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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

~GW and a Couple of ???~

Hi blog buds, November already as you can see looking out my kitchen window the leaves are almost gone. Our yard was full of them but Stush got out the riding mower and mulched them all up.

I did got to GW yesterday after I took Samantha to preschool and I just found two things, I was excited and amazed that this Apple Cider sign was still there and I got it for $2.99, didn't have to do a thing to it either! I also saw this remote control holder for .79 and I'm going to paint it and distress in black. I'll at least won't have to hunt for them in the morning because I'll make sure they are in there before I go to bed. I've been hunting for one so I guess I made out at GW after not being there for a few weeks.
This is as close as your going to get to see this faux red ware plate...I must have painted over the mustard markings at least 7 times, I just could not make it look right, finally I gave up and I'm using it this way, I just hide the bottom squiggly. I love the look of it with my other prims but I'm not satisfied with it at all.

Here is another thing I'm definitely not satisfied with...I bought this prim stand at The Country Store Sunday, it's black and tan with stenciled stars on it. I was torn between this and a slimmer barn red shelf it looked more colonial then this one, I chose this one though because I thought it would look good here but to me it doesn't. It just doesn't make my heart sing if you know what I mean...should I call the store and ask if I can return it to get the other one? I know them and they know me and I'm a good customer, every time I look at it or pass thur my Keeping Room it doesn't make me feel good.LOL

Here is another question...is Live Writer worth using? Is it harder to use? Please leave me a comment if you are using it okay? I know I like the font that I see on some blogs, that has really caught my eye:)
I had one comment about two posts ago asking if I lived near a lake...no we live near the Monongahela River, Stush and I have always lived near the river so it is just so much apart of us all the time. We cross bridges all the time too... to get to work, to shop! I'll have to stop and take a picture of a part of the river called Horseshoe Bend for you to see! Oh, I almost forgot to add that Janene from Primitive Lifestyle is having a sale on some GW things, stop over... there might just be something you want!!!
Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Update: I called and they are closed today, so I'll call tomorrow and see, thanks so much for the great advice!


  1. Love the sign and I would DEFINATLEY ask to exchange stands, I'm sure they wouldn't mind at all and your mind will be at peace:)

  2. Hi Rondell, so glad to have my computer back up and running so I can read your posts. If you don't like your shelf, just call the shop and ask them ahead of time if you could return it (or exchange it). I sure would do that for my good customers - even though I have "all sales final". Have a great day, Dawn

  3. Good Morning Rondell!
    Beautiful post sweetie. I just love it. The fall wreath in your window is absolutely devine. Love it. I love the apple cider sign also. To cute. You need to buy you a jug of apple cider to sit by it just for decor. So cute.

    I think I would call the store up and ask if you could return it. Especially seeing as how you are such a good customer. The worst they could say is no, it is not our policy to accept returned items. I too, feel like things should sing to our hearts when they are put in place. I carry a camera with me now,and I take pics of everything, then go home and print the pic and see what I think, if it fits the area or not. It gives me a better idea any way.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday. Country hugs, Sherry

  4. Hey i would call the Country Store and ask all they can do is say no, but because you are a good customer they will proberly do it!
    Love the GW finds! I have used live writer a couple of times, but not really had the chance to play with it.

  5. Hey Rondell, email me and I'll tell you about Live Writer -- I love it -- once you learn it, it's easy! And it's free! Everything looks really nice, esp the kitchen!

  6. Hi Rondell....regarding exchanging the stand, what do you have to lose by asking?....I say give it a try!....if you don't then you'll never know if you could have.

    And I don't use Live Writer so I'm no help to you there....have a happy day!


  7. Hi Rondell!! I love your sign and I too would just call them, I'm sure they would not have a problem with you exchanging the table!! I use live writer and I love it, I don't find it any harder to use either!! Have a wonderful day!!:0)

  8. hi rondell! love the sign. steal deal there!
    i would call the store. i agree with what everyone else has said. worth a try. i like the look of your plate!
    never used live writer, but i do like the way the fonts look.
    you do live in pretty country.
    enjoy your day. mercy

  9. Love the CIDER sign...so cute. If you aren't satisfied with your purchase I think you should call them. I believe they would exchange it for a "good" customer for sure!!

  10. Rondell,
    Everything looks great ~ good finds at the TS. I use LiveWriter most of the time & it's fairly easy to use. As far as the Country Store I'm sure they will let you exchange it. Good luck.

  11. I love the cider sign!!! Can I buy it from you?? LOL!


  12. Hi Rondell,

    Great Apple Cider sign. I love it!! If you are not satisfied with the cupboard then give them a call and see if you can switch it out. I actually don't think it looks bad at all. As for Live Writer... I love it and use it quite frequently!


  13. Love the sign Rondell. You have nothing to be ashamed about with that plate you painted. I think it looks great. Personally I like the stand you bought but I definitely know how it is to think you want something only to get it home and find out you don't really like it. If you don't try to return it you will never know if you could. Go for it. What have you got to loose other than the stand you don't like.

  14. Hi Rondell............I don't know what the other shelf looks like but I like the first one. So, I say go back to the store and buy the other one too! How easy it is to spend some one else's money!

  15. I love your kitchen window and the wreath..love the apple cider sign...and I love the black shelf..but you have to be happy with it..I hope they will let you return it..have a great tuesday.:)

  16. I adore the apple cider sign and I truely love the table but most of those places are happy when the customer is happy and I wouldn't hesitate to ask to exchange it. Have a great rest of the week!

  17. Hey Rondell...I love your new header picture and love the Cider sign!

    I wouldn't worry about the exchange, you have to be happy with it.

    I use Live Writer every time I post..I was a little nervous but after playing around with it, I like it alot. I think it is easier and has more options. Try it and have fun!

    Have a great day!

  18. The view from your kitchen window is great even without the leaves!
    I would call & see if they will tale it back also- I'll bet they will!

  19. The apple cider sign is so cute. I love signs! I am forever buying things then changing my mind after I get them. My goal when we move is to just be happy I have what I have and appreciate the fact that I have a place to put them. Wish me luck on that one LOL! I already see tons of things I just have to have. :) I think the shelf looks good but if you are like me you will move it 100 times before you are happy.


  20. I love Live Writer and would be happy to walk you through the basics if you need help. You can make your pictures any size you want - I make them 450 wide. You can use so many fonts. You can watermark them - and set it as your default so all pictures get that done when you upload them. I would never go back!


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