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Monday, February 1, 2010

~Happy Feb. 1st an Some GW Finds~

Hi everyone!!! It’s Feb. 1st and I’m so glad, at least now we can say that next month is spring!

I’ve been in such a funk lately, I don’t want to do anything, I have a stitchery staring me right in the face and it only needs about 20 more stitches and it would be done and I just can’t pick it up, oh, I can pick it up to move out of the way but to finish it… nope! It’s a snowman yet and you would think I’d want it done for at least next year. I look at all of your great blogs and see all the neat things you are doing and I still just sit or work or watch the girls. Do you know what I did today? I had taken Samantha to preschool than went to GW (more on that later) after that I went to Gabrials then on to pick her up…then to McDonalds. Dropped her off at the babysitters went home, it was 1 PM by then, left at 3PM to pick her up than to the bus stop to pick up Sydney ( I live about 7 miles from them) on the way home they start bickering… already? I pull into their home and they jump out to race each other to the garage door in the meantime I’m in the back seat collecting Sam’s book bag, toy/clothing bag, my purse and anything else the forgot. So I’m there for about two hours…Michele and Jeff come home and I begin to get my coat on and hunt for my keys…ladies I left my car running for two hours!!! I couldn’t believe it, I still haven’t told Stush…am I that nuts or am I just getting old.LOL

I’ve been to GW twice to see if there was any wood items but the pickens were very slim in that area, so last Friday I found this punched tin shade that screws on to a ball jar I’m sue the jar that had been used with it probably had an electric light in it, I’ll have to figure out something for it because a tea light doesn’t light up the punched tin at all. Here it is on my kitchen counter, I paid .99 f100_2363or it:)

II also found these wood candlesticks for .79 a piece, have I painted and distressed them yet…nope, maybe I will for WWW:)

100_2368 Today at GW I found this pewter mug for .99 so that did cheer me up a little, I’d love to get enough pewter to put on my mantel like I saw someone on a blog do, I can’t remember who I do know that it looked wonderful and I figured the pewter would show up well against the brown brick.

100_2372II also found this plate on the back is a label that says Prims by Kathy it is breakable, I’ll probably paint it a solid color and I think I paid .99 too:)


This was a neat find…some black and white homespun just a piece of it but for .50 I couldn’t pass it up!


I always look for Pfaltzgraff when I go to GW and today I found a Yorktown pattern dinner dish for .25…I couldn’t pass it up either so it looks like I’m collecting that pattern too:)


I had enough time to stop in at Gabes before I had to be at preschool and I found a pewter candlestick for 1.99 that wasn’t to bad I didn’t think so it came home with me!


That’s about all ladies, thanks for listening about my crazy day it feels good that you do:)

Would the lady that had calendars for sale, they were very prim ones, on her blog please leave a comment on here so that I can order one that is if you have any left, also anyone that does know and can tell me which blog it was and I’ll get in touch with her thanks!

I’ll try to post more too but right now I’m off to watch “Pickens” it’s on the history channel:)



  1. Hi Rondell....it looks like you had a good time at GW....I'd be kinda freaked out about leaving the car running too....good thing no one stole it eh? yikes!


  2. Hey Rondell, I have been in that kinda funk,too. I think it was an exciting trip to the thrift shop that got me out of it last week. Now I am going nonstop!! Don't worry about it, Just the winter!!!!

  3. Hi, Rondell!

    You don't have to tell me about being in a funk - I've been there, too! It's a horrible feeling. I know a lot of people go through that this time of year, but for me, this year, it was horrible! We just have to "think spring" to get us out of our doldrums. lol
    Great finds from GW! I love the mug!

    Take care,

  4. Rondell, I love your finds and thanks for sharing! Did you do your jars with the labels? I have a couple that I want to do....but don't kow how to get the label on the jar??? White glue, tacky glue, mod-podge, maybe??
    I would love to find out about the calendars too...


  5. Couldn't help but chuckle when I read that you left your car running for 2 hrs.....sounds like something I might do. Love the GW finds...especially that plate. I'd love to find something like that to collect.

  6. Oh my gosh!!! That's so darn funny about leaving your car running! Sounds like something I might do. I'm really pushing myself not to get in a funk too - it does help. Hope your weather has warmed up a little bit and you're right, spring is right around a couple corners. Stay warm, Dawn

  7. Great finds, Rondell! You had a good day, even if you did leave your car running for 2 hours. Don't feel too bad. I left mine running one day when I went back to work after lunch. It was probably more than 2 hours! I couldn't believe I did that. I attributed mine to age, too. LOL! I find myself doing more and more things like that. Oh dear!:-O
    Have a great week!

  8. 2 hours huh! Well, I just got home and realized that my oven was still on with nothing in it. 450 degrees......for over two hours. I am always leaving my oven on.....Age I think. It sounds like you had a ton of stuff going on all at the same time too! I was with a friend once, and she stopped to get gas and while she was doing that I went inside and then she came inside, and we got an ice-cream and when we went back out, her car was hanging over the edge of the curb. She had not put it in park when she got out of it, and it had all but rolled into a very busy main road! AT least your car was warm when you got back in it! LOL
    I love your GW finds! The Yorktown plate, and the pewter are my favorites.
    Happy Ground Hogs Day tomorrow!

  9. Sounds like my days these days. I am blaming it on the long drab winter.....Hey, at least the car was warm when you got back in!
    I have seen whole sets of that pattern of Pfaltzgraf and one that is a creamy yellow with brown trim. If I found a pitcher, I would probably buy it but Fiestaware is my dish to collect. I love all pitchers though.
    Good buys! I love Goodwill!

  10. SPRING, think Spring! :)
    Try working on some Spring stitcheries, that may help a little! It wont be that long now:)
    Great finds!!

  11. Im glad there was no one around that steals cars!! I have never left mine running but my husband was terrible for locking the keys in his awhile back...and he did that with it running one day too! Nice goodwill finds...hope you have a great day!

  12. I had a little spurt there where I was being creative... going along great until I got my electric bill for the month and my stress level when up and creativity level went down.

    You found some nice stuff at GW. I have a pair of wooden candlesticks somewhere around here. I need to really clear out a lot of junk and find out where everything is. :)

    Take care,

  13. Oh my word to pewter pieces in one day. Lucky!!!! You did get some good deals Rondell. I hear you on the wood items at GW I haven't found anything good yet in weeks.

    As for the car situation... whoops... it happens to best of us. when we are overloaded. But I'm with you I wouldn't tell Steve if that happened either. LOL. He would make fun of me.


  14. HI Rondell--
    I would blame your funk on the cold weather. It always gets so depressing about this time of year.
    Those are some great GW finds!
    Take care-

  15. Hi Rondell.....I know what you mean about the blue mood this winter. And now to top it off I have a cold and sore throat. Don't know how, I have been a hermit this whole month, except for a funeral last Thursday. I am trying to remember who spread this germ to me!
    You inspire me to get to some thrift stores soon. Not to be rude, but I had to laugh at your "car" story.
    Have a good week.

  16. I hear ya on the funk. I am going through that right now too. I just don't want to do anything. Don't feel bad about the car, one of the girls who use to work for me, left hers running in the parking lot from the time she got out of it at work until she left for lunch at noon.
    It happens to all of us.

    Take care and it will get better. Come on Spring.

  17. Bless your heart! I can't say that I have ever left the truck running, but I sure have left lights on, water running, etc! Give me time, I'm sure it'll happen to me too! LOL!
    Love all of your finds. But I have to say, if you don't do those last 20 stiches on that stitchery, you'll regret it! Make yourself do it, girlie! LOL!
    Have a great week!

  18. I think we have all had some days like you descibed. This too will pass!! I think Homespun Hearts had the Pure and Simple Calendars. They are awesome....hope you can find. Hugs, Sherrie

  19. I'm with you, Rondell... Stuck in a funk and feeling like I'm not getting much of anything accomplished. And yet I'm busy all day. Hmmm...

    Here's hoping we all get inspired soon!

  20. Hi Rondell,
    What great finds!!
    I really need to head over to my GW and see what new things they have in. :)

  21. Rondell, I think you are ready for spring. Probably the reason you can't finish the snowman stitchery is because it is SNOW. You picked up some great finds at some great prices.


  22. thanks for the tip Rondell..I will pass this info on to hubby.;)

  23. Oh my, I don't think I would tell my husband or kids if I did that. I would never, ever hear the end of it! So glad it was still there when you went out!

    Nice finds, great prices!! Homespun for 50 cents?? Wow, I would love to hit a jackpot like that! I love my homespun. Glad you finally found some goods at GW. Guess I will hit mine up one more time. It's almost depressing when I come home with nothing. Sigh.. Love the pewter pieces too.


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