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Thursday, October 29, 2009

~Craft Show Finds & Playing in the Leaves~

Hello Prim Friends! I know I've been gone a while but it's just because I've been working and watching the girls. I've been so tired at night that I couldn't even post all I wanted was bed.LOL

Here is what I found at the craft show Sunday, I just love this nice sized candle mat, the lady that was selling these had so much more that I was torn between this one and the runners with the snowmen on them so I ended up getting this one and Michele bought the black wool runner with the snowmen:) I think it looks so nice with my battery operated, crow candle on it! I was very busy looking for prims so I found this pine cone greenery and put it on this picture just to show you.
LOL Here is a closer look at it, has little clumps of snow on it:)

I fell in love with this bowl holder and for $15.00 I bought it for my kitchen counter, I was looking for something new for the kitchen and was really surprised that I found it, usually I don't!

I had it this way at first but felt it needed a little something more and that's when I added the crow candle!

These are willow branches I also bought and I added the lights, I might keep them out for Christmas, I already had the lights from last year and I'll have to get more because I always put them on my mantel.

Now Monday I watched these two, they are both getting so big it seems, they loved playing in the leaves. They raked up piles of leaves then jumped in them and it was such a pretty day to do it :)

So sweet but keeps Grammy busy that's for sure!

Sydney will be 8 in a couple weeks...where does the time go ladies? Yes, I let them play with my baskets, they are full of leaves, I know they were ready for bed that night:)

While I was in the kitchen Sydney came in and asked me to show her how to stitch...and she did so well for the first time and loved doing it. She drew her pattern then had me show her how to stitch...Samantha at four, just didn't understand the concept of starting from underneath and going back down with the needle, so I had to explain that at four years old Sydney didn't understand either and when she was seven I'd show her again and that seemed to satisfy her for now.

Do you know how many times I had thread a needle that day? At least twenty times but it was fun knowing Sydney is old enough to remember things now and I hope she remembers me showing her how to stitch one day:)
Stush also took me to a sweet little log cabin Tuesday and the next time I go I'll be sure to take the camara with me...it was full of prims and antiques...so neat!


  1. Looks like they had fun at grammy's and that stitching is great, alot better than my first attempt, LOL! love all the goodies you found;)

  2. your finds are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your pics! I love your candlemat gathering and your bowl shelf. Your primitive picture that you placed the pinecone greenery around is lovely - whereever did you find it?

  3. Rondell~Your craft show finds are stupendous!
    You have a very good eye for finding the perfect prim items...especially that bowl holder!
    Your granddaughters are so precious! I can tell from the pictures that they love coming to your home!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh Rondell!
    You found some wonderful prims. I so love the round candle mat. What kind of cloth is it made from and is it quilted? I love the stars on it, and the blanket stitching just sets it off. Just beautiful. I also love the bowl holder. I have never seen one before, what a wonderful idea. The crow candle was the perfect touch.

    Love the girls playing in the leaves. Weren't those care free days for us? I so love watching my grandchildren play, as it brings back so many memories for me too. I am so thrilled that you are teaching Sydney to stitch too. I have been working with my three oldest grand daughters. They are sewing barbie clothes and clothes for their bears. It has been fun.

    Thanks for sharing today. Country hugs and love, Sherry

  5. Hi Rondell,
    That sounds like a nice craft show that you went to, I haven't been to a good one in a long time around here. I'm looking forward to the Simple Goods show coming up in Nov. Have you thought about coming over for that one?
    Sydney's stitching is cute, I hope she does more with you.

  6. Morning Rondell,
    Good to see you here! I've been missing as well the past few weeks and I miss everyone.

    What wonderful goodies you found. I like how you have displayed all of them too.

    My the girls are getting big and isn't playing in leaves just the greatest childhood memory?


  7. I love the lights on the willow branch! Sydney did a nice job on her ghost.

  8. Hi Rondell!....you sure did find some wonderful prim goodies at the craft show and your granddaughters are such little cuties! That cabin sounds cool, be sure to let us know when you go!


  9. fun post! i love your candle mat! i also love your crow candle, your greenery, your lighted willows, your bowl shelf!
    playing in the leaves is fun. looks liek your girls had a good time.
    i taught cub scouts for some years, and i taught them how to sew buttons on...lol yes, you spend your time threading needles and trying to undo knots!
    but what a gift you are giving sydney...
    when i was little my grandma made me a sewing kit in an old tin. i still have the little square tin it was in.
    enjoy your day :-) mercy

  10. Hi Rondell..Your grandaughters are adorable and looked like they were having a good time! I'm sure they did sleep good that night!

    You brought back memories of my grandmother teaching me to stitch...I loved those times with her, as your grandaughters will remember with you...she did a great job on her first piece :)

    Love all of your craft show finds...awesome!

    Have a great day!

  11. I'm so pleased the craft show had so many prim goodies for you and the bowl rack is gorgeous!
    Don't you just love tiring out kids in the great outdoors? :-)What a precious thing to share with your grand daughter and her stitching is fantastic!
    Best wishes

  12. OHHHH AHHHH great finds Rondell.

    I love everything you found.

    Your granddaughter did awesome for the first time. You should make a little pillow ornie for her out of that.


  13. Love that bowl holder....and that candle mat is divine!

  14. I love your bowl rack. I can see so many seasonal accents in it year round. Looks great. Sydney's stitching is very good for her first time. My Emily stitched a sampler when she was 9. It is framed and hung in the family room. A future heirloom. I'm sure Sydney will continue to add to her collection.

  15. Love your craft show goodies... I have a candle mat very similar to that, but have it on a table with a light on it. It is rather a nice size. I must say that I absolutely love that bowl shelf. It is definitely my favorite!!

    Enjoy your day!!


  16. Hello.

    I was going to ride out there on Sunday also but thought that I wouldn't see anything. This sunday is the craft show at Holiday Inn, Uniontown. I was disappointed in the spring but maybe there willl be more for the holidays and some primitives. It just doesn't seem like there is to much around here for that. Too bad for us. I would like to go and check out Heinbaugh's in Hopwood. Maybe they may have something prim.

    Take care

    Love the pics



  18. I love your new counter shelf! I am not in a hurry but I can't wait until I have grandchildren.


  19. What a wonderful bowl keep Rondell. It looks great with the candle in it.

    The girls are so cute! I can't wait until Lili is old enough to play in the leaves with me!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  20. Rondell,

    I love the candle mat. I saw some willow lights the other day, wish I'd bought them now. They were kinda pricey though. Everything looks great, enjoy your G-baby. They grow up so fast!


  21. Yes, Rondell, Those are memories for the rest of Sydney's life. I remembered when my grandma teach me crochet, I had 6 or 8 yrs. Those are amazing memories.

  22. Rondell,
    I love your new treasures. The candle mat, the greenery & that bowl rack ~ all perfect. The girls are so cute, adorable pics of them playing in the leaves. How wonderful that Sydney is stitching with grandma and she did a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Halloween.

  23. Ahhhhh, playing in the leaves! What fun! Brings back fun memories of growing up.
    I love all of your finds, especially the bowl holder! So nice! And your pine boughs and willow twigs look so real!
    And don't you worry, your granddaughter will never forget you teaching her how to stitch!
    Have a great weekend!

  24. Hey Rondell..Love your prim goodies..and love how you have them displayed..your grand daughters are so cute and look so happy playing in the leaves...have a great weekend..:)tell Sydney she did a great job on her stitchery..:)

  25. What a sweet post, Rondell. How lovely that you're making memories like that with your special girls...

    Happy Weekend, my friend!

  26. Rondell,
    Great Finds!! I love the lights on the branches. I let my granddaugther play with my baskets too.
    Have a great weekend.

  27. Aww, that's so sweet that your grandaughter is learning to stitch. Very cute little prim design too! I don't have any grandaughters yet, but I sure hope I get one or two someday so that I can teach them too. I can tell right now, at 3, my grandson isn't going to have any interest at all in sewing. :)

  28. Hi Rondell!
    I love your goodies...really like the bowl keep!
    You have the sweetest granddaughters :)
    I love Sydney's stitchery! She did great!

    Hope ya had a wonderful weekend.

  29. I love the bowl holder, I'm on the lookout for one myself :D .. the candle mat is simple and prim, so pretty and I love the realistic garland. What a great job your little granddaughter did on the stitchery!! I think I need a couple of leaf-rakers of my own :)

    Have a great day.. Hayley


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