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Friday, September 5, 2008

~A Little More Fall~

I added a little more to my fall decorating, I really think this is the earliest I've ever decorated for fall BTW, just all you great bloggers out there gave me the push that I needed, I'll leave outside for later in the month. Here is my stove board with the cute, white pumpkins, the eggs in the bowel are wood and I think the person I bought them from told me the white one was used to fool the hen:) I used my sugarbucket this year to put my sunflowers in also added the crow ornie:)

I've had this cinammon stick scarecrow for years, a gift from my best friend Lori!
A bowel of faux gourds and corn on this old wicker youth chair, I have the house lit but you can't tell in the pic.
I washed my winter curtains for the kitchen yesterday and put them up and added the wreath that I found at a yardsale for $2.00.
This is on my coffee table, I have to get something else prim to put with it.

Added the fall berry garland to the peg rack, when I took the pic Stush said"hurry up your going to catch that vine on fire":)
I moved my ironing board to the corner of my diningroom and added the fall flowers.
Took away the praire doll and turned the feedsack around...just to busy for me the other way.
I think I'm done with the mantel except for some fall smelling candles, I added the small game board that I had in the keepingroom. That's my bittersweet I've had it for two years, still has the berries on it.:0
I was going by the guest room this morning and the slant of the sun made me get my camera, just a simple pleasure that I wanted to share with you:)

I've decided to keep the dishes thanks to all the wonderful comments, you sure helped me to decide, some ideas I would have never thought of on my own.:) Chris was here for dinner and I used them, Stush liked them and thought I had got them at a yardsale:)
I'm also on the 2nd book of the Mitford series, just love the series and recommend them, good, clean reading:)
I better get going around here, tonight is a football game that my son coaches, glad the weather is nice for him:)


  1. Too cute. I liked the prairie doll!!! Maybe she could sit somewhere else with a crow or pumpkin on her lap. Or a little basket of bittersweet on her lap. I liked your pictures and love the wooden ironing board. My cousin just gave me one, I couldn't believe it. Have a great day. I like your fall decorations!

  2. It all looks awesome! The white pumpkins look so good on your stove board & loved the story about the white egg. I have 2 wooden ironing boards but haven't done anything with them. Your house looks so inviting, warm, and cozy. Thanks for sharing. I have read all the Mitford books probably about 3 times. I love Father Tim. Enjoy your day.

  3. It all looks so nice Rondell!

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Rondell -

    It's beautiful! So warm and welcoming!


  5. Your house looks so fall like and warm and cozy- I love that!

  6. Rondell I love everything. Your house seems so welcoming. You know I never thought of having summer and winter curtains. Hmmmm... I think I just got an idea. Thanks girl!!!! You're awesome!!!!


  7. You have been nominated for an award:)

  8. All your Fall decorating looks great!
    Thanks for the tour :)


  9. Looks so warm and welcoming Rondell. SO glad you are keeping the pretty red dishes too.

    And I LOVE the Mitford series. My favorite books ever ever ever and I read all the time.

    I'm saving outside for later too - I never decorate this early either! LOL

  10. So inviting! May I come over?

    Blessings, Kimberly

  11. Your home looks so great! I love all of your special touches!

    And we sure do have a lot in common! I read the Mitford Series last year and loves it so much that I bought them! I then got the Bedside companion off ebay and when it got here, I found that Jan Karon had autographed it! How happy I was with that! It is by far the best series of books I have ever read! I am thinking about reading them again! There is just something special about Mitford. :)

  12. Fall sure is looking good at your place, Rondell! Thanks foe sharing all of your decorations and ideas with us.

    I hope it's a great night for football!

  13. Hello friend! Thanks so much for coming by today...I love all your country prim treasures!!!! I have a wooden ironing board just like yours in the shed...I painted the bottom of it black...I need to go get it back out & put it in the house somewhere! lol I use to use it in the laundry room like a little table w/ a lamp and laundry stuff on it..Everything looks so good all decorated for Fall! Hope all is well with you & yours and that you have a great weekend! I gotta put you in my list so I can find my way back here!

  14. wow,everything looks so good!
    I gotta get mine all out! Beth


  16. I think everything is awesome.
    You have given me ideas....

  17. Wow, Rondell, your home is just beautiful!! I love that arrangement on your stove board!! Very nice! But I was ooohing and aaaahing over every picture. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  18. Rondell,
    I think everything looks wonderful. Love the white pumpkins. Your home is very lovely and lookin like fall. Keep up the good work.

  19. Everything looks absolutely beautiful!!! I just LOVE how you have everything all set up and ready for fall!!! Gorgeous! :)

  20. love all the fall stuff~especially the white pumpkins! i bought some at walmart that i'm gonna stain a little~everything looks great!

  21. It all looks so beautiful! You've put me in the fall mood!!

  22. Rondell,
    Your fall decorations are wonderful...you're really inspiring me to get started on the fall decorating...I guess maybe I'm still holding on to that last bit of summer.

    Love the plates from Walmart...I've looked at them many times and thought about buying them.


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