend!


  15. Can't wait to see all your finished projects!


  16. Sounds like all the hubby's come from the same mold! I don't think most of them ever heard of covering or moving! Oh well, at least they are there to help and that's really what matters! Can't wait to see your finished pictures. Dawn

  17. I envy you that your DH can just look at something and then make it for you!!! I think it must be a "guy" thing...my DH doesn't cover anything either when he's working on a project in the house! I guess I shouldn't complain either...he could be like a lot of other men and not do anything...LOL You must have a much better GW store than we have. I've been on the lookout for picture frames (I have several finished projects) but whatever they have are expensive...$2.99 and up! I'm a cheap skate so I won't buy them. I'll try to hit the yard sales now that the weather is getting better.

  18. Hi Rondell,
    Love your GW finds...I have the same exact candle holder that is in the middle and so does Lisa from "Primitives From Above". She already redid hers and it looks great. I still can't decide what color I want to paint mine.
    I can't wait to see your new light fixture.
    hugs, Cindy

  19. Will you please let me know if the wallpaper remover works? I'm still in a tizzy over my kitchen wallpaper/paint fiasco. Can't wait for pictures!!!

  20. National Pike Road days? I've never heard of that. It sounds really interesting. Hubby and I might just take a road trip down there for something to do.
    When we redid our kitchen, I searched and searched for something like a tin punched light to hang above my sink. Never did find it and ended up just settling with something. I hope you show a pic of the finished light and then TELL ME WHERE YOU FOUND IT! :)

  21. You are really going to love your kitchen after the redo is done. But the inbetween-stage sure is hard on a good housekeeper!

    Those candleholders sure were a bargain...

  22. Rondell~
    Can't wait to see all of your re-dos!! I too have a husband that is great handy man but very rarely "prepares" things first. Like the use of drop cloths, etc. But like you I am just happy he is so willing to do the re-dos in the first place that I can't complain!!

    Hugs!! Carrie♥


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