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Thursday, September 25, 2008

~Two Giveaways~

Hi everyone:) Boy, it was a fall day today, do you notice the wind blows more now? It was nice around noon but now it's chilly out and tomorrow they are calling for rain, not good for me to sit at a football game:(
I think this giveaway is so pretty, Terri from Thistle Down Primitives is having an October giveaway and will draw a name on October 3rd stop by and enter you could be the lucky winner, I would just love to have this in my home:) She mentioned that the background is an old army blanket, how neat is that? The second one is from Sue My Country Pleasures...she is having a Fall Fun Giveaway and you have until October 1st to stop over and enter.
I love it, I think it's so cute for Halloween and if your the winner you have a choice of this one or a fall decorated one, how neat is that?

I watched Samantha today so I'm a little tired, Michele had to go into Pittsburgh for work so I had to be there earlier then usual and leave later:) I took Sydney to the bus stop then brought Samantha home to dress her for preschool, drove her to school then went to the GW. Not much there...I did buy a silver platter for a $1.00, I needed something for the holidays for cookies or pie, the owners name was still taped to the bottom! A nice medium sized basket of silk poinsettas for $1.59 and a frame to paint black, like I said not much. I also stopped at JoAnn Fabrics and they had their felt on sale, now I know it's not the good wool felt but I'm so anxious and interested in making a penny rug that I did the most stupidest thing...I bought a yd of five different colors! When I got to my car I thought why didn't I buy just a half a yd of each.duh!
They were so slow in there today and I was pressed for time because I didn't want to be late picking up Samantha.
So now I have all this felt, that isn't wool felt, now what am I going to do with it? Do you ever have one of these type of days where you feel like your brain had gone on vacation and hadn't come back yet! LOL


  1. Oh don't worry about that...I remember one day going into Walmart to get some fabric to make a quilt. I needed 4 meters in total and the pattern was going to be of 4 different colors. I then looked at the lady and said "Now the only problem is I have no idea of how much of each material that I need." The lady looked at me with a stunned face and said, "A meter of each". My face went so red, I wanted to die!
    Duh Sandy...I guess my brain was turned off at the moment but I was sure embarrassed.

    We all have our moments...


  2. You'll find something to do with the extra because you are always working on something. Do you know where I could find EASY instructions for making a penny rug? I'd like to try that (in all my spare time!)

  3. I was looking for primitive decor blogs and found your and lurked around most of the night. I think I also visited almost everyone one your blog list too.
    Just saying hello,

  4. It has been so nice weatherwise here too. I hope to stop by GW today after I finish running errands.
    Those are two awesome give aways!

  5. rondell, check the thrift stores for 100% wool pants, skirts, and blazer . heck, even long winter coats.
    i usually pick up pants for 99 cents- 1.99 each pair. so great for those wool projects. :)
    i bought 2 wool army blankets for 9 cents each. there is tons of fabric in them. ;)

  6. CONGRATULATIONS you lucky lady you! That's a big woo hoo on your latest win...

  7. I have those kinds of days all the time. Lately..I've been so sluggish and not wanting to work on anything. Then I get to work and think..why didn't I make that last night...sheesh!


  8. Hi Rondell! Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my house!!! :)

    My jewelry party went really well! :) We had a lot of fun and talk and so far, I have earned 88$ in free jewelry!!! YIPPEE! :)

    To eat, I served a veggie tray, fruit and dip, beer bread (although I used soda) and I cut it into finger cubes, and homemade choc. chip cookies!!! I would love to hear about yours in January when you have it! I Hope you do well with it!

  9. Oh, yes -- I definitely have days like that, Rondell. I'm glad to be in such good company :)

  10. My brain stays on vacation alot, I think...especially these days! lol!

    Making a penny rug is on my list to try too! I can't wait to see yours! I do stuff like that too...kicking myself for not getting more or picking up something else after I've gotten home!

    Thanks for info on the giveaways...I didn't know about one of them!

    Have a great weekend!


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